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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 9th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Family dinner turns into a disaster

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 9th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Naina is preparing food when Sameer asks her what she will serve the food in. She points at the crockery. He checks them. They are alike. Throw the 5 glasses when everyone leaves. She refuses. They are an expensive set. He speaks of insult. She reminds him of how they decided to live life on their terms. He tells her that they can do anything when it’s just them. don’t let me get insulted in front of anyone else. He finds the cloth dirty. She suggests going on shopping tomorrow. If that cloth isn’t clean then so aren’t yours!

Everyone is seated for dinner. Mama ji asks Anand what’s the toughest thing in life is – to earn money. The easier thing is also to earn money. It is easy for the one who knows but difficult for the one who cannot. Poonam is happy seeing Dal Bati

as it is Mama ji’s favourite. Naina serves it to everyone.

Voiceover – Naina / Sameer:
We had heard that gold shines when it is heated but Bati becomes stone if you heat it more than required.

Naina tries breaking Bati but in vain. That Bati / stone hits Mama ji on his head. Everyone rushes to Mama ji’s side as he winces in pain. Mama ji asks Naina if it is Bati or stone. Sameer glares at Naina. Bela tries breaking it too but it does not break. Mama ji and Bela question Naina on the food. Mama ji tells Bela not to scold Naina. You can do that once we leave. You must be staying here overnight anyways. He tells Sameer that he should have told his wife to make something she knows well. Sameer says I did ask her. She said she knows how to make it. Mama ji taunts them again with a song this time. Naina admits that it might be because of OTG. Devang tells her to bring ice. Mama ji asks for towel. Naina guides him but then recalls how they stuffed the clothes in the cupboard a while ago. She tries to stop him but he insists upon bringing it himself. Anand also stops Naina. Mama ji advises Mama ji to take the towel from bathroom but he insists upon taking it from the cupboard. The clothes and food fall over him as soon as he opens the cupboard. Everyone comes running there hearing the commotion. Mama ji gets another chance to taunt Sameer and Anand. Sameer couldn’t see even one crease on his clothes when he was with us but now he does not seem to care. Bela reprimands Naina for keeping stuff in her cupboard like this. Have I ever let you do this? Mama ji wants to go to love garden to eat something. Bela says Naina will cook something. Mama ji touches his head. Bela offers to help Naina. Anand also requests Mama ji who gives in finally.

Everyone heads downstairs except Naina and Sameer. He stares at her but she avoids his eyes and heads downstairs.

Bela scolds Naina while they are cooking. You got such a good guy and a good house. Naina says they were supposed to come tomorrow. Bela says what Sameer will think. Naina says he wont think anything. He said that we will live in this house as we wish. We were with friends today or this wouldn’t have happened. Mama ji calls out to Sameer. Naina and Bela rush outside. They all look at the dirty utensils. Mama ji says Sameer has made me so happy today. Your cleanliness is commendable. He asks Poonam if they believe it is same Sameer who used to clean the plate twice before eating in it. What has happened to you Sameer? You should love your wife but you shouldn’t love someone blindly. Devang taunts Naina and her family. He questions Sameer if this is what he was praising Naina for. I would have taken care of Poonam in a second if she had done something like this. Mama ji tells him to let it be. He isn’t our Sameer. He cannot say anything in front of his wife. He requests Poonam to clean the utensils. She nods. Bela stops Poonam. I will wash them. Mama ji tells them not to do penitence for their DIL. She is our DIL. We will bear it. He makes Poonam wash the utensils.

Anand looks away upset. Mama ji apologizes to him for saying too much. It hurts to see Sameer this way. We have raised him with a standard but we dint know he will yearn for it after his marriage. My Kaku Sa’s soul must be unhappy today. I can bet that Sameer wont be able to eat anything for the next 2 days. He asks Sameer if he has witnessed this in his house till date. Sameer keeps quiet. Mama ji says it is good that Naina’s family saw this themselves. They wouldn’t have believed me if I had told them this. They must be 4-5 days old. Poonam hurts herself. They make her dip her finger in water. She assures them that everything is fine. Bela asks Naina if she has anything to say now. Naina rpelies that Kanji dint come since 2 days. Sameer asks her if they wouldn’t live their life if Kanji wont come for 4 more days. You could have washed them yourself. She recalls his words. Sameer keeps scolding her. You could have added water in it if you dint want to clean them. you could have asked Mama ji to come some other day if you weren’t prepared. I wouldn’t have been insulted then! Poonam Bhabhi came here to eat food and is washing utensils now. What a great welcome she got!

Voiceover – Sameer:
Many times you see a dream and when you wake up, you wonder if it was indeed a dream or reality. That day, we saw the reality of being immature when that dream broke. You must have seen that we take out our irritation in the form of anger at someone else when we cannot control the situation. I did the same with Naina that day! I was such a fool!

Naina and Sameer bid adieu to their guests. Naina closes the door angrily as soon as they are gone. Sameer asks her who she is showing this anger to and for what. She refuses to talk to him. They argue on the stairs. They both remind each other of their promises. She said I did whatever I could in the past 2 hours. You wouldn’t have seen it. It was your turn to clean the house today. You couldn’t tell this to them? You could have helped me clean the house and utensils. He says you could have told me to arrange someone else in place of Kanji but you dint tell me. Even I could have washed them! Poonam Bhabhi sadly came for dinner but she had to wash the dirty utensils! She tells him that he thinks and speaks bitter only. He replies that he does not insult her in front of her family. She retorts that she does not taunt him in front of his family. They head in separate directions.

Naina lies down but is disturbed. Sameer paces unhappily downstairs and lies down on the sofa. They both keep shifting in their place. Sameer comes to his room and looks at Naina. He takes something from the cupboard, stares at her pointedly and then leaves. Naina does not react.

Precap: I don’t have many tantrums. I can manage with bread and milk. He taunts that it is because she wont have to took then. She refuses to stay with him. On the other hand, Mama ji tells his son that they were told by Pundit ji that this wedding wont last for more than 6 months. Naina packs her bags and heads downstairs. Sameer follows her.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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