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Imlie 9th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Aditya With Tauji And Pankaj Cooks For Family

Imlie 9th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Malini returns to Trapathi House and seeing lights off switches on mobile torch. Adi makes Imlie sit next to him and asks about her exam. She says she feels tensed thinking about it. He holds her hand and asks not to think about what is not in her hands and think about his amma and dadda. She shivers with is feeling. She says she is shivering even now. Malini walks towards her room thinking Adi’s problems are not bigger than her ove for him, so he has to discuss his problems with him. Nidhi sees her and says she should have been here yesterday itself. Imlie nervously tells Adi that she is feeling hot and needs water. He goes to brings water for her and asks not to think much as everything will be alright. Imlie leaves. Malini says everything will be alright. Adi noticing her thinks Imlie must have left before Malini entered. Imlie walks thinking why she feels so good with Adi’s touch, if she is having emotion sickness. Nidhi seeing her says she gave candles to keep in Adi’s room, so Imlie’s help is not needed. Imlie feels sad hearing that.

Adi confronts Malini for calling landline. Malini says she was worried for him, so she called landline. He says calling landline must not be her idea. She says what she could do when she is confused, so she took mom’s advice and insists him to speak to her and clear what is in his mind. He says let us talk tomorrow and sleeps ignoring her. She thinks she needs to clear all the differences somehow.

Imlie prays god with loud bell disturbing Tauji and whole family. Rupal informs Taiji and Aparna that Imlie’s exam results are at 4 a.m., so she is praying loudly and not letting anyone sleep. Whole family gathers. Imlie’s drama continues and she asks everyone to pray for her eesults. Tauji says some dumb person must have taught her, so she is not confident. Adi hopes Imlie gets good marks as he taught her. Imlie blames Tauji’s teaching and says if she gets less marks, he would be responsible. Everyone laugh hearing her and ask to continue her pooja. Nishant asks not to chant loudly. Imlie agrees and her drama continues with loud bell and shank. Family support her while Adi clicks her pics. Malini walks to him and asks to join them. He asks to go and enjoy family drama. She thinks he didn’t show any pic.

After pooja, Taiji says let us have food and asks Imlie’s favorite food. Imlie says kadhi chawal. Tauji says he and Pankaj are expert in preparing kadhi chawal and asks children how was kadhi chawal 15 years ago. They start joking how spicy it was. Adi says he wil hlep Pankaj and Tauji in kitchen. Tauji says he doens’t need anyone’s help and walks into kitchen with Pankaj and Adi. Family drama continues.

Satyakam returns to Mithi and Prakash to receive Imlie’s exam results. Mithi says she alone will alone. Satyakam says he will be supporting Imlie always. Mithi says Imlie could study because of his support. Satyakam gives credit to Adi.

Adi with Tauji and Pankaj serves kadhi chawal to family. Aparna says its too spicy. Pankaj and Tauji blame Adi and ask him to do reporting and not cooking. Adi apologizes and says he must have done a mistake.

Precap: Malini finds he sindhoor box mixing. Adi applies sindhoor in Imlie’s hairline. Malini sees Imlie’s hairline and asks who applied sindhoor to her.

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