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Sayi and Virat – An Epic Love story (Chapter 1)

Heyy all.

I’m back with a new serial ff. The last time I came here was 4years back for another serial. Not gonna bore you guys with my talks, let’s get started.

Ongoing track with the serial. Kamal Joshi was a Police Officer, but he was from a big family. Marrying Sayi’s mother, kamal had to leave his family. And due to this, Sayi is not aware of this family.

Pulkit and devi get married. The Chavan family reaches the venue and witnesses everything. Bhavani tries to pull devi away from Pulkit. Pulkit shows Bhavani a court order stating that Devyani isn’t stable and she’s supposed to stay with Dr. Pulkit Deshpande for her treatment. Being the best psychologist in Nagpur, he’ll able to treat and cure Ms. Devyani Deshpande.

Bhavani, Ninad, Omkar, Sonali, Paakhi were shocked to read the court order. Virat looked at Sai and was very angry. Sai on the other hand was proud of being with Pulkit and Madhuri.

The Chavans left without blessing the couple, except Virat and Sai.

Sayi hugged Devyani and Pulkit.

Sai – Pulkit Jiju, take care of my Tai just the way you take care of Harini.

Pulkit- Definitely Sayi. I’ll always be with Devyani. Right Devyani? (He looked at her lovingly)

Virat was on edge of blasting towards Sayi.

Sayi – Madhuri Tai take care of my Tai. And yes, I have handed you all the medicines. Go through the prescription thoroughly so as to avoid confusion. If there’s any type of confusion, please don’t hesitate call me right away. And only if I’m not available, ask Jiju. Don’t pester him so much because he needs to take care of Harini also. Okay Madhuri Tai?

Madhuri – I was waiting for you to finish. Arey meri maa, I’ll do everything. And yes, I’ll definitely call you if there’s any clarification.

Madhuri looked at Virat and found that he wasn’t in a good mood.

Madhuri – Listen Sayi, you leave now. It’s late. Go home and take rest.

Sayi – Okay Madhuri Tai. I’ll take a leave then. Jiju and Tai, I’m leaving. I’ll come home soon, you guys have to give me delicious food.

Devyani – Haa Sayi, you come tomorrow. I’ll miss you.

Pulkit – Sayi, we’ll definitely call you.  Now go and take rest.

Sayi – Okay Jiju.

Sayi turned and saw Virat right behind her. She panicked for a few seconds and was about to trip back when Virat held her firmly. They were lost in their world.

Sayi – Virat Sir, I’m alright now. You can leave me.

Virat – I have told you before also, I haven’t held your hand to leave.

Sayi – Sir, can we go back?

Virat – Are you talking about Chavan Niwas?

Sayi – Obviously.

Virat – You won’t go there. Unless you tell me what exactly happened when I wasn’t there.

Sayi panicked and then composed herself.

Sayi – Nothing happened Sir. As usual I was studying and.. and.. (She couldn’t proceed the lie)

Virat – And what Sayi? What else you did? Not able to continue?

Sayi looked away from Virat.

Virat – How can I not forget that Sayi Joshi doesn’t know how to lie? But she knows how to make plans behind people’s back. Right Sayi?

Sayi looked dejected. She knew that this would happen. She also know that it was her fault for not telling him. She didn’t respond and kept looking away from Virat.

Virat – I didn’t know your father taught you this. I thought kamal sir was a perfect role model, but I was wrong.

Sayi (raised her voice) – Virat Sir, you have no right to question my upbringing. You have no right to blame my father. You get that?

Virat – Sayi, even I know how to shout. So stay quiet and answer my questions.

Sayi – Why should I ? I did what I found right. And you are no one to blame me. You and your family didn’t know what was needed for Tai. Infact you didn’t even know what happened to tai. I was the one who told you everything. Your family has fallen to such a state that they may even kidnap a person if other person has any evidence or proof against Chavan Niwas.

Virat (on top of his voice) – Sayii (raised his hand to slap her) How dare you talk about my family? How dare you?

Sayi – How dare you question my upbringing? How dare you?

Virat – Paakhi was right. Paakhi told me that I would regret marrying you. And that’s exactly what I’m feeling. Do you realise that you have kept our relationship at stake for Pulkit and Devyani.

Sayi – Yes I did, because I found it right. Both of us know that, we can never be together. And regarding what Paakhi didi has said, when did you not listen to her words? Whatever she said is the truth for you and your family.

Virat – That is truth Sayi. Paakhi is always right. Whatever she says is always right.

Sayi – Virat Sir, I’m really tired of this name. Do you understand that?

Virat – If I say anything about Paakhi, why is it that you don’t like?

Sayi – Don’t you realise the fact that you are bringing your Lover infront of your Wife? And comparing us?

Virat looked at her pitily.

Sayi – I’m leaving sir. I’ll go alone.

Virat – You can leave. But you can’t step into Chavan Niwas after what you have done.

Sayi was shocked.

Precap :

S – Where should I go then?

V – Idk, it’s your life. You can decide.

S – Are you serious with what you said?

V – Yes.

Sayi – Fine then. Don’t ever come looking for me. I’ll take all my things and leave from your house.

Virat looked dejected hearing that.

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