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Vighnaharta Ganesh 8th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Lord vishnu kills the demons.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 8th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with madhu and ketam laughing. Brahma dev thinks why aren’t the demons being killed by lord vishnu’s powers? Lord Vishnu thinks mata maya has sent them, which means there is some reason behind all this
There brahma dev stands up and he starts praying to mata kali, he starts saying the prayer to impress mata kali. Brahma dev closes his eyes and then says mata, you are everything, you are the beginning and you are the end, you are directing us and you are only protecting us from everything. Brahma dev says mata, you are our savior and you are our shakit and power, you give us might and you give us hope, help us mata!
There ganesh says what happened then mata? Mata kali says it was all my leela, shre mata kali had done this leela, I had done it! I told the demons to

attack lord Vishnu.
There mata maya appears and the demons, madhu and ketam look at mata maya and do pranam! Lord Vishnu smiles as he sees mata maya’s form. Brahma dev does pranam. Mata maya ays to madhu and ketam, I told you to attack Vishnu dev, my sons! But now is what you would be really tested for, a person can be stubborn and evil but what defines him is how generous he is and how kind he is! You my sons are powerful demons but you shall grant Vishnu dev a wish and show him your generosity. Madhu and ketam say okay mata, as you say! Madhu and ketam look at Vishnu dev and say Vishnu, we both have decided to be fair enough now and grant you any wish that you want! You can ask a wish from us. Lord Vishnu looks at mata maya and she nods her head, Vishnu dev smiles. Lord Vishnu says okay madhu and ketam, I ask one wish from you, only I shall be the one who can kill you both in this entire universe, no one other than me can kill you. Madhu says what? He says ketam he thinks we are fools, we cannot give him such a wish. Ketam thinks and he looks at all the water everywhere and then he says okay Vishnu dev, we grant you the wish you want but on one condition, you cannot kill us on water. Madhu says what did you do ketam? Ketam says to madhu, madhu he thinks only he is smart, but we are smart too, just look around you, there is water everywhere and I have granted Vishnu the wish that he cannot kill us on water! Madhu says it is right brother, you are smart. Lord Vishnu says okay that is fair enough, I wont kill you on water. Lord Vishnu smiles and then he becomes very huge and takes his divya form with many hands and his weapons and flower, shell, gadha, chakra! Madhu and ketam say he has become very huge. Madhu says yes brother, I know he cannot kill us on watrr but why do I feel scared after looking at his form? Ketam says yes brother, I think it is beacuase we are looking at his huge form, even I am feeling scared. Madhu says brother feels like something wrong may happen. Ketam says don’t worry, lets see what he does.
Lord Vishnu becomes very huge and then he uses his chakra and creates a tornado that lifts both madhu and ketam from the water in the air. Both the demons are shocked and they say he has lifted us from the water, I cannot control myself. Lord Vishnu brings the demons in air and then using his chakra he cuts their heads and kills them both finally!
Brahma dev smiles and says you kept the decorum of the wish, you killed madhu and ketam in the air and not on the water! Lord Vishnu says it was mata kali’s leela.
Ganesh then asks mata kali, mata you gave life to the demons madhu and ketam, but you also convinced them to give mama ji Vishnu a wish! If they had to die after all, then why did you give them life firsthand?

Precap: mata kali continues telling the story of her leela.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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