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Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 9th May 2018 Written Episode Update: KK Gets Impressed With Siddhant

Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 9th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Karthik gets angry seeing Siddhant getting the money back from the airlines company. Anushka asks why is he making issue. Riddhi tells Karthik that it is all his mistake and taunts Anushka. Anushka gets up and leaves. Siddhant gives phone to Gayatri and asks her to use it, says he needs Papa’s phone for few days as it has office info. He comes to office thinking about Goel’s call. Anushka comes to her cabin and sees Siddhant. She asks what is he doing there. Siddhant says I will go, if I remember then will come back. Anushka recalls their past and asks him to tell what happened? He says he has a problem to share. Anushka asks him to sit and talk hesitantly. Siddhant tells her about getting Prabhakar’s phone. He says since then I am stuck and feel something is related to his death. Anushka

asks about Goel. Siddhant says he is a cheap man. Anushka asks him not to think anything and focus on his career. Siddhant says you are saying right and thanks her. Anushka says I know you very well and says she liked as he shared matter with her. Siddhant thanks her.

Karthik comes to Siddhant and scolds him for approaching KK directly without reporting him. Siddhant says everything happened so fast that he didn’t get call. He gets KK’s call and he tells him that he is really impressed and congratulates him. He asks him to come to him. Siddhant says ok. He apologizes to Karthik. Anushka asks Karthik to forgive him. Karthik says ok and leaves. Siddhant thanks Anushka. He comes to his cabin. Sweety asks him to share why is he smiling. Siddhant says he met Karthik and said sorry. Sweety says you? Siddhant says my work is done, why to take panga with him. He says I will see next time what to do, if I think I shall report to KK again then I will, and will say sorry to Karthik. He tells Sweety that Anushka is simple and thinks her brothers are like her. Sweety says you said she is different.

Siddhant comes home and thinks about Anushka seeing her signature on the paper. Anushka also thinks about him and smiles. She thinks after so many years, you have shared something from me. She asks herself not to fly high and pats on her head. Siddhant sends her message. Anushka reads his poetry and smiles. She searches for its meaning and thinks to ask Siddhant to explain to her. She then thinks he doesn’t know that I know now. She calls him and asks what did you send? This poetry. Siddhant says this is just a sher/poetic line and asks shall I explain. Anushka says yes. Siddhant says friendship is like a sweet dream and once friendship gets stronger, we see many dreams together. He says if it increases then can turn to love. Anushka says I didn’t know. Siddhant says there is a line difference between them. He says if the friendship breaks then it become zanjeer, out of which you can’t come out. Anushka thanks him and ends the call.

Siddhant talks to clients, he tells something in Telugu. Siddhant thinks what did he say and tells same thing to Anushka. Anushka gets up shockingly and asks who told you this. She says she don’t know. Siddhant says your mother tongue is telugu. Anushka says father tongue. Siddhant says you knew in childhood. KK calls him and he goes. Anushka recalls teaching him telugu during their teen days. She says Nenu Ninnu Premistunnanu (which may be I love you in Telugu) and smiles.

Siddhant comes to Amit’s party. Amit insults him and asks about Anushka. Siddhant says she will not come, but Anushka comes there. Siddhant gets upset.

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