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Ishk Par Zor Nahin 9th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Ishqi gets blamed

Ishk Par Zor Nahin 9th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Ishqi getting happy seeing the same ring. The man says I just take cash. She says I don’t carry much cash. He says its just 5000rs. She says but this ring is worth 5 lakhs. He says maybe the original one, this one is imitation. She gets shocked. Sarla creates a scene. Raj says I forgot to tell Sonu, sorry. Sarla laughs and says its my mistake to forget feeding him almonds. Ahaan says give me 5 mins to arrange band artists. Sarla says its okay, I will talk to Sonu from now. Dadi says you can call me. Kartik asks what’s all this, this is called hypocrisy, you should fight this. Ahaan says we can’t fight the society, you can’t change it, imagine if we get any mountain on the road, we cross it and go, its common sense to adjust, what’s imp, being right or Sonu’s happiness. Kartik says Sonu’s happiness.

Ahaan says Ishqi got late in her engagement for a job. Kartik says even Raj is busy on a phone call, no one told him, girls face problems for little issue, what will happen when there is a real problem. Ishqi asks shall I go with fake ring in my engagement. The man says we make imitation rings, take it now, after engagement, exchange it with original. She says its not a serial to exchange rings or bahus, relation will be fake if ring is fake. He says relation is made by heart, not by gold or bronze. She says its too late. Mayank calls Ishqi. She thinks he would ask me where I m. She doesn’t answer. She gets down the auto. She thinks of Mayank.

Sarla says I will not tolerate any delay in my son’s engagement. Maasi thinks to tell truth to Suman. Suman says Ishqi is a responsible girl, maybe she is stuck in some problem. Ahaan asks does she have any responsibility towards her and Mayank’s family. Maasi says I will call Ishqi. Mayank says Ishqi will come, you all start the rasam. Ishqi says I just got cheated, I can’t lie or cheat anyone. She faints down. The people check her purse and learn that she is diabetic. They feed her water. The girl says you kept this note, it helped you get saved today, you are going in a function, take care. Ishqi thinks Ahaan helped me today instead Mayank. She says yes, its my engagement today.

Raj and Sonu get engaged. Mayank waits for Ishqi. Ahaan says I m worried for Mayank, Ishqi and her parents didn’t come. Maasi says wait, I will come there. She goes to Ishqi and asks what happened. Ishqi cries and says I made a big mistake, that uncle made an imitation copy, how will I go in. Maasi says I will tell them that its my mistake. Ishqi says no, I will not let you take the blame. Sarla takes pics with Sonu and Raj. Suman says Ishqi you have come on a right time. Ishqi says this engagement can’t happen, sorry, I had to go and sign for the job, I have lost the ring, very sorry. Ahaan gives her the ring. He recalls Ishqi and Maasi’s conversation. Suman asks how did you get this ring. Ahaan says this ring was left at the office, a man came to give this ring. Dadi says its a miracle. Sarla taunts on Ishqi. Raj stops Sarla. Ishqi says I m really sorry. Sarla says mahurat is over now. Raj says we don’t need to interfere in their family matter. Dadi says Ishqi’s Maasi should have kept the ring. Ishqi says yes, its my mistake, sorry. Suman says engagement mahurat has passed by now. Sarla says you would be angry. Suman asks why didn’t you call us. Mayank says yes, you could have called me once. Sarla asks didn’t you tell Mayank, its his ring, his mum bought it, you should have told him, sorry to say, what kind of family is this. Kartik asks are you letting this happen. Dadi says Ishqi, Sarla relieved you from a job, why did you go to get another job, Mayank earns well, what’s the need for you to do a job. Sarla says its Suman and Mayank’s mistake to give her freedom, he should have not allowed Ishqi. Kartik says Ishqi doesn’t need any permission. Sarla says this is the system, Suman control Ishqi right away. Kartik says get a remote to control her. Ahaan asks Kartik to stop it.

Sarla says its my problem also, we were waiting for Ishqi’s sake, we couldn’t have any celebrations today, this is the problem of every house, like the fire spreads, maybe Sonu changes her colour after seeing Ishqi. Ahaan says no, Sonu will never do this, I understand, I told you, girls should handle their family and not do any job after marriage, people say that girls can manage family and job, they are doing injustice, handling a family requires full devotion, we never put pressure on Sonu to work, she will become a good housewife, she will never do this, I assure you. Dadi says yes, Sonu never lost even a spoon. Kartik asks what’s the problem, anyone can make a mistake, why does it become an issue if girls do wrong, even Raj forgot to tell about dholwala. Raj says he is right. Dadi says guys have much burden, ladies should do kitchen work. Ahaan asks Kartik to stop it. Mayank says Ishqi, I would have sorted it out if you messaged me, see Sonu and Raj’s engagement got spoiled because of you. Suman says sorry Sarla. Ishqi says sorry aunty. Suman asks Ishqi and Mayank to come with her.

She says you should have called us, Ahaan’s family did a favor on us by giving us their house, we created this mess, you could have called Mayank. Kartik and Ahaan argue. He says you should have stopped Sarla. Ahaan says don’t instigate Sarla. Ishqi says I called Mayank to tell about the problem. Mayank says yes, she called, I spoke to doctor and went to get medicine for dad, I couldn’t focus, really sorry. Ishqi says its fine. Suman says call me if there is any problem, we are getting related, you don’t have to get scared of me, I want to become your friend. Ishqi hugs her and says very sorry.

Kartik says Sarla should apologize to Ishqi. Ahaan says you apologize to Sarla for Sonu’s sake. Kartik agrees. Dadi praises Sonu a lot. Sarla says stop Ishqi from coming here, she is a problem herself, ask Mayank to marry from some other house. Chacha says try to understand, Mayank is Ahaan’s childhood friend, Ahaan told Mayank, we can’t refuse to Mayank now. Sarla and Ginni leave.

Dadi says Sarla was right, Ishqi is a problem, I will ask Ahaan to tell Mayank to marry from other house. Chacha says we can’t tell Mayank. Ishqi says thanks. Ahaan says say sorry to Suman. Ishqi says I have apologized to her. He says I thought its an emergency, you just thought for yourself, you didn’t think for family, but your job, you are so selfish. Ishqi asks where did you get the ring. He recalls the ring box. He says it doesn’t matter, Suman didn’t wish you to spend money on Mayank’s ring, so she had spent money, you know its a big deal, you didn’t value her gesture, she had to get embarrassed, argue with me now, say something. She says I can’t explain and you won’t understand, thanks. He says I did that for Mayank and Suman, and your Maasi, I didn’t wish her to get more ashamed, you have something to say in defence. She says sorry. He asks why are you like this, you don’t value any family, you are marrying from my house, my sister’s marriage is getting affected, if I was in Mayank’s place, then I would have broken the alliance, you are lucky to get a family like Suman and Mayank, you are selfish, you are doing this to do a man’s work, you want to be equal to a woman, but men and women are different, women are superior, those who handle their families, don’t do anything to affect Sonu’s happiness, else I won’t help you like today. She asks where did you get that ring. He says I pity your parents, disgusting. He goes.

Sonu collides with Sarla. She says I was looking for you to say bye. Sarla says bless you, don’t become like Ishqi. Kartik asks Sonu to be like Sarla. He praises Sarla and makes her happy. Sarla says find a funny girl for you. He says I came to say sorry and convince you, come I will drop you. Sonu asks Ahaan about Ishqi. Ahaan says she left. Sonu says I had to tell her that Mayank isn’t the right guy. Mayank looks on. Ishqi apologizes to her mum. Maasi comes and says you have heard so much today for my sake, you didn’t wish things to get wrong, don’t know how Ahaan got the ring so soon. Ishqi asks him not to worry. Sonu looks for Ishqi. She sees Mayank crying. He apologizes to her.

He says I don’t want to lose a good friend, forgive me, I promise I will work hard on my relation with Ishqi. She goes. He looks on. Ishqi thinks Ahaan helped me. Ahaan thinks I won’t let any problem come in Sonu’s marriage. Mayank thinks I promise I won’t let Sonu move on.

Ahaan asks about Ishqi’s parents. Maasi says they passed away. Ahaan makes Ishqi wear the engagement ring.

Update Credit to: Amena

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