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“Forgiven?”: #RIANSH OS!! by DrSoniaMathews

This OS is on suggestion of my reader PrithviJois. So this OS starts from the party function as in IMMJ, there are slight changes, like dadi and Siya are still in VR Mansion and nobody knew about Riansh’s plan to escape to london!

Riddhima’s POV

I got ready for my last party as Riddhima Vansh RaiSinghania! I descended the stairs and saw my family members standing there. Family!! I was an orphan, but I thought I will get some kind of love from others, and I fell for Kabir. Madly in his love, I didn’t knew that I was just his pawn to trap Vansh. And when I got to know it was already late, Vansh entered as Vihaan and started taking revenge from me, considering me his real enemy and thus plotted with Ahana. But finally, after Siya woke, everything came to normal! But then Ishani’s miscarriage and my pregnancy spoilt everything. Ishani drifted apart from his brother. And not only this they all tried to kill my unborn child. How low they can stoop!! Is this the family? If it is called family, then I was better to be orphan..

I reached the hall and saw the family members. Aaryan and chachi with their shrewd eyes were staring me. They had lost their guardian still they had no regret. Then I saw Ishani! I never understand this woman! Always talking about class and all.. what does she thinks of herself? I understand that she suffered her child loss, but that doesn’t explains her behaviour with others. Always taunting me, always making plans to kill me, and now my child too. Seriously! How could a mother think to kill other’s child. And now she is blaming me and Vansh for her loss! Ridiculous! What not Vansh has done for her, always pampering her, always following her demands, always caring her, he even take blame of my parents murder on him which actually was done by her! But no, she had to listen to her so-called new ‘brothers’ Aaryan and Kabir! Yes I know from the beginning itself, that they were the one who was brainwashing her. But still can’t she use her mind! No she didn’t even had one! If she had, then she won’t treat Angre like this.

Seriously, this man, Angre.. what not he had done for Ishani, but she always taunts him, made him feel low.. arrey, he had even accepted her illegitimate child, but no this spoilt brat needs a dirt as her husband not this gem!

I saw Dadi and Siya waving me. I smiled. Only they were the one who always understands me and take care of me, i hugged them and kissed them.

Then It was time to execute our last plan of this baazi!! Me and Vansh were on the centre of stage, dancing when suddenly chandelier started falling and fog appeared.


Siya’s POV

I saw Bhabhi and Bhai dancing together in centre. I was very happy for them, after crossing so many hurdles they are together. God always bless them! Then suddenly fog started coming and we were unable to see anything, and a loud sound of glass was heard. I panicked..

After some minutes the fog disappeared and we saw chandelier fallen over Bhai and Bhabhi’s body. We all ran towards them, only to saw blood all around, Bhai and Bhabhi’s face was not visible due to blood. Pieces of chandelier were studded on their faces and bodies making us unable to recognize their face, but we all knew they were them only, due to their attire!

We made their way to hospital, from where we got to know that we had lost them!

No! No! No!! we can’t lost them..no i was miserable.. Dadi was crying beside me bitterly, all could I see was bhai. I just wanted to spend some time with him but god had taken this chance also from me.. for months I was in coma.. and I when I wake, he died..

No..he can’t die.. No… I screamed.

Later, we did last rites of Bhai and Bhabhi. Whole family was in tears. Dadi and I were miserable. Angre jiju supported us.

It has been a month after Bhai and Bhabhi’s demise. Everything is changed here. Angre and Aaryan had took the responsibility of business, while Ishani was now matured. I wish Bhai could see her mature version! I miss them a lot. But we had started living without them…

Our whole family is now perfect, it’s seems like bhai and bhabhi’s absence had made them matured. Even Kabir is thrown out of the house. We got the CCTV footage when Kabir plotted all this with Anupriya Mom and blackmailed Bhabhi.. Seeing her electrotuting near the poolside, made Ishani more guilt stricken. She is now changed. And Aaryan and Chachi had also asked for apology for their deeds to everyone. Now finally, everything is under control, but still we all are guilty for our behaviour with bhabhi.

We all are going to London for a vacation.. So that we can overcome our guilt..


A car enters inside a hotel. A woman is seen coming out of a car.

” Good Morning Mam!”, a guard wished her.

“Good Morning Uncle!”, woman wished.

Guard took the keys of car and parked it to the ‘staff parking’ lot. Scene shifts towards woman.

Woman enters inside staff area and came out wearing a chef coat. Name is seen on the coat “Shefali Malhotra”.

Shefali’s POV

I entered the kitchen area and wished other chefs. Just then someone came from behind and closed my eyes from her fingers.

I knew who she was!

“Sana!”, I shouted.

“Shefali!”, she laughed.

We hugged each other and starting chatting.. When I came to this place, I was very nervous. I had my husband’s support but still being new in this profession I need someone’s guidance.

Sana guided me and helped me a lot.. And we become best friends!!

” Where is Aayansh?”, she asked.

“He must be in the hotel wing, no! Yesterday when he came he told me he had to made arrangements for some special guests..”, i spoke.

“Oh probably some special guests are coming here!”, she exclaimed.

I nodded simply.

“Attention Chefs!”, a voice was heard.

I know whose voice was this I turned towards the direction and saw a tall man standing there, wearing official dress. He winked me, and I frowned at him.

Obviously, it’s a public place.. It’s not a place to romance.. He is my husband Aayansh Malhotra.

“Chefs, we are here to welcome our special guests. We can expect them till noon. Now you all had to make special dishes for them, here is the menu and follow them.. and yeah you have to follow the orders of your commander chef.. and the commander chef is..”, before he could continue.

” Obviously your dear wifey, Shefali!”, everyone screamed.

“Yes!”, he winked and stormed outside.

I stood there blushing.. It’s actually now daily routine. He always made me embarrass here. Everyone knows that we are married, but this doesn’t mean he will do these things.. he actually flirts with me in front of all.. and now due to his extra care, everyone here got to know that I am two months pregnant!! And now they all are making me embarrass like hell!!

” Chef Shefali, you better rest, otherwise your hubby will made us cry tears of blood!”, one chef spoke.

I smiled and continue my work. We had already started making the dishes as per the menu. And now the restaurant was also full of customers, but we were waiting for our special guests, who were going to stay in the hotel for about a month.

Just then we heard sounds of brakes and tyres, and we got to know they are here! We waited for them for a long time, when waiter came with their order.

We gave him our already prepared dish and he served them. A minute later, a waiter came inside asking for me to come.

” Mam, the special guests are asking for the main chef!”, he spoke.

I was actually feeling nausea and was unwell, so I asked Sana to meet them. She went but then didn’t arrive for some time, I was worried so I thought of going there.

I came out of kitchen and headed to the cabin where those guests were having lunch. I entered and saw Sana standing there smiling at a lady.

Just then I heard a voice which actually scared the hell out of me..

“Riddhima!!”, a known voice of a lady shouted.

I turn around to see a little girl in tears. I held her and she instantly hugged me.

” What happen child?”, i asked the girl.

“I fell from this chair”, she spoke in tears.

Just then a lady rushed and hugged the girl tightly, i couldn’t see her face, but her presence made me remember something. I turned around and Sana took me out with her. I looked back at the girl, and saw the lady hugging her.

“Ishani!”, i whispered.

I rushed from there and went inside the washroom leaving Sana puzzled. I was unable to believe what I saw. When I heard someone shouting my name..i mean Riddhima.. I thought she reffered to me but then I saw the girl..probably her name was Riddhima. But Ishani? What is she doing here?

I came out of the washroom only to see Sana engrossed in talking with a man. I couldn’t see his face. I went near him and then suddenly.. someone grabbed my hand and the next thing I knew was that I was pinned to a wall..

“Vansh!”, i spoke shockingly!

“How many times, How many times Riddhima I have to say this.. I am not Vansh anymore.. I am Aayansh!! We had left our previous life and we can’t ruin our present life now!!”, he spoke angrily.

” Aayansh, I saw.. I saw..”, i was unable to speak further.

“Ishani!”, he completed.

I nodded in fear.

“Ridd.. um. Shefali, the special guests are none other than RaiSinghanias!”, he spoke stammering.

“What?”, i was horror stricken.

He nodded.

I know how he felt now.. From past one month we had struggled in London… We came here as Shefali and Aayansh Malhotra and started working in this hotel. I started taking chef classes and he became manager in hospitality staff of hotel. I know how difficult it was for him to do that work.. afterall he was a mafia! The person on whose one order everyone were ready to die, that same person had to follow the orders of guests. I know how short tempered he was, but still from past month he hadn’t even argued once. He had altered his personality to such extent only because of his family! for me and for our child! He loved his dadi and siya, but he didn’t love Ishani and Aaryan but never hated them. He could never forgive them for what they had done to me, but still he couldn’t hate him.. and I know how badly he misses them.

And now suddenly, all of them have arrived here, in front of him.. it will be very difficult for him to control his emotions..But I had to handle him..I had to support him.. and I will!

I hugged him tightly.

Aayansh’s POV

Riddhima(shefali) hugged me tightly. I couldn’t control my tears at that warm hug. All this has happened because of me.. I behaved like a jerk! Had I known the reality of Anupriya Mom, had I known that Riddhima was innocent, had I abandoned my illegal dealings, then nothing of that sort would had happen with her..

I am responsible for miscarriage of my sister, I am responsible for condition of Siya, I am responsible for spoilt behaviour of Aaryan, I am responsible for everything.. Had I taught my family values and morals, my wife’s life would never be at stake.. All this happened because of me.. and then when I decided to drop off all my belongings for my wife, when I decided to end my career..for which I had spent my whole life..then only they have to come here? I had abandoned them then why are they here? What else they want from us? They have got property for which they craved na.. so why are they again here to pester my child and my wife? I hate them!! And will never forgive them for what they did with Riddhima.

All these years she had supported me, from past year she had endured everything for me..Now when it is my turn to return it back..to tolerate everything for her..then at this moment they came! Why? Why can’t they let us live peacefully?

I cried harder. Shefali carressed my hairs. Her one action calms me.. I love her immensely, and now I can’t afford to loose her..No matter what will happen, I will never hurt her, nor will let anyone hurt her…

Suddenly I heard someone’s voice. I seperated from Shefali and wiped my tears. I turned back

“Romancing here? can’t you wait for an hour?”, spoke Sana mischievously.

Oh my!! I really want to kill this woman.. always sticking with my wife like glue stick, and when I try to come close she come up with this mischievous smile.. Sometimes I feel like she is jealous of me.. like seriously..is she lesbian?

“Shut up Sana!”, Shefali spoke while rolling her eyes.

“By the way I saw you talking with some guy there!”, shefali spoke curiously.

I rolled my eyes at her reply, is she interested in someone else.. I am really gonna kill this guy!

“Arrey, no one..just a hot chic special guest..I guess his name was Aaryan RaiSinghania!”, Sana said.

Shefali coughed and I looked in her eyes. I could see how terrified she was. It means the whole RaiSinghanias are there. but no worries I am no more their family.. I am Malthotra , husband and father of my wife and child.. just this!!

Next day..

We came to Hotel. I went at hotel wing while Shefali went towards restaurant wing. I had been given the responsibility of RaiSinghanias.. and this was actually a very tedious task.. without coming in front of them, I had to made them comfortable here.

Just then I went to restaurant wing as I got to know they are enjoying their breakfast there. As soon as I arrived there, I saw a man holding knife and he hostaged a little girl. Putting knife on his neck he started demanding money from RaiSinghanias. I didn’t have any idea about this girl. But all I could see was tension on the faces of everyone, especially Ishani. She had tears in her eyes.

Though I hate her, but I can’t see tears in her eyes. I need to save her, but before I could do anything Shefali kicked the man and dragged the girl towards her. Then I came into action and punched the man. He held knife and suddenly went near Ishani and held her neck.

Now everyone had seen us. All of them were shocked, but I was worried for my sister. I kicked him again, and started beating him very hard.

“How dare you! How dare you touch my sister! I will burn you alive here!”, I shouted madly in rage.

Now police has arrived and the man was taken. Shefali , me and the girl were standing puzzled there and everyone were gawking us!

“Riddhima!”, Dadi shouted.

But before Shefali could reach towards Dadi, the little girl rushed towards her and hugged her.

“Badi nani!”, she spoke weeping.

Then she went towards Ishani who was still staring us. The girl hugged her.

“Mumma! I was so much scared!”, she spoke..

Mumma? Ishani had a child!

“Shhh.. Riddhima.. beta shh.. your papa is here right calm down..nothing will happen to you.”, Angre calmed her.

Riddhima? This girl is Riddhima?

Just then Shefali lied unconscious. I ran towards her, but before I could do anything Aaryan held her and made her lie on sofa.

“Bhabhi!”, Aaryan and Ishani shouted.

Siya ran and brought water. While Angre held my shoulder. Siya pour some drops of water over her. She opened her eyes. And I could see pain and love in her eyes. Though she was hurted by this family, but today I could easily see so much love in her eyes towards them. I know my Shefali always loves family..

Siya hugged her and they both cried like long lost sisters. Gradually everyone hugged her and then hugged me.. I was not expecting this. I thought they would question us that why we did drama of our death but here they are hugging us!

“Bhabhi I am so sorry! Bhabhi after you both left I was so much ashamed of myself, I got to know the whole truth we sent Kabir to jail. Bhabi I know sorry can’t mend our relation but I want to pacify myself.. otherwise I will die of my guilt..”, Ishani cried.

Then she came towards me and fall on my feet..“Bhai! I am really sorry!! I didn’t believe you..the one who had done a lot for me.. but I was never obliged to you.. I am so sorry Bhai.. I am worst sister.. You know after you both left us, I can’t live in pain.. We were missing you both a lot Bhai!! I was so miserable.. I always went to temple to pray for you.. that’s when we got a baby their.. and we named her Riddhima.. we thought god had returned our Bhabhi in form of my child!! I am so sorry Bhai! So sorry Bhabhi!”, she cried hugging my legs.

Though I was furious at her but I can’t see her in this condition. My heart was melting, but one side of heart was reminding her deeds which she had done with my wife..

Shefali stood up hugged Ishani. She then kissed Riddhima and hugged her too. Aaryan came in front of her with joining hands.. but before he could speak anything she hugged him too.. and next one was chachi!

I couldn’t believe my eyes.. how could she? how could she forgive them? they had n number of times tried to kill her, but still.. is she so pure? is she so fond of family? does she love my family that much? I felt my eyes moistened and then I saw a little figure tapping my knees.

It was Riddhima! I held her in my arms, and she wiped my tears.. Indeed she was Riddhima!!

Angre hugged me and then we got to know that they never believed we died. They got to know that the dead body was of someone else and they were searching for us all over. That’s when they found us in London!! And they all arrived here to take us to our home.

We returned VR Mansion but as Shefali and Aayansh Malhotra.. because Vansh and Riddhima were dead.. And now I never wanted to be Vansh.. and when Vansh is not there then how come Riddhima be there?

No family is perfect..

we argue,

we fight.

we even stop talking to each other.

But at the end:

A family is FAMILY!! the love will always be there. what say?


How was it?? You know what I feel..I myself was very satisfied after writing this.. and I was very proud of myself after writing it!.. Please let me know your views.. I had done very much effort for writing it..

thank you so much for your lovely comments on previous OS!!

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