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Truth? or Lie? – Ragsan – Part 9

Hello all… let’s start this part

San: with sahil’s help.

All: wat?

San: yes. I had come to knew that from whomever I ask help, first they agree then later on they deny. So when I met Sahil he told he knew Ragini. And I was surely confirmed that after coming home he’ll also behave like others. So I fixed camera.


Sanskar hugged Sahil tightly.

Sahil: m not ragini.leav me.

When he had hugged Sanskar attached a small camera on his tie without his knowledge.

FB ends

San: through that camera I came to know all this. There’s no fault of Sahil. By seeing this my doubt became clear. To do these all things I needed time. But I also knew that someone has kept eye on me. So to distract her I behaved with kavita as she wanted. Now everything is clear.

Kav: if u can’t b mine then u can’t b of anyone else’s. Not ragini’s also. U did wrong by doing these all things. U put Ragini in danger.

San: stop nonsense and tel where’s Ragini?

Kav: I’ll never tell.

Sanskar tried to hold her but got sudden pain in head. He holds his head with both hands.

Kav: wat u thought, that u’ll do this all things and I won’t come to know? I got doubt when u accepted me easily. But I dint knew wat u were upto?. Just now the drink which u had, I had mixed powder in that. U won’t b in conscious state for few hours. U can’t catch me.

She runs from there. Everyone tried to follow her but seeing sanskar’s condition they moved to sanskar.


Sanskar opened his eyes and saw all in his room.

San: y no one of u followed her? We cud have found Ragini. I was very near to get Ragini but again I failed.

Lak: don’t wry Bhai. We will find her.

San: I can track her mob. I attached chip to her mob. She doesn’t know that. Laksh, call police. We will go with them. Then only she’ll tell truth.


Sanlak and police reached a place. There was a old home. They entered slowly. They saw kavita sitting and watching TV. She gets shocked seeing them.

Pol: u r under arrest ms.kavita. u have to come with us and tell where’s mrs,Ragini.

Kavita tried to run but cudnt as police surrounded her.

San: u r not having any option left. Tell fast.

Kav: never sanskar. Never. U have to live without Ragini. U’ll suffer. U hav to feel the pain of love which m feeling from years. U rejected me. So u won’t get ur love.

She takes knife kept nearby her and slits her throat.

San shouts: kavita no.

He ran towards her and holds her.

San: kavita get up. Pls get up and tell where’s Ragini. Kavita.

Pol: sir. She’s dead.

San: no she can’t die. She has to tell abt my Ragini.

Lak: Bhai. She’s no more. We will find Bhabhi.

Sanskar cried. Police took kavita’s body. Both sanlak reached home. All were waiting for them. Sanskar directly goes to his room without talking any one. Laksh signs them and tells them everything.

Sanskar closed his eyes.


San: Ragini wat r u doing? Y u folded my eyes.?

Rag: wait few mins. Ok now open it eyes.

Sanskar opened his eyes and saw Ragini wearing dress which is so small. It was not upto her knee also. It was backless.

Rag: did u like it?

San: awesome. I didn’t knew that my wife is this much pretty. Shall we go out?

Rag: wat? Outside? No no.

San: u weared such a hot dress and don’t want to go out?

Rag: I wore this only for u.

San: for me?

Rag shyly: u were telling that u like Hollywood movies most. So I thought to dress up like them.

San: oh. It means u copied Hollywood actress. Hmmm.. then I have to romance like Hollywood actress.

He moved towards her. She steps back.

San: y r u going back. U only wanted rite?

Rag: no, I just wore dress.

San stopped and says purposely.

San: ok then u don’t want me to kiss u.

Rag: no no. Not like that. U can…

She realised wat she said and blushed hard.

He moves close to her.

San: it means I got permission to kiss u. Rite?

She was stepping back blushing. She dint see back and both fell in bath tub. Both got wet.

Rag: sanskar get up.

San: (romantic way) no. Let’s stay like this.

Rag: we will catch cold.

San: no prob. We will take treatment. Let’s romance here. Let’s make this honeymoon memorable.

He sides her hair and leans on her. He took some water in his hand and put drop by drop on her face. Her breath was getting fast. He slowly untie her dress from back which had only one lace. She hugged him tightly closing eyes. He placed his lips on hers
They share a passionate kiss.

After two hours both seen on bed. Sanskar sneezes.

Ragini started laughing.

Rag: I had told u that we will catch cold. See so soon u started sneezing.

She also sneezes. Now sanskar started laughing.

San: now tell mrs.maheshwari. who catch cold so fast? I’ve tablets. Till evng we will get better.


Ragini comes in room with bags.

San: wher u had been? And y u were not recieving my call?

Rag: can’t u see? My hands r not free. M holding many bags. Come and help me.

Sanskar helped her in keeping bags.

San: Wats in this bag?

Rag: I did shopping.

San: again? But y dint u take me with u?

Rag: u were sleeping. I dint want to disturb ur sleep. So I thought to go alone.

San: this time u went alone. But in future wherever u go I’ll b with u. If u don’t call also I’ll come behind u.

FB ends.

San: sry Ragini. I cudnt come behind u. And m not with u when u needed me most. (Cryingly) where r u? The only way to reach u was Kavita, who was doing these all things. But she died. Now who will tell me where r u. God pls help me. M not getting any way. God pls help me. Give some clue to reach my Ragini. Now only u can help me.

He folds his hands looking towards up.

Somewhere far from that place in a room which is so dark a girl is tied with chains.

Girl: sanskar wher r u? Pls come and take me with u. It hurts very much here. I need u. Pls come soon.

That girl is Ragini.

Drop ur views sissy’s.

Love you all 😘😍😍😍

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