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Dil Se Dil Tak 9th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Khala takes Teni for medical inspection

Dil Se Dil Tak 9th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Iqbal was carrying a hot plate of Jalebi which fell off. Parth comes to him. Iqbal says whenever he is going to do something good in life, this happens. Parth suggests him to gift Teni chocolates. Iqbal says he thought she is traditional girl and would like things such as Jalebi. Parth offers Iqbal some chocolates from his bag. Iqbal walks into the room and put a bite of chocolate into Teni’s mouth who was asleep over a couch. Teni pushes Iqbal away and turns his position. Iqbal curses himself and throws the box of chocolate. Teni wakes up and finds her favorite chocolates on the table. As she eats from it, Teni wonders how she like this chocolate and this flavor is so familiar. She was never rich to buy such expensive chocolate. Iqbal was thankful to Parth who knows well about girls. He was apologetic

to Teni that its his mistake, he thought about Rashida and Teni got angry with him. He begins a hundred sit stands as punishment. Teni stops Iqbal and begins the sit stands with him. When Iqbal stops, Teni appreciates Iqbal for having a soft heart. They spot Rashida coming towards the room. Teni was at once apologetic to Iqbal who again showed her attitude. Rashida says Saleem has come downstairs with sweets. Teni takes Rashida downstairs to feed her with some dry fruits. Rashida discuss with Teni that Iqbal is an angry man and holds a strict attitude towards Teni. Teni tells Rashida she is aware Iqbal and Rashida were going to marry. Rashida says she never wanted to marry Iqbal. Teni now shares with Rashida that Iqbal didn’t want to hurt her and behaves strict with her in front of Rashida. Rashida complements that Iqbal is a very soft at heart man. A servant comes to take Rashida to Khala. When Rashida comes to Khala a maid had brought a letter from Ammi. Ammi had written in letter that she wants a medical investigation of Teni, but she doesn’t want to lose Iqbal’s trust. She is going to Dargah leaving the matter on Khala. Khala shares with Rasheeda that they aren’t aware who is Teni and where she came from. She convinces Rashida to be on Iqbal’s side being a good friend.
In the hall, Teni was still confused about Parth and was curt that he turned her life to hell. She walks downstairs where Parth was making an arrangement for the mandap. Teni sends the servants inside, then questions Parth why he sent the tea and chocolate for her. She doesn’t even remember which chocolate she likes. Parth says he knows her more than she knows herself. Khala calls Teni who leaves the hall.
In the room, Khala was shouting Teni’s name for help. Rashida asks Teni to take Khala to help, Teni was ready to take her but her weddings rituals would begin soon. She goes to get her purse before they leave. Rashida was fearful what if there is something wrong.
There, Indu convince Parth that he must bring the reality to Teni and tell her what’s true.
Teni doesn’t like the hospital Khala came to. Khala says she knows the doctor well here. Khala goes inside while Teni waits outside. As Khala offers the bundle of money to doctor, the doctor instructs her secretary to take the tea to Teni. She tells Khala there is a medicine of unconsciousness in the tea, they will be able to do the checkup well. Teni takes a call from Iqbal before sipping from tea, and informs him she brought Khala to clinic for regular check up. Iqbal was ready to come there too. Teni message him the address. Khala overheard the conversation and calls Rashida to stop Iqbal from coming to hospital. Teni had finished the tea and felt dizzy at once. She fell unconscious.

PRECAP: At home, Khala asks Teni why she hid the truth from Iqbal and didn’t tell him she is already a mother of a child.

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