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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Puru misbehaves with Naira

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naira saying Samarth and Gayu want a simple ceremony. Dadi scolds her and asks her to do what she wants. Naira says I didn’t mean that. Dadi says don’t interrupt when I m talking. Rama stops Naira. She says it will happen as you want. Dadi thanks her and says we shall leave now. They leave. Naira asks Rama why are you hurrying things, Gayu will decide for herself. Devyaani says we understand your situation, but think of Gayu, she is ready to marry Samarth. Rama says I just want Gayu’s happiness. Kirti says we want the same but… Gayu says its okay. Naira takes Gayu and asks why are you surrendering on everything. Gayu says relax, nothing will change now, Vivaan won’t come back, I can take this decision for his coming child, trust me I m happy. Naira

says you are lying to me and yourself. Gayu says I do care for myself. She goes. Naira says something is wrong. Kartik says Ila has chosen a complicated project.

Puru says that’s why we have chosen you. Kartik says don’t praise me much, I m giving my best, we will incur many losses if this doesn’t work out. Puru says no risk, no gain, we trust your abilities, I will manage everything. Naira comes home with Dadi, Ila and Surekha. She thinks Puru is so positive, I misunderstood him. Dadi says everything went well, I m thinking to buy jewellery, what’s this. Puru says its our new project, I wanted to do with Anmol, its a big opportunity, Mansi isn’t listening. Dadi says let it be, Anmol is doing well in his business, they are happy. He says we can’t let Mansi take wrong decision, its fine if you don’t want to talk, I will talk to her. Mansi looks on and recalls. FB shows Puru coming to Mansi and scaring her.

Dadi says we have to visit the shop today. Surekha says I m ready. Akhilesh says we will drop you. Naira says I have to take Gayu to the doctor. Kartik says Naira and I will stay back, I will do my work, Naira has to make special dish for Puru mama. Puru asks Naira to make spicy yummy food. He asks Kartik to help Naira. He says I have an urgent meeting, else I would have helped Naira. Anmol goes to get Mansi. Kartik says Puru is so cute, I heard many things, that he had helped us in setting the company. He gets a call and says Naira I have to go.

She says sure. Dadi, Mansi and Anmol are on the way. Dadi asks Mansi to forget the past, and not make the matter a big issue. Anmol says yes, we rejected his offer, don’t be upset, we would have benefited if Mansi agreed. Naira talks to Gayu and asks her to take a cab and come to pick her. Puru comes home. Kartik waits for Mr. Bhatia. He calls Anmol and says I had a meeting with Bhatia, he didn’t come, can you inform me if he calls you. Mansi thinks Naira is alone at home. Naira turns and gets scared seeing Puru. She drops the bowl. He asks are you hurt. She says no, you came all of a sudden. He says yes, but that man didn’t come, I got a headache, so I came back home. She says I will make tea or lemonade for you. He says thanks, tea would be great. He says I will clean the glass pieces. She says I will do it, go and rest, I will get the tea. He says sorry, I m not able to rest, can you get my tea to my room. He goes.

Kartik says Naira would be waiting, Puru asked me not to come home until this work happens. Naira comes to his room. He says I was waiting for this. She drops the tea and screams. He holds her hand. She asks him to leave her hand. Kartik comes home and looks around. He calls out Naira. He says where did she go. Naira asks what are you doing. Kartik comes upstairs. Puru says shut up, stupid girl. Kartik looks on. She struggles to get her hand freed. Puru says look at this, a strange insect has bitten you, maybe it was poisonous. Kartik says Naira, your hand is bleeding. Puru says she is so careless, take her to doctor, maybe it was poisonous, hurry up. Kartik takes Naira, and says Gayu is reaching in 2 mins. Puru says a little insect saved her, but my desires will be fulfilled some day, until then I m playing the game of cat and mouse.

Kartik says its good Puru has sent us here, doctor said it could be poisonous, what happened. Gayu says you are worried for me right. Naira thinks I don’t know if I m thinking right or wrong, mama held my hand because of an insect, but I felt weird even before, everyone respects him, how do I prove this. Kartik says she won’t tell us anything, look at her Gayu. Naira says there is nothing. She thinks there are many things going on in my mind. Nurse says I know you both have to spend time even in hospital. Kartik says we are famous, nurse knows our love tale, she was with you at the time of your surgery. He jokes. He asks what’s going on, why are you worried. She says Puru mama told me about the insect. He says he is sharp and intelligent, many people are his fan, I m your fan. He tickles her. She laughs.

Naira says we must tell Dadi about your pregnancy. Naira tells Dadi. Dadi leaves from here.

Update Credit to: Amena

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