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Shakti 9th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Harak Singh masterminds Soumya’s death, Harman is shattered

Shakti 9th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Saya, Surbhi, Nani and others gathering at Harak Singh’s house after knowing about Soumya’s death news. Saya says Soumya must have jumped in the pond thinking Harman will reach him, just like them. She cries. Shanno says she must have thought to die and end her incomplete life. Raavi says she had done Aravan devta’s puja and made arrangements for next birth. Harak Singh says it was God’s wish and says she was good and loved family members. He asks Preeto to get shanti paath done for her. He goes to his room and thinks it is good that she died, he then thinks he will find her soon and will make the death rumour true soon. He laughs and recalls giving Soumya’s saree and jewellery to Kishan Lal and makes him plan to declare Soumya death before Harman reaches there. Kishan Lal agrees.

Fb ends. Harak Singh thinks Soumya’s clothes and jewellery were useful to declare her death. He calls Kishan Lal. Kishan lal says Saree did wonder which no plan of yours could do. Harak Singh says everyone is mourning now, but I want to do bhangra. He asks Kishan Lal to search Soumya along with Kareena and Raveena and kill her. He says you all will get a big price. Kishan Lal tells Soumya that he knows a goon who can kill her. Harman tells that Soumya can’t leave him. Surbhi and Nani tell that they can’t believe that she is dead, and hopes she is fine.

Sameer and his mum searches for Soumya and finds her selling toys to kids in the park. They get happy seeing her. Sameer asks where did she go and tells that he was scared? Soumya asks why? Sameer says I thought you will commit suicide. Soumya says if I had to die then I wouldn’t have come this long way. She tells him that she thought to sell the toys as she left tokri and toys there. Sameer’s mum says you shall be at shop as many people are searching you. Sameer asks her to scold her. Soumya says work is necessary, I am selling toys hiding my face. Sameer asks his mum to scold Soumya. His mum says don’t scold her, and asks them to come home and have breakfast. Sameer says there is nothing left now to scold you and asks her to come home.
Saya is still mourning and hopes the news is false, and they have solid proofs to dismiss it. Chameli says we will find out, if Kareena and Raveena are involved then I will kill them. Preeto says wherever Soumya is, she is fine. Raavi tells Shanno that Preeto don’t want to accept that Soumya is dead now.

Sameer says I never thought that toys can be sold in park. His mum says you didn’t know as you never went there. Sameer says I will order more toys. Soumya says no and says we will make toys at home. Sameer says that’s why I don’t go to park. His mum says we don’t know how to make toys. Soumya says I will make and asks Sameer to bring the stuff which she asks him. Sameer says I don’t understand, but I want to trust her. Soumya tells them that she won’t make them helpless.
Jasleen asks Harman to agree that Soumya is dead. Harman says I am alive and breathing, and that means Soumya is alive somewhere.. he says Soumya’s eyes are waiting for me somewhere and she will meet me. He says I haven’t broken and shattered till now, and this means I will get Soumya back. Jasleen cries seeing his state.

Surbhi and Nani are at their house and mourn for Soumya’s death. Varun asks until when they will mourn and asks for tea. He tells Bebe that her acting is really bad and says I know you didn’t love Soumya and asks why is she acting to be sad then. He asks her to make tea for him. Maninder says we have stopped giving rotis to dogs. Varun asks nani to teach some manners to Maninder and says how can I be dog as they are faithful. Surbhi says you don’t have shame and asks if he sold humanity. Varun says whoever comes, have to go one day, you will go and this budda party will also go. Nani asks him to go and not to trouble them. Varun says I will not go anywhere and asks them to sit outside as per Panchayat’s decision. Bebe says we are here, and asks him to do tamasha so that they reply him. Varun says I will do the tamasha now itself.

Kishan Lal comes to Sameer’s shop owner Gill’s house and says he brought money. Gill asks what is the work? Kishan Lal asks him to search Soumya and kill her. Gill recalls seeing Soumya with Sameer in his house and assures Kishan Lal to go. His man tells that this is the same girl who came with Sameer that day. Soumya tells Sameer that if we make the toys then it will be very profitable for us and the toys will be unique. She says Sameer can repay the shop rent then, marry girl of his choice and then can go to world tour also. Sameer gets happy. Gill knocks on the door. Sameer opens the door and asks him to come inside. He says it seems your profits are good. Sameer’s mum says since she came to us, we have a good profit. We were talking about repaying you money. She says she will bring water for him. Sameer says I have to go and bring the stuff told by Sameer. Gill asks Sameer’s mum to bring water for him and asks Soumya about her house and her father’s name. Soumya says I can’t tell you. Sameer’s mum comes back. Gill says I will leave now and leaves, he asks his man to keep eye on her. Sameer brings toys stuff. Soumya asks him to keep it in room.

Harman hugs Soumya’s saree and thinks where are you Gulabo. Your Harman is nothing without you.

Harman keeps diya on his hand in the temple. Jasleen comes and asks him to come home. Harman says he will keep diya on his hand until Mata Rani tells him where is Soumya?

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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