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Patiala Babes 9th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Babita’s Embarrassment

Patiala Babes 9th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Babita accompanies Amith and Shayna to her locality’s mela. After reaching there, Amith gives baby tinku to Babita and asks her to keep Tinku in a pram and follow them as he cannot stray away from Shayna for long. Babita asks them to go while she stands her and take care of Tinku. Amith insists. Shayna says let her stay here if she does not want to. Amith insists again and orders to follow them. Babita pulls Tinku’s pram behind them. Minnie with her friend reaches there. She gets angry seeing Preet and Kittu enjoying gola ice together. Preet taunts that someone is jealous of them. Mickey takes Minnie aside and suggests her to ignore Preet. Nayeem Bi meets her and shows her won juicer and wall clock from nearby stall. Minnie praises her talent. Nayeem offers her juicer and wall

clock. Minnie says she does not need them and says this mela is so nice, she is missing her Babes. Nayeem bi says she is busy in her work. Minnie boasts that her Babes is a governess and must be strict and commanding like governess in films. Babita continues pulling pram and stands embarrassed seeing Hanuman. Tinku starts crying and Babita does not hear him in her tension. Amith walks to her and yells if she cannot see baby crying, what kind of Aayah she is. Minnie notices them hearing his shouting and is shocked to see Babita as aayah. Amith continues yelling while Babita stands embarrassed. Shayna says it is okay and takes him along. Babita walks behind them. Khatri and his puppets see that and comment that mother and daughter were acting too much and very supergoistic, Babita took divorce so confidently, she should have compromised with her husband and returned to him, now she and her and her daughter have to beg for money soon. Minnie gets more emotional hearing that.

Lovely returns home crying. Sukhi asks what happened to her. Mita sees Lovely wearing her dress and asks why did she wear it without her permission. Lovely reverts back saying tailor did not stitch her dress and she did not prepare cup cakes for her. Ashok says it is okay. Mita says it is not about dress, how can she take it without her permission, she should have asked. Lovely yells that she boasts about loving this family, but she stole Ashok from Babita and because of her Babita and Minnie are in severe financial crisis, Babita is doing aayah’s job, she could not see their condition. Sukhi is shocked to hear that. Lovely continues blaming Mita and walks away crying.

Minnie sees Babita’s pram stuck and helps her. Friends asks why is she helping aayah, if she knows her. Minnie says she is her mother Babes and she is proud of her babes, any work is not small and she is sure her Babes will reach peak soon and will make her proud. She asks Hanuman if she is right. Hanuman says 100% right. Minnie continues encouraging Babita.

Shayna informs Amith that Babita is her friend’s bhabhi. Amith asks why did not she inform him first, if he should apologize her. Shayna says no need for that, he should just behave well with her. Amith walks to Babita and offers her tikki saying even she did not have anything since morning. Babita says she does not need it. Amith insists and says chef Rohan’s tikki is very famous. He orders tikki. Chef Rohan boasting about himself asks to download his app and rate his tikki as their rating will increase his popularity. Shayna asks Babita her ID. Babita says Patila Babes which she and her daughter created. Shayna creates ID and gives tikki to Babita. Minnie walks in and asking Babita what she is having tastes tikki and says it is too oily and untasty, Babita makes better tikki than this. She throws tikki and gives 1 rating in app. Chef Rohan is shocked to see that and asks who is Patiala Babes. Minnie raises hand. He asks why did she give 1 rating, it is an insult to him. She says she wanted to give 0 rating for his oily and tasteless tikki, her Babes prepares better tikki than him.l He challenges her to prove it then.

Precap: Chef Rohan announces that this mother and daughter insulted his aloo tikki which they all crave for, either they should prepare better tikki than him or apologize him.

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