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Nazar 9th April 2019 Written Episode: Mohana becomes witch again

Nazar 9th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Mohana glares at Adi and says when I put him in water then I will get my witch avatar back, she tries to attack him but someone captures her in net. Its mom and her son Karan.

Nishant tells Saanvi how he had put liquid in creature’s car which made a line and followed his car. Nishant says we can follow him.

Mohana asks who are you? leave me. Woman says I know you are a mermaid, you cant even run, she asks her to son grab her. Karan sees baby and says he is mermaid too. Woman says take him. Mohana grabs Adi with her braid and throws him water. Woman says she is not a mermaid? Mohana breaks net and glares at them. She says you are right. I am not a mermaid, I am a witch. Woman and Karan are shocked.

Mayank brings to Tara to a den, he says I know how important that locket

is but I cant do this with you, I cant see you in more pain. Nishant attacks him and asks him to stay away from Tara. Saanvi asks Tara to wake up. Nishant says now you will die. He attacks Mayank but he moves away and it hits Tara. She faints. Mayank holds her and pulls her closer. He glares at Nishant. Mayank makes Tara lie down, jane sanam plays.

Woman says to Mohana that its so great to see you, we never saw a witch before, we are sorry, we thought you are a mermaid. Mohana asks who are you? Woman says we are creature hunter. Karan says we left that, we sell creatures and earn. Mohana says you both are clever. She sees door knocking and asks them to do as she says.

Mayank glares at Nishant. Naman says he wont spare us, dont move ahead. Mayank attacks Nishant, he falls down. He throws Saanvi and Naman away and attacks Nishant, he makes him of ice and makes him vanish. He leaves. Naman and Saanvi tries to find Nishant and see him under mud.

Family hears noise in house and come to lounge. They see water tank missing. Piya says where is mermaid? Chitali says where did she go? Piya recalls water in Adi’s room and runs there. They find Adi missing and look around.

Scene 2
Mayank looks at Tara and tries to take out arrow from chest, he throws it away and sees her wound, he says what to do? he asks her to wake up.

Family looks around for Adi but dont find him. Vedsheree says where is he? They hear some water noise. Ansh runs to water.

Naman says I cant move this mud, Saanvi says think something. Naman we can wet this mud, we can put this mud on fire so ice around him will melt.

Karan leaves with his mother. They sit in car. Ansh hears car noise on microphone. Ansh says it means he is in building.

Naman puts grass around mud and burns it. Ice melts and mud becomes wet, they dig it and pulls Nishant out. Saanvi asks if he is fine? Naman says I will beat him so much. Nishant says he didnt kill me, he put ice around me so he could stop us.

PRECAP- Ansh runs and finds water tank in a car.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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