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Woh Chaand Toh Mein Hoon – DEATH❓(EP 78)

Hey buddies sorry for not replying and thank you so much Kavya, Sapna , Jasmine, Vaishnavi, Ajju and Feros for your support. Lets go to episode now

Kartik: Whats the plan Naira?

Naira: Patience Mendak, before that I need one more person’s help

Kartik: Who is it?

Naira: Bhai…

Keerthi: Ill convince Naksh and bring him over here

Kartik: Great Keerthi, now Naira come its time for your medicines and food

Kartik takes Naira with him while Keerthi goes to inform Naksh. The scene freezes


Kevin is rushed to the doctor and they start checking him. Their faces change

Abishek: What happened doctor?

Doctor: He is no more

Romi and Abishek are shocked

Romi: Abishek…

Abishek: Romi we have to perform autopsy. That will reveal everything

The body is taken for autopsy.  Few hours later
Doctor: Sir death was due to internal injury and hemorrhage .  Maybe some beating

Jail incharge: Mr.Romi Bhalla you only visited him. What did you do? I think we have to file a case against you

Saying this he leaves. Romi is worried
Romi: I did not ….Abishek you….

Abishek: Romi I know that you did not do anything. We need to find who it is? If not you will be framed like this

Romi: What shall we do now?

Abishek: Lets meet Raman first and get an anticipatory bail for you. I wont be handling this case anymore as death has occurred in my presence that too in jail. But I follow it up and help you with it. Dont worry the beatings you gave cannot cause death. Now lets hurry

Bhalla House

Raman: What? He is dead? And he caused pregnancy complications in Riya?

Romi: Haan bhai woh….please dont tell Riya about it

Ishitha: Of course we wont dont worry Romi. She needs mental peace during such treatments

Raman: Abishek Romi wont get into trouble na? He is innocent

Abishek: I know that very well sir. We need an anticipatory bail for safety .

Raman dials his lawyer. Moments later

Raman: The lawyer is out of town

Shagun: Raman lets ask Shivaay his company will have a lawyer for sure

Raman: Great idea

Scene shifts to Oberoi Mansion

Anika is lying down in the cot while Shivaay is working in his laptop. His mobile rings

Anika: Shivaay you promised no phones at night and now…

She picks the phone and sees Raman’s call

Anika: Its papa..talk talk

Shivaay smiles and gets the mobile..as moments progress a tension replaces the smile

Shivaay: Papa shall I come there?

Raman: No beta…dont strain

(Anika is confused and asks whats it..Shivaay gestures her to keep silent)

Shivaay: No papa I cant let you alone in this. Ill ask my lawyer to contact you and morning Ill reach there with Anika

The call disconnects. Shivaay turns to Anika after talking to his lawyer

Anika: What happened?

Shivaay tells everything from Riya’s illness to Kevin’s demise

Anika: That Kevin is such a brute. I believe in chachu he wont have

Shivaay: I too believe him.
Anika: Shivaay you did good only . We will be there tomorrow

Shivaay: Haan Anika and mind that Riya chachi should not know about Kevin being the reason

Anika: Haan Shivaay. Shivaay..shall I stay back here? Me being pregnant may hurt her

Shivaay: But I informed papa that you will be coming. They should not think bad. Lets go

Anika: Why is God troubling Chachi always?

Shivaay: Anika..dont worry she will be alright. You dont worry. Take rest

He makes her rest her head on his chest and makes her rest.The scene freezes

Goenka House

Naksh reaches The Goenka house

Dadi: Naksh beta..aaaoo..Keerthi se milne aaye ho ya Naira se

Kartik: Kisi se bhi nahi dadi, Naksh uska bhaanji se milne aaya hai

Dadi: So you have decided that its a girl only

Kartik: Haan dadi..I have a gut feel

Dadi: Then our family will have a choti lakshmi. I really pray that happens

Naksh: Where is Naira ?

Kartik: In the room. Come lets go

Kartik takes Naksh to the room. Keerthi too joins them

Naksh: Naira whats the plan?

Naira: Bhai As I already told Gayu di we have to revert to that plan

Naksh: Whats it?

(The second part of the convo which was muted earlier revealed now)( First part will be revealed later)

Naira: We have bring Samarth Chachu here. Make him meet Dadi and the family

Gayu: Samarth has to come here?

Naira: Haan Didi. He has to come . We have to make everyone meet him and tell the truth to all of them


Kartik: Naira what if everyone get angry?

Naksh: If the plan gets a reverse effect?

Naira: Bhai we have to risk it but Im sure that we cannot convince them without his presence physically.

Keerthi: He has equal responsibility for this relationship and the child na , he has to be here

Naira: If its about anger and scoldings we have to prepare our minds to face it. Gusse mein maximum ghar se bahar janeko bolenge. But thats when the real reason for this hatred will be revealed. All we know is Samarth’s chachu’s dad is much  younger to dadaji

Kartik: And there was a fight between them when I was a kid . But the full truth needs to be discovered. We tried asking Dadi but she shooed us away after we mentioned his name

Keerthi: Then Naira’s plan is our only way. When he comes in person we will know the truth

Kartik: Done then

They make their mind to execute their plan



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