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Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 9th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Roop forces Himani to leave her job

Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 9th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Alter image says to Roop that if you got all these medals then Shamsher would be happy. Roop says I did everything for him, I destroyed love of my family members, I hurt them, I did wrong, I insulted my sisters. Alter image says that papa was so happy to dance with you. Roop says yes but I didnt like tears in Ishika’s eyes, what about my other family members? there is a limit to everything, I separated Jigna and Manish too, I didnt support Ishika when she needed me. Alter image says your father will die if you dont think about him, you have to stop him from drinking. One side is you, your family and otherside is your father and his dreams, go if you want but comeback and see your father’s deadbody. Roop says enough, I will do anything to save my father.


comes to Shamsher and says we will go to Himani’s party, just trust me.

All come to Himani’s party. Himanshu’s family welcomes them. People praise Himani. Himani thanks family for coming. Kamla goes with her. Jigna comes there too. Bua asks where is Dinesh? Jigna says he gave me permission. Bua says good.
Ishika is walking in party, she slips but Roop holds her. Piya plays, Ishika blushes and says I wanted to say that I really liked that you came and brought Shamsher here.

Himanshu thanks family for coming, he calls Ishika and says to guests that she will sing for us all. Himani asks her to sing for Roop. Ishika looks at Roop and singws moh moh ke dhaage. She takes his hand and dances with him. Jigna sadly looks at them and imagines herself and Manish. All clap for them. Himanshu brings cake for his brave wife, he says how are feeling? One man says he is true slave of his wife. Himanshu says its best to live a happily married life. Himani says I am proud that they gave me this job, I got this success because of my father only, I have seen him working hard and then Himanshu supported always. Himani says I have decided to not do field work, I will do office work only and be away from danger so I will give letter for transfer. All are shocked. Ishika asks why she is denying this award? Kamla asks her to not interfere in her personal matter. Himanshu asks Himani if she really wants to do it? She says yes.

Roop called reporter and gave him instructions. Reporter talked Himanshu’s mother and says dont you feel shame that your daughter in law got the medal and not your son? She called Kamla then. Kamla talked to Himani and said that you have to save your house now, I cant see you in pain, flashback ends. Roop says to Shamsher that this is for your happiness. Shamsher says I love you. Ishika thinks that how can you do this? Himani’s mother in law says that let her do office job is she wants, I want to become dadi fast. Shamsher asks Himani to handle house. All leave from there.

Scene 2
Ishika gets ready in nightie. Roop comes there and pulls her closer. Ishika moves away. Roop says I am impressed you didnt create any scene.

PRECAP- Reporter asks Himani if she i leaving the case? Himani says I am completely involved in this case.
Reporter says to Roop that Himani have to leave this case, he shows him money that Himani can get otherwise her life is in danger.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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