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Vighnaharta Ganesh 9th April 2021 Written Episode Update – Pundalik’s parent’s decide to call his bride.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 9th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The episode starts with Pundalik is enjoying with Chandrakala appreciating her beauty while he is watching his Prabhu also in the peacock piece & gets realization of his wrong path also but Chandrakala is diverting his attention.
Pundalik’s nephew is telling Pundalik’s parent’s everything truth about Pundalik while they are feeling very depressed.
Shri Krishna is telling Rukmini that devotee’s attraction should be distracted towards woman which might happen but little late it.
Pundalik while hugging Chandrakala is also seeing his parent’s in the peacock & feels he should go home. Chandrakala’s mother is telling her that let Pundalik go home so that he’ll bring more money for us but she is feeling very depressed to leave him. Pundalik tells Chandrakala that I have to leave & she tells him to go but return soon as I’ll be waiting for you.
Pundalik leave while Chandrakala feels very depressed watching him leave & his parent’s welcome him but his nephew intimate his parent’s to control on their emotions towards him as he hasn’t returned doing some good job.
Ganeshji tells Pushpadant that if the devotee of his Prabhu returns accepting his mistake then his Prabhu too forgives him.
Pundalik prays his Prabhu to forgive him because of whom he has returned to his home while Rukmini asks Shri Krishna that won’t you forgive him but he tells her that it’s not easy for him to forget such attraction.
Pushpadant expresses Ganeshji that such kind of foolish behaviour who can never understand better than me because of betrayal to my Prabhu Mahadev & I was foolish to move around this way & Ganeshji tells him that if you also accept your mistake then you will also be forgiven by your Prabhu & I’ll help you in that.
Pundalik apologizes his father & also mother for doing such a big mistake for ignoring both of you & leaving alone & they forgive him.
Chandrakala is waiting for Pundalik eagerly while her mother is telling her that he won’t come it seems because if he would had come then long back hence to not to wait for him.
Pundalik along with everybody eat food while his parents are very happy seeing Pundalik’s change. Pundalik intimates his nephew to not to tell anything to his parents of his whereabout. Pundalik goes inside his room while his nephew asks his uncle that do you feel Pundalik has changed & he says my feeling is that he has changed.
Pundalik’s parent’s sleep while his father feels very cold weather hence he gets up to give blanket to Pundalik but he isn’t there & gets angry shouting Prabhu‘s name because again he keeps cloth on Prabhu’s idol & also the trunk is opened from which he takes away wealth.
Chandrakala is eagerly & emotionally waiting for Pundalik while her mother is telling her that what I had told you that he won’t come because you are still not understanding people come here only to enjoy & not to fall in love but she sees Pundalik arriving & intimates her mother & welcomes Pundalik.
Pundalik’s father intimates his wife to lock all trunks but she tells him that this isn’t the solution instead we shall call his wife who we had married him.
Chandrakala takes promise from Pundalik of not leaving her alone & no other woman will enter into his life & he promises her telling that I only love you & no other woman.
Ganeshji tells Pushpadant that parents are only the best judge to bring their child on right path who try taking out some other solution for their child.
Malti who is Pundalik’s childhood bride is searching her constume but her sister had worn it & she shouts her to not to weear it again on which she has the rights.
Pundalik returns & sees his bed being decorated with flowers getting surprised but searches the wealth everywhere & does not find while his father comes to request him to not go anywhere today & has called his bride whom he had got married in childhood & remembers about it. His parents plead him to please meet her appreciating her beauty so that he won’t ever go out of the house & he thinks of meeting her to let’s see what kind of beauty she is.

Precap: Pundalik takes oath keeping hand on his Prabhu that if he again does anything wrong & go out of this house towards wrong path then let Prabhu punish me of cutting my legs too if I do this way while his Prabhu is shocked telling Rukmini that what kind of oath he has taken & if he does wrong then I can’t stop from punishing him.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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