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Mr devil by riya kapoor (Chapter-2)

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so lets begin

staring out into the space ragini stand still …her body is frozen..

ragini:(n mind)what just happened?……this is not possible ..i mean .. i should not pay attention to stupid stranger..he might be a magician.. how to explain the pentagram on my palm?? i better go to the hospital.. i bet laksh is worried about me ..i should’ve been there an hour ago

finally ragini arrrive at hospital , she is out of breath and a bit sweaty

few weeks later

@ragin’s bedroom

ragini:uff again i had bad dream about that sanskar

ragini looks at her hand

ragini:(to herself) as much as i would like to convince myself that it was all just a dream,but  how come this pentagram  ok ..cool ragini cool

suddenly a voice is coming

voice :hello, princess.you are right it wasn’t just a dream..

ragini:who is talking

ragini whip her head violently , seeking the source of the voice ..but there is no one in the room..yet the sound persists

voice:you can’t see me ragini..but i can see you

ragini:sanskar iis that u??

ragini grabs a flower plot as if it is a weapon and wave it..she waits for his words but it is all silent then suddenly scorched words appear on the wall as if they are burned into the plaster she reads them with shaky voice

ragini : you will be mine soon

she let the pot fall to the ground ..it breaks as she stare at the wall with her eyes wide open

ragini:what do you want from me .. leave  me alone please

ragini phone rings

ragini:oh no its the alarm i set to remind myself of the surprise date i planned for laksh today … i know myself so well that i will me late… i rally need this date to forget about all these weird things happening

ragini wears a beautiful red frock

ragini :(to herself) i look great i cant wait for me to see laksh

ragini reached laksh apartment

ragini:ok i can do this …i just have to hide my palm so that he won’t worry about anything

ragini finger goes to  door bell  but she remembers it is a surprise date …ragini takes out her spare keys …but the door is already partly open..

ragini:this is too easy

she take several giant steps and reach to the living room…just then se hears someone screaming

ragini:what is that ??

ragini:it must be sanskar he is hurting laksh..

she runs to laksh room …the screams are growing more intense

ragini:is that a girl?? she’s screaming too..the noise is from laksh bedroom ..i need to go

ragini reaches the bedroom door ..full expecting that sanskar is hurting laksh but

ragini is shocked to see…..swara on top of laksh .

rahgini:swara ..  are u naked and you are on top are my boyfriend

laksh :babe its not like you think

ragini :it exactly what it looks like u bastard..

ragini grabs his clothes and throws on his face..meanwhile swara stays on top laksh with a evil smile on her face

rahini:not only you cheat ..u did i with my sister

swara:its nt like i didn’t warn you little monster…he isn’t your type so you can consider this situation a gift from me

ragini:how could you laksh

laksh:oh plz as if u didn’t cheat me with ratam

ragini:u are ridicules ..that not true ..u always assume something..just by replying a text doesn’t mean that  cheat you ..what is this then …some sort of revenge for something that never happened??you are an a*sh*le laksh and you always been..i should have known..

her anger makes her scream so loud it hurts her own ears

rahini(crying):i even made a deal with a damn devil for u laksh..and for what?/ to save your pathetic life


ragini:u heard me but it doesn’t matter anymore.. i don’t care about the consequences of what i am going to say..laksh u and i are over

saying this she exit the room,slamming the door

the cold wind burns her face as se run aimlessly..suddenly she remember the surroundings

ragini:i recognize this place ..this is the place where i met sanskar

as she speacks those words aloud the pentagram starts to burn

suddenly sanskar appears

sanskar : hello princess


sanskar:you look sad ..aren’t you happy to see me

rahini:how can i be happy to see the devil??you are a monster

sanskar:ouch you are hurting my feelins

ragini:am not in the mood for sarcasm..laksh cheated me

sanskar:oh princess i know

he is now only a few inches from her ..his eyes are staring right into her soul

sanskar:thats why am here..u remember are deal??u are mine


sanskar:don’t look with the lost face..i was clear about the terms of the deal

he folds his muscular arms across his broad chest and shoots a look to ragini

sasnkar:i agreed to save your boyfriend and you agreed to become my procession should you two ever break up

he them burst into a loud laugh

sanskar: what i didn’t expect was for you two split up so fast..our deal was a very profitable one ..at least for me

ragini glance around, slowly stepping backward

ragini:(in mind) sanskar ..the deal ..everything is real..i need to find a way to avoid the worst scenario of my life :becoming devils property…there is nothing i can do to escape this deal ..i gave the devil my word ..i’d better stay quiet and avid angering him

sasnkar:its time to say goodbye to this world and take your position in hell

ragini:wait ..did you just say we are going to hell

sanskar:where do you think i live?.. in an apartment

ragini:no but sorry if i don’t know how it works .. i have never sold myself before

sanskar:well you have now so you are going to hell with minster devil .

ragini rolls her eyes

sanskar: better stop rolling your eyes as if my pesence bothers you, princess

he steps forward, wrapping you in his arms..

sanskar: we are going to be spending eternity together .. you will grow like me.. now hang on tight..1.

ragini:what are youu doing ??

his arms press against her body

sanskar: 2

ragini:hey am talking to u

he ignores her concern smriking subtly

sanskar: 3

he snaps his fingers..everything around you goes black..it feel like being inside a gaint washing machine..

ragini:sanskar:whee are you..i can’t see anythng??help


precap: sanskar takes ragini to his castle in hell can she spend her life there… can she adjust sleeping in Mr devils  bed??

keep smiling …think positive

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