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Sitara 9th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Sitara and Viraj consummate their love

Sitara 9th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Arjun asks Yamini if she is happy now. I did what you wanted. She says you look really fresh. Why don’t you look tired? He pretends to be sleepy but she knows he is acting. Albeli has told me everything. You fooled her and ran out of the room? He affirms. She says we were about to get hold if everything but you lost that chance! Servant informs them that they are being called downstairs. Yamini goes downstairs.

Vrinda’s rajya-abhishek is going on. She accepts the royal sword from pundit ji. Rani Sa notices her wound but Vrinda dismisses it as nothing. The will echoes in the background. Vrinda’s sisters and Rani Sa congratulate Vrinda. Sitara hears the sound of a baby’s laughter. She looks around puzzled. Vrinda says I have a right on everything that is in the palace being the ruler of the palace

now. Pundit ji affirms. Vrinda challenges her right on Rani Sa’s necklace. Viraj tells her it belongs only to his mother. Vrinda asks for the necklace again. Viraj objects but she reminds him that she has a right on it being the queen of the palace. You have no option but to abide by my order. Pundit ji seconds her. Rani Sa hands over her necklace to Pundit ji shocking everyone. Vrinda gifts it to Yamini instead. Albeli makes Yamini wear it upon Vrinda’s request. Rani Sa looks on sadly. Arjun feels bad. Albeli whispers in Yamini’s ears that she can get everything only if her husband gives in to her wish. Vrinda again shows her right on the royal room. The sooner you clear it the better! Viraj shouts at her to stop. It is enough! Ma wont give you her room! He breaks stuff angrily. Ma wont give her room! He passes out mid sentence. Sitara holds him.

Sitara sits holding Viraj’s hand as Doc gives him injection. He tells her not to worry. He got stressed. He writes medicines for him. Sitara imagines Diya sitting in a corner but she disappears. Doc advises Sitara something and leaves. Sitara gets curious about Diya.

Vrinda tells her sisters that her plan is moving in the right direction. Surili is curious but Vrinda advises her to wait. She compliments the fragrance of a candle. Once our poison is added to it, it will become dangerous! She mixes her poison in the candle and wraps it with other candles. Ask servants to put this candle in every room. It must reach Sitara’s house. Albeli says it will happen when Sitara and Viraj will come close. They will fall asleep under its influence if they wont come close. Vrinda tells her they wont be able to escape from the smoke of these candles tonight. Her sisters go to implement her plan.

Rani Sa tells Vrinda she thought her to be a member of her family yet she insulted her in front of everyone. Vrinda acts nice in front of her. Forgive me if I hurt you. That wasn’t my intention. I want to save you. I have seen Yamini yearning for that necklace so I thought to give it to her before she does something that can hurt you. I could have gotten hold of that necklace if I wanted but I dint do that! I am doing it for your sake only. I want to take care of you, your family and this royal palace!

Viraj wakes up. He asks Sitara how he passed out. She shares that it was because of stress. Why do you get so angry? Take rest. You will be fine. She gives him medicines. Lights go off suddenly. She calls out for guards. Servant gives her candles as it will take some time to fix light. She lights the special candles and goes. Sitara gets influenced by its fragrance. Both Viraj and Sitara feel dizzy. He gets mesmerised looking at her and holds her from behind. They caress each other’s face as they turn towards each other. They consummate their marriage.

Next morning, Viraj winces in pain. He has turned blue. He calls out to Sitara who is shocked to see him thus. She recalls what happened last night and is stunned. We consummated our relationship last night which means my poison is inside him now! I wont let anything happen to you! He passes out on the floor in front of her.

Precap: Viraj picks a snake and lets the snake bite him on his tongue. Sitara is looking for Viraj. Viraj gets inflicted with the snake’s poison. His veins turn blue as well and he screams.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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