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Sai Aur Virat (SAIRAT) Ki Kahaani (Chapter 3)

Hello readers Iam back with another chapter of SAIRAT ki Kahaani

Sai Aur Virat Ki Kahaani ( chapter 3)

Virat defends the last ball which leads to the victory of his team. Everyone are amazed by Virat’s stunning performance. Virat and his frien d sunny were going to virat’s home

chavan nivas in virats car. In their way to home they have a conversation.

Sunny : kya baat hai yaar virat, sare ladkiyon ka nazar tuj pe hi tiki hain ground mein.( what’s the matter virat every girl’s sight in the

ground is completely on you.) humhe to koi dekhta tak nahi hain.( atleast one girl also not looks at us)

Virat: chup karo na sunny kuch bhi bolta rahta hai.( shut up sunny , you start speaking whatever you like)

Sunny : kuch bhi kaho virat ,tu toh bahut lucky hai, ( whatever it is you are very lucky.)

Virat : acha kisliye mein lucky hoon.( ok, for what iam lucky)

Sunny : sare ladkiya tere peche padte hain, toh haina tu lucky. ( all girls are behind you aren’t you lucky)

Virat: mein lucky tab hoga, jab mujhe mere pasand ki ladki mere zindagi mein ayegi.( I will be lucky, when I’ll get the girl of my choice in my life).

Sunny : acha tell me something about the girl of your choice.

Virat: she should always stand with the truth, galat ko galat kehne wali ,in simple daring and dashing.

Sunny: oho, toh tujhe daring and dashing wali ladki chahiye.(oho, so you want a girl who is daring and dashing. Bhagwaan ji apne kaha banaya aise ladki ko , jaha bhi ho is bande se jaldi milwayiye( oh god where did you made this girl, wherever she is make her meet this guy soon.

Here in Gadchiroli , Sai reached the backside of mahadev temple told by kidnnaper. there she cant see any one except her. Sai started screaming Aaba aap kaha hain?

Suddenly someone came from behind and made her smell the chloroform forcefully due to which she fell unconscious.

After some time when Sai gained her concious, she was in a room with no lights ,similar to her room, then she confirmed that she was in her room, on her bed and in her home.

she was thinking to herself mein yaha kya kar rahi hu, main toh mahadev ke mandir gayi thi.

when she was pressurising her mind to remind what happned with her .

the lights were on and her room was fully decorated.

Two people came from behind and congratulated Sai by hugging.

they are nonother than Sai’s aaba and her bestie Karishma.

Sai: Aaba aap tik hain?( aaba are you alright)

Kamal: haa mein tik hu beta( yes iam alright).Congratulations mera baccha.

Karishma : haa Sai congratulations.

Sai: congratulations! for what.

Karishma: arey tune is saal ki exams mein pure maharashtra mein top kiya.

Sai : kya sach mein. bappa apka bahut bahut shukriya. lekin mujhe ek baat pata nahi chal raha hai, aaba apko

pata hai kisine phone karke mujhe damkaya ki aap ko kikidnap kiya( is it true, thanks alot bappa, i didn’t

understood one thing somebody called me and frightened me that you are kidnapped by them.

both karsishma and kamal started to laugh at the same time.

Sai : aap dono has kyu rahe hain?( why are you both laughing)

Karishma: while giggling, arey woh toh mera aur uncle ka kiyadhara hain tumhe surprise karne ke liye(that was plotted by me and uncle to surprise you).

Sai fumed in anger and started to beat karishma with a broomstick

Karishma :auch sai chodo na mein akeli kahan hu uuncle bhit oh shamil hai aur to aur idea bhi unka hai( Sai leave me, im not the one , ven uncle was a part of this plan.)

Sai : aaba aap bhi is ke saath shaamil hain ,koi aisa surprise dete hain kya. (aabba you are also part of this plan, who will give a surprise like this.

Karishma : Hum dete hai na ( we will give na ) and started laughing.

Sai : Karishma ki bacchi aaj tujhe nahi chodungi. ( karishma i dont leave you today).

Sai started running after karishma and the latter was escaping , finally karishma hide behind Sai ‘s Aaba

Karishma : uncle bachaiye mujhe ( uncle please save me)

Chapter to be continued…………..

hope you enjoyed…………………

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