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Our Limitless Love (A Riansh FF….) The conversation… Ch-4

guys! I am back. … Looks like u don’t like my story….. I was little upset.. For not reaching my target…

No worries, though I am new.. It’s ok….

Let’s start… Now the thrills, action, emotions start…… Now you may even get attacks in kidney and even Curiousness……

……The Conversation….

They exchanged the phones and went to their cars.

Kabir:- where were you?(🤨)

Aryan:-Have you gone to exchange the phones or to manufacture new ones… (😅😂)

Sejal:-Did you got it?( 🧐)

Ridhima,:-Relax guys, I got my phone and got into a conversation with Mr. Vansh Raisinghania… (Hearing name a smile crept on Kabir’s face)

Shall we go home now??


On other side,

Siya:-Bhai, let’s go back home fast! I want to meet dadi!!( ☺)

Vansh:-Ok, let’s go!

They sat in their cars and went back home.

After having dinner everyone at KR Mansion went to sleep… Aryan was now staying with them.. As they were all together after many months.

At 1:30 , night

At VR mansion everyone was in their rooms… While Vansh was roaming in the house.

Suddenly he heard a loud scream from dad’s room and rushed to her room….

And saw her on floor

Vansh:- Dadi! What happened?? (😨)

Dadi:- My heart is paining and I am not able to breath (faints)

(Vansh shouts Angre and asks him to call any cardiologist everyone gathers near dadi and tries to wake her but in vain)

Angre:-Boss, all the doctors whom we know are out of India for vacations or are not available.

Vansh:-Noo, do something ( shouting) , (something stricks his mind) Bring my phone it’s in the Hall.

Angre:-Ok, boss.

(After he brought the phone and gave to him…..He starts to scrolls his contact list and searching for a name)

Vansh:- Got it!

And he Calls but no one picks at third attempt picks up

On call,

Vansh:- Hello, is it Ms. Ridhima?

Ridhima:-(in sleep) yes.

Vansh:-it’s Vansh. We met at airport today. Can u come home?

Ridhima:-ya, I remember. (Suddenly wakes up realizing she is talking to Vansh) Mr. Raisinghania?

Vansh:-yes. It’s me. Can u come home, Now, (in heavy voice)

Ridhima :-what happened? Is everything ok? ( Concerned)

Vansh:- I think my dadi has suffered a heart attack. (Little crying voice)

Ridhima:- Ok coming. Address?

Vansh:- VR Mansion.

Ridhima:- ok, just coming!

She dressed and left home without informing anyone.

And one thing.. I forgot to telll… Riddhima is a famous cardiologist and owns LoveLife Hospital

That’s all for today… Guys. . . .

What do think? Why Kabir smile hearing vansh’s full name?

How u found the episode… Do comment below…. 😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇

Stay safe

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