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Anuama FF – Will it be tough for Anu to adjust? Ep: 6

Recap:Anupama and Vanraj get hitched and Anupama’s new challenges at the Shah’s

Dadi:Arey Anu, such a great tea!! Even my bahu doesn’t make such a great tea.

Leela: Baa do you call this a nice tea?? It’s full of sugar and water its not a tea its something else.

Dadi: Leela, I know that you have spoiled your own tea. After all you are my bahu. Even I have done the same with you.So don’t put the blame on Anu.

Hashmukh: That day was a terrible day!She broke 3-4 cups that day and I had to clean it.

Leela: I didn’t break any of the cups.Stop exaggerating

(Dadi takes a worried Anupama to the kitchen)

Dadi:Anu, don’t change your normal behavior for anyone.Just live as you have lived for these many years.

Anupama:But dadi,baa won’t like it!!
Dadi: She will like it gradually!!It’s nothing but her fear of losing her son.
Anupama:Hope so!!

Vanraj: Come with me we will go out.

Anupama(excited): Yes I will change and come.(Leela hears this and plans to cancel it)

Leela: Vanraj,I have to go the hospital I am suffering from knee pain

Vanraj: But.. I am taking Anu out! I will arrange a cab!

Leela: Cab will take time to reach here .Please take Vanraj!

Anupama(hearing this): You can take baa to the hospital,we will go out afterwards.

Vanraj: Ok…Maa get inside the car, we will go.

Dadi( to herself): I was much better than Leela.(sighs and go)

Leela: Betta, where were you going?

Vanraj: To the temple.

Leela: Did Anu say that she wanted to go?

Vanraj: No. I wanted to take her out. That’s it

Leela: Temple is not a place to visit for  picnic

Vanraj: Maa we were not going for a picnic. Please stop it.

Leela(crying):Now you only love Anu and not your Maa.

Vanraj: Don’t say like that Maa. I respect both of you equally.

Leela: No,I don’t feel so!

Vanraj: Let’s stop this.

Leela: Okk,okk.

They get down and see the doctor.Doctor says she is absolutely fine and the pain will go after few days.Vanraj understands what the problem is!

They get back home.

Anupama: What did the doctor say?

Vanraj: He said she is absolutely fine and nothing to worry.

Anupama: Thank God!

Leela: Why are you thanking god now? I didn’t go to the hospital for a surgery.I went for a general check-up

Vanraj and Hashmukh signs Anupama not to argue with Leela. Anu goes inside and Leela sits in the swing with her binoculars spying at Anupama’s work to find faults.

Dadi: Leela stop spying on Anu.She is such a nice girl. She won’t snatch your son from you.

Leela: She may. She is poisonous.

Hashmukh: Leela,she is not as poisonous as you are.

Leela: Baa, look she even snatched my husband from me.

Dadi: yes, you are right. Ok?? Can you please keep quiet for a while?

Leela: Okk! No one cares for me here.

Everyone ignores her and leave. Vanraj goes inside the kitchen and have a romantic moment with Anu.

The scene shifts to a park.There Kavya and Devika are rewinding their memories with Anu.

Devika:Do you remember while we were in the 2nd grade we met a small girl who came to us and asked whether we would be her friends?

Kavya: Haa! I still remember Kantha aunty asking to take care of her and leaving her with us.

Devika: Now she is married! I can’t believe it…

Kavya: Can you imagine a girl who rules every boy of our class with her smartness is now ruled by a man. I don’t know why do men over rule women. There are some oversmart pigs who are very arrogant and can’t accept their mistake.They think that they are very brave and intelligent but are actually a big zero. Why am I insulting ” a big zero” like this. At a point even zero has value but he is a big useless.

Devika: Who are you talking about?

Kavya: That idiot Vanraj jiju’s friend,Anirudh.

Devika: Why are you always thinking about him?

Kavya: He is such a useless. He spoiled my favorite gown and he didn’t even say a sorry.

Devika: Come let’s go and ask him for a sorry.(Mocking her)

Kavya: No need. If he wants to say sorry he will come to me and say.I won’t go to him

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