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Mr. Unknown #OS #IMMJ 2

Hello everyone…

It’s an OS,


Riddhima’s POV

I quickly FaceTime my bestie, Sejal.

But when a random guy answered instead, all I could do is stare. He’s got adorable brownish eyes and messy hair. And he’s just wearing his pajamas.

Riddhima: Opps…I guess I dialed the wrong number!

The guy stifles a yawn. Then finally gives me a good look and then he smiles charmingly.

Person: Actually, I’m pretty sure you’ve dialled the right number.

He winks. Wait-is he flirting with me…not possible!

Riddhima: Very funny..you aren’t my friend Sejal. And the wierd thing is that I’m 100% sure that I had dialed her number.

Person: Well, maybe she wasn’t around to pick up the phone. And I just happened to be around to pick it.

At first, I think he’s kidding around again…but then something strikes.

Riddhima: Oh My God…you are Kabir aren’t you?? Sejal told me that you would be staying in the apartment. It’s soo nice to meet you!

Kabir starts to say something…but then sits comfortably.

Kabir: You are right I’m Kabir. And by the way who are you?

Riddhima: I’m Riddhima.

Kabir: Riddhima it’s a beautiful name as you are!!

Kabir’s definately flirting with me…but he shouldn’t do that. I then watch him lean back to the sofa..

Kabir: So tell me Riddhima, why are you calling that too so early in the moring?!

Riddhima: Well Sejal and I take a class together. We have got an exam tomorrow, so needed to study.

Kabir: Huh? Which class do you and Seema take?

I frown..

Riddhima: It’s calculus. And, by the way, did you just call her Seema?

Kabir (blinks and then laughs): I meant Sejal. (Yawns) I’m sorry, my brain doesn’t work properly without a cup of tea in the morning.

Riddhima: I know right? I feel the same way right now. Especially after sitting all night with Indology.

Kabir’s gaze lights up.

Kabir: You’re into Indology?

He leans over to grab something. Then he holds up some car keys. There’s a sculpture dangling from the chain. We both speak at the same time.

Kabir and Riddhima: Hampi Lotus Mahal!

We laugh.

Kabir and Riddhima: Jinx!

Now we just smile.

Riddhima: Oh my god, I can’t believe an athlete like you is into Indology.

Kabir: Did you just call me a n athlete?

Riddhima: Well, isn’t that what you are?

Kabir (shrugs): Okay…maybe I am. But just for your information…athletes can be interested in ancient civilizations, too.

He looks at his keychain with longing.

Kabir: I’ve been dreaming of going to Karnataka since I was a kid…but time wasn’t in favour!!

Riddhima: Even I haven’t got a chance yet.

We talk some more. We have so much in common!

Kabir: Wow, I don’t meet many girls who are into this stuff.

His gaze searches mine.

 Kabir: But now there’s you.

I blush. Then I forcefully shake myself out of it… and paste on a neutral smile.

Riddhima: You know what, Kabir? It’s really great that we’ve got stuff in common like this.

Kabir: So true.

Riddhima: I mean, who knew I’d get along so well with Sejal’s new boyfriend?

Kabir (coughs): Did you just say boyfriend??

Riddhima: Yeah, you just started dating her, right? Or have you already forgotten Seema?

Kabir sighs.

Kabir: Okay…you got me. I need to confess…I’m actually not seeing her.

I stare at him.

Riddhima: What did you just say?

Sejal told me they made plans for the weekend! 

Suddenly, my phone rings with an incoming call. I startle. Then I glance at the unfamiliar number. Kabir talks over the ringing noise.

Kabir: Riddhima, will you just give me a chance to explain?

Riddhima: Forget it! Does Sejal even know that you’re such a player? I mean, you’ve been flirting with me.

Kabir: I was, but—

Riddhima: Oh my god…!

I hang up. Obliterating the sight of Kabir’s oddly sad gaze.

But who’s the bigger player — him or me? I mean, wasn’t I kind of allowing him to do so?

Hating myself, I finally pick up the other call. Then I blink when I see who’s on my screen.

Riddhima (Shaking her head): SEJAL?? Wait, how could you be calling me on your phone? Kabir was just using it!

Sejal (frowns): What are you talking about?

She aims her camera behind her. A big blond guy waves at me from a couch. Sejal puts the camera back on her face.

Sejal: As you can see, Kabir is nowhere near my phone.

Riddhima: But…but I was just talking to someone who was using your phone—And he said he was Kabir.

Sejal: Riddhima, you sound crazy. I haven’t let my new phone out of my sight since I got it!

I gasp at her. Then I slap my hand against my head.

Riddhima: Oh god…that’s right. You got a new phone….that means I must have called your old number just now. And that means…..I called the wrong number.

Sejal sits down.

Sejal: Maybe you’d better explain this to me.

Riddhima: Okay…I thought I called you, Sejal. But this guy picked up instead. He’s handsome, and we have so much in common. But I didn’t do anything about it.

Sejal: Because you thought you were talking to my boyfriend?

Riddhima: Exactly. But it was also because..Well, why would someone like him flirt with me?

Sejal gives me a sympathetic look.

Sejal: Riddhima, it’s been a long time since you made a connection with anyone. So I can understand why you’d say that….even though it’s not true.

Just then, my phone rings. It’s…an unfamiliar number. I stare at the screen.

Riddhima: Oh god. I think it’s him.

Sejal: Who? Mr. Unknown?

Riddhima: Yes

Sejal: But why would he be calling you? Unless…(smirks) He really likes you.

Riddhima: No he doesn’t. Especially not after what I said to him.

Sejal: Riddhima, you’ll never know unless you answer. So just do it!!

She hangs up. My phone keeps ringing. I hold my breath, then let it out. She’s right. I’ll never know unless I answer. Gathering my courage…I press the button.

That guy’s face lights up my screen. He’s wearing a t-shirt now. His hair is combed, but still thick and messy. And he’s holding a bunch of flowers he probably picked from outside.

Person: I thought you weren’t going to answer.

Riddhima: I almost didn’t.

He pauses. Then he looks at me sheepishly.

Person: Can I at least apologize to you? I should’ve told you right away that you had the wrong number. But I was afraid you’d hang up on me…so I pretended to be Kabir just to keep you on the line.

Riddhima: You…wanted to talk to me that badly?

Person: Yeah, and I’m sitting here with a bunch of flowers right now. Just to show you how sorry I am.

Riddhima (sighs): But why me??

Person: You seriously don’t know? (smiles) I was sleeping when, out of nowhere…a beautiful girl called me. My heart was just about leapt out of my chest when I first saw you.

I melt.

Person: Right away, I knew I wanted to get to know you. But as we talked…I knew I had to have something even more.

I press a hand over my pounding heart…then finally take the leap.

Riddhima: Before this goes any further…Could you at least tell me your real name?

Person (winks): Well, you could just call me Mr. Unknown…But I’d actually prefer Vansh.

Vansh’s smile grows…warming every inch of my heart.

Vansh: Or, maybe you could just call me Mr. Known.

~The End

Finally mystery solved

I have a feeling that many of you wanted to bash at me for bringing Kabir into light 🤭🤭

Well all I can say is:

All’s well that ends well!!

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