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Stranger or well known? #Riansh OS

Hello guys. Here is a new OS of mine. I hope you like it and do comment with your feedback in the comments.
So let’s start.
Vansh’s POV starts:
It was a normal and a hectic business day. Nothing special has happened in that day. I just have finished my work at the company and I wasn’t in the mood to go to the house so I just start roaming in the street without having any exact destination.
Her image wasn’t able to be removed from my mind.
I wasn’t knowing does she is just found on my brain and imagination or she really exits. I really don’t know how a person could dream of another person in every single detail of that person without even knowing that person.
Yesterday, I have dreamed of a very beautiful and amazing girl.
She was looking at me in a very special and romantic look.

She was having a very cute and amazing expressions.
She was like an angel.
I can’t forget her look.
Every single detail of her can’t be forgotten.
I was feeling very comfortable and relaxed while she was very close to me.
I can’t forget what has happened during that dream.
That dream was unforgettable. I will always remember that dream as if it is a true stuff. Actually, I really wish that this dream could be true and I could meet her.
That dream was like a very relaxation moment to me.
She has came from nowhere.
She was looking so stunning and she was so different and unique.
She was wearing a very hot clothes.

I was very surprised seeing her in front of me.

I wasn’t knowing her, but I was feeling that I know her very much.
Me(in my dream): Who are you? Does I know you? I feel that there is a connection between us.
She comes closer to me.

She: I’m your soul mate Vansh. I’m your true love that you kept searching about her and you weren’t finding her. I’m your perfect partner that you were dreaming to have her.
I wasn’t understanding anything from what she was saying.
I wasn’t believing that I could be engaged to a girl that I don’t know her.
I was making her very close to me.

Me: I feel the connection that is between us, but I don’t know you. I feel that you are that girl that I was searching about her.
She: This is the same connection that I feel it towards you Vansh. I kept waiting for you a lot, but you didn’t have came. So I decided to come to you. We don’t have to wait for more time without being together. You and I are meant to be together so we mustn’t waste any single moment without being that close to each other.
I has hugged her very closely to me.

I didn’t have felt that connection before.
I was feeling very relaxed and happy while I was hugging her.
She was like the comfort zone for me.
While I was hugging her, I have kissed her in her forehead and she was very smiling.

Her smile was very amazing and outstanding smile.
She has taken my heart when I have seen her smiling.
She was looking at me in a very caring and happily way.

She: Finally, I have found you Vansh. I was thinking that I will not find my soul mate and true love, but thank God that I have found you. I was sure that God will not make me be in a normal arranged relationship. I was sure that he has prepared that special and unique partner and you are that perfect partner for me Vansh. Actually, I can observe how much we are really similar. Just one thing is different and I will change it now.
Me: What?!
She has taken the sunglasses that I was wearing it.

Then she has wear it.
She was trying to pretend like me.
She: Now, I look absolutely like the great Vansh Rai Singhania and there isn’t anything that could differentiate us. As now I’m totally like the amazing Vansh Rai Singhania.
She starts copying me in a very amazing way.

I was impressed from her special and unique attitude.

I was smiling very much while seeing her copying me in that lovely way.

So I has grabbed her towards me.

Then I have lifted her.

She was smiling very much and I was very happy seeing her that smiling.
Me: You made me sure that you are the perfect partner for me. As you have copied Vansh Rai Singhania very perfectly.
She was just staring at me while I was lifting her.

Then I have made her down.
I was feeling very happy while being near her.
I have kissed her in her cheek.

Me: Where you were before? I was really wanting a partner like you and I was searching about you so much. Actually, I have lost the faith in finding you but thank God that I have found you. Finally, I have found my true love and the best girl ever.
I made her closer to me.
We both were very very close to each other.

We both were trying to feel each other’s breathes and heart beat.
I was trying to smell her smell, breathes, and heart beat.

I was feeling as if she is a part of me.
She: I just hope that you could be able to find me and taken me away. I’m just afraid that you could find me when it could the time got late. Please don’t make me be away from you. I don’t want to be with anyone other than you Vansh. You are the only one who I want to spend my whole life with him.
Me: Just tell me who you are? I want to know everything about you. Just tell me each and every information about you and I will not make anyone get me away from you. I will not make anyone come between you and me after I have finally found you.
She gets away from me.
She: Find me by your own Vansh and I’m sure that you will know every single detail about me. I know that my Vansh will find me and save me and take me to be with him forever. Please Vansh find me very soon.
Me: Please don’t leave me. I just need to know your name. Please don’t leave I can’t lose you after I have finally found you.
Then I have waked up from my dream.
I wasn’t understanding the reason of that dream.
I wasn’t understanding what is the meaning behind it.
I have spent the whole day thinking about her.
All the busy schedule and the so much stuff that were happening in today’s business day it didn’t has made me stop thinking about her.
Where I could find her now?! I’m feeling as if she really needs me, but I’m not able to find her.
I was feeling that I will find her today.
I was feeling that I will be able to save her and make her be with me forever.
I was thinking about her a lot and trying to know how I could find her.

Then I has completed walking through the street until I have seen a lot of decorations of a marriage is happening.
I was looking at the names of the couple.
It was written:
Kabir weds Riddhima.
I was looking at the bride’s name with a connection feeling.

I wasn’t controlling myself when I have entered the wedding place.
I was wanting to see that bride and I wasn’t able to control the feeling that I was feeling it right now.
While I was going through the wedding place, I was wondering about what could I do if I have found her here?

What could I do if I have found her after the time got late?!
Does that means that I will lose her that quickly after I have found her.
While I was very confused and I was sinking in my thoughts, I have found her.
I have found her in a bridal outfit!!

She is the bride!!
She is Riddhima who will marry that Kabir!
I have found her in the mandap changing garlands with that groom!

I was shocked and surprised to find her and to lose her at the same time.

Vansh’s POV ends.
Riddhima’s POV starts:
Today is my wedding day. I supposed to marry Kabir Sharma who actually I don’t know a lot of stuff about him.
My family and his family have known each other and they got in a good connection and they have arranged my marriage with him.
I wasn’t wanting to get married to him.
I wasn’t wanting to get married in an arrange marriage.
I was wanting to be in love with someone and have that legendary love story with him.
I wasn’t wanting to be married in that normal and usual way.
I was sure that God has prepared to me that special and unique partner who I will fall for him immediately after I will see him and that person isn’t Kabir because if he was that person I could have recognized him very fast.
I’m not able to stop that marriage and at the same I doesn’t want to get married to any person other than my true love who I’m sure that I will find him.
I wasn’t able to decline that marriage because I have done that so many times and mom and dad have got bored from my refusing without any reason.
They weren’t being convinced from my beliefs about my perfect partner.
So they have made me don’t have any option other than accepting that marriage.
I starts getting ready for the marriage while I was very sad from inside.

Then I got ready after I have wear that bridal outfit.

My look was very good and stunning, but I wasn’t feeling that.
I wasn’t feeling that I want to do that marriage.
I was very sad and upset.
Mom has came to me to take me to the mandap.
Then she has made me sit beside Kabir.
I was looking at him while I was very sad.

He wasn’t a bad person, but he wasn’t my true life partner.
He wasn’t my soul mate.
Regardless that I was very near to marry Kabir, but I was still having that faith that my soul mate will come to me and take me with him.
I was feeling that I will just be for him and not for anyone else.
Where are you my soul mate?! You have really got very late on me. Please come fast before the time could be very late.
Riddhima’s POV ends.
Riddhima and Kabir were going to start doing the rounds when Vansh has came in front of them.

He wasn’t saying anything.
He was just looking at Riddhima in a pain being in his eyes.

Riddhima has known him when she has looked at his eyes.
She has known that he is the one who she was searching about him during her whole life.

She was being admired of his attractive look and his deep and warm eye looks.

She has got sure that he is the one.
Vansh and Riddhima were staring at each other very deeply.

They have recognized each other.
They have known that they are each other’s soul mate and true love.
They were sure that they have born to be together, but they weren’t knowing how they could make others know that.
They weren’t knowing how to get out from that situation.
Riddhima is going to get married to someone else and that what Vansh wasn’t able to tolerate it.
Riddhima was looking at him very much.

She was wanting him to say anything.
She was wanting him to take her from here.
She was wanting to just be with him as she has known that he is the perfect partner for her that she was searching about him.
He was smiling at her in a very relaxation way.

He was wanting to make her be sure that she will just be his and no one will take her from him.
His smile has made her got very relaxed.
He comes near her.
Then he has kissed her in her forehead.

After he has kissed her in her forehead, he has remembered all the moments that they have spent in his dream.
He has got sure that she is his true love.
She got very happy after he has kissed her in her forehead.
She was feeling very relaxed and comfortable.
They have looked at each other very much.

Riddhima( in a blaming way): Why you have gotten late?! I was waiting for you since a lot. I was sure that you will come. I was sure that my true love will come and you are my true love, but why you got late?! I was going to get married to someone else now so how you co…
Vansh has putted his finger on Riddhima’s lips to stop her from talking.

Vansh: Shh. Don’t say anything. I have came to you and I will not leave you. I have known that you are my true love even without knowing you before. So don’t think that I will make anyone take you from me. By the way, I have liked your name so much. Riddhima is so special name and it suits to be the name of my partner as Vansh Rai Singhania would never have any normal partner, Am I right or am I right?!
Riddhima has smiled while looking at him.

She has liked the way that he has introduced himself to her with it.
Riddhima: You also have a very unique name Vansh. Everything on you is totally like I was imagining on my partner.
Everyone was shocked and surprised while seeing what Vansh and Riddhima were doing it.
Kabir was shocked and he wasn’t understanding anything.

His shock has increased when Riddhima has hugged Vansh.
Riddhima and Vansh have hugged each other very tightly.

Vansh( whispering in Riddhima’s ear): This is the same feeling that I have felt when I have hugged you at my dream. This is the dream that has made me known you and be sure that you are my soul mate. Yes I don’t know anything about you, but I’m sure that you are the one who is born for me.
Riddhima: I was sure that you will come to me. I was sure that when I will see you from the first time I will recognize you. I don’t know if we are strangers or well known?! This supposed to be our first meet, but I’m feeling that I know you since so many times. There is a very strong connection between us Vansh that makes me sure that you are my one and only person.
He makes her closer to him in a very romantic way.

He was wanting to feel her breathes and every single thing related to her.
Then he has kissed her near her eye.

Vansh: We aren’t strangers at all Riddhima, we have that attachment that makes us feeling each other and be so connected to each other.
She was making sure to be close to him.

Then she has turned to face him and she has putted her hands on his face and she has kissed him in his forehead.

Riddhima: I will not get married to anyone other than you Vansh.
Vansh: And I will never allow you to do that. I love you so much sweetheart.
Riddhima: I love you too Vansh.
Vansh and Riddhima weren’t concentrating on the shock that was appeared on everyone’s faces.
Riddhima was looking at him while she was smiling.

Then they have hugged each other very tight and long hug.

Afterwards, Vansh has looked at Riddhima in a lovely and winking look.

Vansh: So do you are ready to be Mrs. Vansh Rai Singhania?
Riddhima has looked at him while smiling.

Riddhima: Of course.

The end of the OS. I hope you like it. So tell me guys how was the os? I was trying to do something different. So I hope that I have succeeded in that. So please tell me all of yours opinion on the OS as this is the thing that makes me encouraged to write more OS episodes. I will be waiting for all of yours comments to know when I will write the new os. I hope that all of yours comments could encourage me to write another OS very soon. So please guys keep supporting me the way you are doing. Please guys don’t forget your feedback in the comment section below.

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