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True Love Never Dies YRKKH (Episode 7)

Kairav asks why he did not see Naira.

Kairav: Mom how happily I’m showing you my painting, but why didn’t you see my painting, nowdays you didn’t talk to me, you didn’t care about me?

Naira don’t know what to say Kairav

Naira holds his hands

Naira: No Kairav it is not like that

Kairav: Then look at my paintings

Karthik tries to distract Kyra

Karthik: Kairav did ​​showed your painting to everyone

Kyrav: no now mom why you haven’t seen my paintings yet

Naira held kairav hands

Naira: I can’t able to see Kairav ​​….

Kairav: why?

Naira: Do you remember the accident I fell down the cliff?

Karthik tries to control the tears

Kyrav: Yes

Naira: In that accident …… I lost my sight …. I could not see anything ….

Kairav was shocked

Kairav: That means mom you can’t see anything anymore

Karthik: No Kairav Your mother has temporarily lost her sight permanently No Your mother will regain her sight soon, until then we will take care of her

Kairav: yes mom and I’m sorry for talking to you like this Please forgive me, don’t be upset that you can’t see anything I pray to God you will get your eye sight soon I love mom

Naira smiles

Naira: I love you to Kairav Kairav hugs Naira

Karthik smiles

Kartik : Now look mom and son have become a team Now I am single, he gives a fake angry look

Kairav laugh

Kairav: Papa you so funny

Kartik : accha beta come here he tickle him Kairav laugh

Kartik : everything will be fine Naira

Naira nods yes

Scene freeze

In morning kartik makes Kairav ready for school and drop him on school van and then kartik feed food to naira and gives her medicens

Kartik : Naira why are sad

Naira : no I am fine

Kartik : Naira shall we go outside for somewhere

Naira : I did not come‌

Kartik : Naira you are not bored to be at home come on let’s go somewhere outside please

Naira : okay

Kartik : super Where can we go

Naira: temple

Kartik : okay come

Naira and kartik temple

Naira & Kartik pray to God

Naira : Bhagavan ji what have I done wrong, why do you take my eyesight Karthik cares for me like a child, but I do not want to bother him please God fix everything fine

Kartik : Bhagavan ji I am only asking one thing, please give my Naira eyesight she feels bad that she can not see anything, I can not see her like this Bhagavan ji please

After praying to God they came around the temple at that time Karthik phone rang it was Naira’s doctor call he attended the call

Kartik : Hello doctor hello Doctor Can you hear me? Hello naira I think there is no network here this is your doctor’s call. You sit here and I will go to that side and talk to him okay carefull

Naira nods in yes

Karthik goes to talk to the doctor and at that time Akshara comes to the temple and she see Naira she gets happy to see Naira
she goes to Naira

Akshara : Naira

  1. Episode freeze






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