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For you and with you (Episode 12)

Episode starts with Vansh reaching bus stop with Angre.He gets down and starts searching all around.They see some houses far .They rush to them.They enquire about Riddhima.A man tells to vansh that he saw her today at morning and she got late and her bus got missed so she moved to next bus stop that is near forest.Vansh and nagre rushed there.On the way Vansh stopped the car.He got down and saw some bike tyres mark and some foot prints.
Angre: Vansh ,whathappen?
Vansh: Angre…I think…I think that something happened with Riddhima before reaching the next busstop.I think…she might have been taken far from locality area and towards the forest.
Angre: But vansh..its the most dense forest of the state,I have heard that all the trees inside are of same type and once you get in it becomes impossible to find the way out..
vansh sees Angre.Vansh’s face was filled with blank expressions, he had no idea about what he should do ,where he should go,it was just that he have to find Riddhima at any cost.
Vansh:Angre..I am going inside the jungle from here,you go to next bus stop and enquire about her.
Angre: No Vansh..I can not leave you here alone ,after all its my duty to be with you..
Vansh shouted Angre.
Vansh: Try to understand the situation Angre..once I get in I will need navigations which only you can from outside,and…Angre…you are also my responsibility.After all you are my sister’s husband..if anything happen to you due to me ,I would never be able to face Ishani….
Angre; But vansh..
Vansh made him quiet and left.
Vansh got in forest.. he was screaming Riddhima..but all he could hear is his voice back.It was getting dark…and due to forest it was already dark.He used his mobile’s torch to find the way…He wanderedd from here to there for an hour.
On the other hand now Riddhima was hardly opening her eyes.She had told herself again and again that even if you eyes diie today ,you have to keep them open,you have to be sure Riddhima that till anyone doesn’t come to save you ,you don’t close your eyes.You have to be sure that those goons doesn’t reach you,and this can only be done when you will keep your eys open.All other body parts seemed to be dead in her.There was no flow she could feel.Suddenly it seemed that another body part got lived,it was her ears.She hear Vansh’s scream.Then her lips seemed to be alived,she smiled hardly,new life came to her.”But how will I reach him? My legs..she tried to move but in vain..she couldn’t..she tried to speak but in vain..her lips and mouth…everythink was just dry now.She had no power.”
On the other hand Vansh had got a lot of bruises on his face,due to twigs of forest..he had fallen thrice or more,but he hadn’t care about anything.All he needed was Riddhima.
Riddhima then remembered her late father.
She then opened her eyes,and with full power…she screamed” Vanshhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”………
She lifted her hand which had two bangles in it and striked that with tree to make the voice,and as it reached Vansh’s ears,he got the feeling to die over that voice,he ran with full speed to that voice and used torch to see here and there.He became silent for a moment,as when we reach the goal then even a second delay seems to be like death.So was the situation for Vansh…he was screaming her name,crying ,shouting ,falling…then closed his eyes.And tried to feel her.
Ishq me marjavan played.
He opened his eyes and turned…what he saw was perhaps the person he would give up his life too.

Riddhima’s eyes..which she were hardly opening..which seemed to be dying ..they glared..Vansh rushed to her and fall…Riddhima smiled ..her dried eyes became wet..she gave her hand’s fingers hardly to Vansh.
Vansh was still.His happiness had no bounds.They looked at each other.Both eyes wet,tears in it,little smile on face…and a small laugh then.Riddhima took a deep breath and fainted.

Precap: Vansh lifted Riddhima and rushed to outside forest.

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