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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 9th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Karan gets shot

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 9th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Yug saying our plan worked. Raman says sorry to slap you. Ranbir says its okay, we also wanted to help you. Bala calls Raman and says good thing is, our plan worked, Karan called us, we should inform police. Mani says don’t worry, police will reach there on time. Raman gets Aaliya’s doctor’s call. He says Aaliya is fine now, we gave her medicines when she got a bit hyper. Doctor says you have to stop giving her that medicines, she can get hyper. Raman asks why didn’t you tell this before. He says I didn’t know the side effects, I just got to know this about it with Aaliya’s blood type. Raman says fine, thanks. He asks Mani to drive fast, Aaliya can get violent because of the medicines, we have to be there.

Karan comes to the goons and says I want that

new girl. Goon says there is no one here. Karan says I have much money, tell me how much you want. Manish asks who are you. Karan says I want the new girl, tell me, how much money you want. Karan’s phone rings. Manish says I have heard this ringtone before. He takes his phone. He says remove the glasses, you like to do a drama. He points gun at Karan. Goons catch Karan. Ruhi says please help me, you are also a woman. Lady says they are very dangerous people, they will kill me, I can’t help. Ruhi cries. Lady says that girl is ready. Goon asks her to make the other girl ready. Ruhi says save us Papa, Ishimaa, I hope they come soon, these people are disgusting.

Aaliya gets conscious and asks where are we. Ruhi says I will tell everything, calm down, I will go and distract them. Aaliya says no way, remove all this. She scolds the lady. She says Ruhi, we are going out of here. Ruhi asks Karan what are you doing here. Karan says sorry Ruhi, I came here to save you but… Manish shouts on them. Aaliya picks a bottle and hits on his hand. They all fight. Manish shoots Karan. Ruhi shouts Karan. Manish says I will kill everyone. Yug says Karan has sent the location. Inspector says don’t worry, trust me, I will save your daughter, Mr. Bhalla. Yug calls Karan. They hear ringtone and get in. They see the place messed up. Yug gets Karan’s phone. Raman says it means they have taken Ruhi, Aaliya and Karan too. He says don’t know where are they. He sees Manish and signs to them. Raman says he is Sahil’s man, I heard him, it means Aaliya has hit him, we should follow him, they are close. Ruhi says the blood isn’t stopping. She worries for Karan. Vishal gets a call and says I have to go home. Ranbir says I want to stay here until we get Ruhi and Aaliya. Manish says Sahil is angry.

Aaliya says ask him to come here and talk. He scolds Aaliya. Ruhi asks Aaliya not to be mad and stop arguing. She says I will come, don’t shoot anyone. Mani says Raman, lets wait for some time. Inspector says I called for more force. Yug says don’t know where is Karan. Manish asks Ruhi to come. Aaliya says get lost, she won’t go. Ruhi says look, I m coming. Karan says let them go, do whatever you want with me. Manish pushes him. Inspector asks Raman to wait. Everyone waits for Raman’s call. Simmi gets Ishita’s call. She asks what, you felt we are in trouble, so we are fine, don’t worry. Mihika and Mrs. Bhalla start acting. Simmi says I m going for a movie, I will talk later. Mrs. Bhalla says don’t know how she knows everything. Mihika says she loves her kids a lot, so she should know it. Simmi says I hope, she didn’t doubt on our drama. Ruhi screams. Karan gets hit and falls. Raman says its Karan and Ruhi’s voice, I m going in. Raman and everyone get in with police. They free Aaliya and Ruhi. Sahil asks Manish about Raman. Manish says everything is under control.

Sahil says Raman is smart, he is a successful business, don’t underestimate him, where is his wife. Manish says I will ask Bablu to find out. Manish asks Bablu to go upstairs and find Raman and Ishita. He says how can they stay idle, something is wrong. He knocks the door. Raman asks Ruhi to go in with Aaliya. They all hide. The goon opens the door and asks Manish to run. Manish runs. Ruhi says Karan is injured, we have to take him to hospital. Ranbir says Manish has fled. Raman says I know he works for Sahil, Sahil thinks one of us killed his sister. Inspector says if you give statement, we can arrest him, remember he is a don, it can get dangerous. Raman says I can do anything for my family. They leave. Raman says Aaliya and Ruhi are fine, be careful, Sahil’s men are keeping an eye on us. Bablu comes there to ask about Ishita. Simmi says she is unwell, she is resting, Mihika make a soup for her. She asks him to come later. He goes. She thinks this man looked strange. Mihika asks why did you lie. Simmi says Raman said Sahil left his man here to keep an eye on us, thank God Raman saved Ruhi and Aaliya, we have to be careful, Sahil will try to attack on us.

Sahil says Muskaan has harassed you, but she is alive. Raman asks what. Rohan says they have thrown me out, fool around with Ruhi and then throw her out of your life. Karan gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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