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We are one in heart (an ishqbaaz ff) Chapter 5 abi get many surprises…

chapter :- 05..

abi in room… he is not ready to forgive om and ranveer..

abi hear some one knock the door.. he goes and open the door that time electricity gone.. he feels little panic but suddenly looks color light and arrangement in hall… 😍😍😍😍

He arrived and looks sruthi and krish come like prince and princess then make him sit in one chair that focused by lights … they clap …
“ringa ringa song music plays..”
dairy milk chocolate shavers all over him..😍😍
abi look surprise …

karuvi and shivin come like magicians and make him sit in another chair that now focus by light …
they clap..
“tiger zindagai bgm plays😉😉”
one table come towards him ..that have full of ice cream..😘😘..
He little smile but still on angry cutie mood..

lastly suhirth and karan come like superman and bad man styles .. they make him stand before big screen …
he got confused ..
they all clap..
the screen open …
all:- surprise ..😜😜😜
Omkara stand before him..

abi smile and tear come from his eyes … he in big shock .. he run towards om.. om open his hand ..

…la…la..la… plays…

abi hug om tightly and om pats his back and kiss his fore head.. (according to om.. abi is his baby ru who rudra save before his death ..)

om:- chotta… don’t cry… I want to make you surprise that why I’m come here without telling you.. that by i call karan to pick me not suhi …

abi hit him playfully and again hug him .. all the junior oberoi come and hug om .. they make group hug…

lafraz.. plays in background …..

gauri , priyanka and dadi come …

om hug them …

dadi :- go beta.. freshen up ..

gauri :- and you all go and change this get up… i don’t want to see krish like this ..
😂😂😂(she smile)

kr:- me too.. mom. its annoying .. (he runs to upstairs)
everyone smile ..

in dining table om come and hug gauri behinds..

om:- if you miss me..

gauri :-(release from his hug)
mera lovely husband .. you know the answer na..

om:- yes but want to hear from you..

gauri :-(she smile shyly) we have childrens ..

om:- love don’t have age limit …

gauri :-(smile)

om suddenly kiss her cheek ..

om goes and sit in chair ..
gauri in shock ..

everyone arrived for dinner ..
gauri pats by priyanku..

gauri :- ahh..

om chuckle silently..

dadi :- when jhanavi and tej arrived from Delhi ..

pri:-dadi .. they will come next week ..
bhaiya when ranveer come ..

om:- he have some more work .. he’s acp na.. i think he have some secret mission .. he’ll arrive soon..

abi:-I’ll punish dad when he return ..

prinku:-me too baby..

everyone chuckled at priyanka’s angry wife mood..

she feel shy..

shuhi:- papa.. annual music combitition come next week .. as usual i have to stay there in two week mom.. i should leave after tomorrow papa..

om:-good.. as usual gauri ,i and abi will come with you..

karan :- no papa..

om :- why??

sruthi :- papa.. karu, i, and abi want to go hydrapath..

gauri :- why?
prinku:-what? never!
dadi :-no..no..
suhi:-how this possible?
shivin :- don’t play.
krish :- i think sruthi got mad..

Abi and karan look like mission impossible 😳😳😳..

Be counties …

precab:- om meet virat and feel some connection with him…

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