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Pratigya 2 9th April 2021 Written Episode Update

Pratigya 2 9th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Krishna asks the caller to stop saying rubbish things. The man says I have the video of Garv hitting Balwant’s son. Just give me 1 crore and I will delete the video. He ends the call. Sajjan says who is this now? Now I have to give extorsion money?

Pratigya comes to Balwant’s house. Balwant’s wife comes there and says I know you are doing all this to save your brother in law Shakti. Pratigya says we can’t call him a culprit till we have proof. Where is Balwant? She says he is not here. Balwant’s sister says he is in his house office. Pratigya thanks her and goes.

Garv hugs Krishna and says what if mom takes me to the police? Krishna says don’t be scared, we are all with you. Sajjan is with you. Sajjan hugs Garv and tickles him. Garv laughs and runs from there. Krishna sighs and says I will arrange the money to solve this matter, he leaves. Sajjan says this can’t work for some time, people are threatening us because I became a good man? I will have to become an old Sajjan now.

Pratigya asks Balwant if the killer is still alive as you took the CCTV footage and must have killed him. Balwant shouts stop it, you are blaming me? I don’t know who deleted the footage. The flashback shows how Balwant couldn’t find the footage. Pratigya says if you didn’t do it then who did? Balwant says maybe Shakti or someone from your family? Radhe was close to your family too, ask questions from your family so ask them. This case might be taken away from you so don’t force me, go and do your justice work now, she leaves from there.

Pratigya thinks who deleted the footage? I have to find out.

Komal is in the market. Adarsh comes there but Komal runs away from him.

Komal comes home and tells Keser that Adarsh is running behind me. Kesar asks if he has some work? Adarsh says I have to give some items to Krishna. Pratigya comes there. Adarsh says Krishna came to my cafe and forgot his watch. Pratigya says when did he come? Adarsh says in the morning before you and Balwant were there. Pratigya says he came before Balwant? Adarsh says Krishna was asking about some CCTV too. Pratigya looks on and says thank you. Komal gets tensed.

Pratigya is cooking and recalls Krishna’s erratic behavior for some days.

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Update Credit to: Atiba

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