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Qurbaan Hua 9th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Chahat vows to not leave until she finds the truth about Vyas je.

Qurbaan Hua 9th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Dua asks the name of the women from her religion who destroyed her name, Chahat si worried when Baleq ask Dua if she wants to hear the name of that women, Baleq is about to say it when Alka stops him asking if he doesnot know that Neel doesnot even want to hear the name of that women so if he doesnot leave then she would call Neel, Baleq threatens her saying that he is not scared of anyone but Alka exclaims that he might have forgotten the last beating, Baleq then rushes inside the house, Alka after thanking Toup Singh takes Dua inside, Chahat wonders what is she doing here because she kept her away from her father for six years, she gets mad at Sahil thinking how can he be son careless.

Sahil exclaims that his love has waited six years for him and now they must die to further his plan, he sees the knife so bringing it close to Neel exclaims that neither Chahat nor his god would be able to save him, he is about to hit Neel with a knife when Chahat calls him, he says that she has even saved him while being away.

Sahil answers the call asking what is the matter, Chahat asks about the whereabouts of Dua, he lies saying that she has gone downstairs to get a packet of chips but Chahat scolds him asking that he should not lie because Dua is with her in Devpriagh, Sahil apologizes saying that he never wanted her to get worried but Dua went to meet with her friend Shlok, Chahat asks if he knows who are the parents of Shlok, she exclaims that he is the son of Neel and Alka, she mentions that she would not even see his face and he can never take the place of Neel, Sahil gets mad after ending the call exclaiming that both Neel and his children have made his life miserable, he then plans to kill two birds with one stone and would have to kill Dua and blame it on Neel after which she would never see his face.

Chahat standing the house thinking that she would first take Dua away from the house then will come back to find the truth about Vyas je, in the night she is entering the house plans to take Dua away in her sleep as no one would find anything about them, she lifts the blanket but finds nothing but pillows which worries her as she wonders where the children have gone to.

Shlok and Dua are both eating ice cream on the terrace exclaiming that it is really nice, Dua explains that he should always do what he desires because this is life, Shlok is however afraid of what would happen if master je comes to know about them, Dua explains that his father is not a dinosaur so nothing would happen to them, Shlok exclaims that it would be really nice if she stays in their house, Dua answers that it cannot happen, her mother cannot live without her, Shlok says hat he would pray to god as he knows that the prayers of the children are accepted early, Dua also prays to Allah, they turns to eat more ice cream when Dua hears the cries of a women, she asks Shlok about the person, he explains that it is Naveli bua but they cannot go to help her otherwise Master je would get angry, Dua explains that they cannot turn their faces when someone needs their help.

Dua and Shlok reach the room, she tries to open it however is not able to, they both push together, and the door finally opens, Naveli is relaxed to see them both, she immediately asks Shlok to untie her, Dua rushes explaining that she would help her, Baleq enters the room questioning what they are doing when Dua stands in front of him explaining that he is a bad person because he is torturing Naveli and must stop otherwise she would call the police.

Baleq responds that she is really small and is saying such big things, he is about to slap her when Toup Singh stops him, threatening that if he tries hitting her again then it would be really bad for him, Baleq inquiries how did he dare stop him after being a servant so is adamant to teach him a lesson when Dua stops and bits his hand, he shouts with pain so Alka and Godambari both come inside asking what is happening, Alka asks why did he tie Naveli however he immediately says that he did not do anything and it was Naveli, she agrees with him saying that she tied herself to punish her but Dua questions why is she lying because she herself asked for their help and even asks Shlok but Naveli says that she has not asked for any help, Godambari even says that this is the matter of husband and wife and she doesnot care what happens amongst them, Godambari takes the children away.

Alka is watching Baleq threatening that she would not leave until he unties her, he agrees so Alka finally leaves after which Baleq immediately slaps Naveli exclaiming she doesnot have the sense of thinking so she would ask the children for help, Baleq sees Toup Singh so throws him out of the room asking why is he sop worried about Naveli when her mother doesnot care, Chahat standing outside the room wonders what is happening in the house and why is Godamabri not saying anything to Baleq, she exclaims that she would not let anything happen to Naveli, she would protect her at any cost.

Alka asks Shlok and Dua why did they have to go in the room because it is not safe, especially for Dua as she is their responsibility and she doesnot want her to have any sort of injury so would take her back to her house, Dua however asks if they would leave immediately, Shlok questions why can Dua not stay with them because he after such long time found a true friend who does not make fund of her, they both hug, Toup Singh even asks Alka to let it be, Alka then asks them to go back and sleep now, she reveals that she would also sleep with them, Chahat is happy to see how close they both have gotten but wonders what would happen when Alka comes to know that Dua is the daughter of Neel and herself, she would take Dua away after finding the truth about Vyas jee.

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