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Muskaan 9th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Kajal frames Manav

Muskaan 9th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Ronak telling the game rules to the people. He tells them that everyone will play in pairing, they will be blindfold and open the gift boxes. He announces Gayatri and Bua’s first pairing. Kajal says I will win, I won’t let anyone win, I will be paired with Muskaan. Ronak agrees and thinks she is doing as I wanted, she will come in my trap now. He blindfolds everyone. Kajal blindfolds Ronak and Hanumant as well. Ronak cheats to see Kajal.

Kajal thinks now it will be fun. Ronak and Hanumant remove the blindfold and go. The man sees the joker Puneet tied up. He informs the police and says someone has taken the joker costume, something is wrong. Inspector agrees. Ronak gets Hanumant in Muskaan’s get up. He catches Muskaan and takes her away. He says its me, just be quiet

and see. Kajal gets the knife to stab. Muskaan gets shocked. Someone enters the party in hood. He wears the joker’s disguise. Kajal thinks I won’t let anyone doubt on me. Hanumant picks the knife. The joker runs to kill Kajal. Shantanu comes there and shoots the joker. Everyone gets shocked and removes the blindfold. Kajal shouts mumma and acts scared. Ronak calls off the party. Gayatri asks Lovely to take Kajal inside.

Gayatri asks Hanumant why is he wearing clothes like Muskaan. Ronak says it was all my plan to find out Kajal’s truth. Muskaan says it means Kajal is innocent. Kajal says Shantanu has come to scare me. Dolly pacifies her. Shantanu unmasks the joker. Ronak says its the same man who attacked me and Sir ji. Kajal says I have called him. She recalls meeting her boyfriend at the shop. They get shocked seeing Manav.

Gayatri asks why did he wish to attack on us. Kajal recalls meeting Manav and taking help from him. She says I m under a threat, Muskaan thinks I want to snatch Ronak, so she wants to kill me, you know I have none than you, please help me. He says fine, I will do what you say. He says just come in joker costume, I will send the joker address, lock that man and come in the costume, no one can identify you, I love you a lot. He says I love you too, I will come there. She asks him to come wearing the hood and mask. He agrees. FB ends. Kajal laughs and says what could I do, I had no one else to sacrifice. Shantanu says now everything is clear, Manav came here to kill Kajal, he had killed Kajal’s parents, and Kajal got injured. Ronak says now I understand everything, he was behind all this. Everyone gets shocked. Shantanu arrests Manav. Ronak apologizes for doubting Kajal.

Shantanu says Dr. Purushottam is dead, I will find the truth, I have to observe Kajal alone. Sujoy says I told you already. Pandit talks to Gayatri. Sujoy and Shantanu plan to catch Kajal red handed.

Update Credit to: Amena

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