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Mere Sai 9th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Srikanth Reunites Chihu and Govinda

Mere Sai 9th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Rukmini sees Chihu tensed and asks if she is fine. Chihu as usual yells at him to go and mind her own business. Rukmini walks back in. Chihu gets happy hearing Govinda and Srikanth walking in laughing. She sees Govinda’s dirty clothes and scolds him. Govinda says he knows she finds it difficult to wash dirty clothes, he will help her. Chihu thinks what happened to him, says he need not worry about it, if he is alright and not injured. Srikanth smiling looks at Govinda. Govinda says he is fine and says he got something for her. He takes out sweet and savory boxes. Chihu asks if she hid lizard or any insect in it. Govinda says no, she can open it. Chihu is surprised to see all her favorite sweets and savory. Srikanth says Govinda personally picked them saying his mother loves them. Chihu

emotionally hugs Govinda. Maid informs Chihu that she forgot to prepare food for teacher. Chihu realizes and apologizing Srikanth requests him if he can sit for sometime while she prepares food for him. Srikanth says he does not mind as Govinda is with him. Govinda says after finishing food, they will enjoy sweets and savory together. Chihu rushes to kitchen.

Handicap man goes to sell his father’s gifted stone on Sai’s advice. He asks milkman if he will buy this stone. Milkman says he does not need it. He then goes to jeweler who says he buys gold and silver and not stones. Sai does his leela and stone glows like a diamond. Jeweler sees that and thinks it looks like a precious stone and this handicap does not know its value, so he can buy it cheap. He offers 20 rs. Handicap man is amused to hear 20 rs for a mere stone, but remembers Sai’s advice to just check its value and not sell it. He says he does not want to sell it and thinks it must be really precious, so he should check at some more places. His brother and SIL watch standing at a distance. Sai tells them that brother needs some more time, so they can return home.

Chihu prepares food and serves it to Srikanth. Govinda insists her if they can have sweets now. Chihu asks him to go and change his dress first. He runs to his room. Chihu tells Srikanth that she is very happy seeing Govinda’s changed behavior and thanks Srikanth for keeping his promise. She further says she is worried that Govinda will again go away from her. Srikanth says she should forgive herself first and explains that due to her guilt and fear of losing Govinda, she was very harsh on him. Chihu asks what she should do. He says she should apologize the person he hurt, it will lessen the person’s pain and he/she may forgive her. Govinda walks down after changing dress. Chihu emotionally apologizes him for being so rude to him, explains her fear of losing him and says she is also short tempered like him. Govinda wipes her tears and even he apologizes her for misbehaving with her. Srikanth smiles and thinks if his wife and children were alive, his wife would have loved his child similarly and thanks Sai for showing him a right path.

Handicap man goes to next jeweler to sell stone. Jeweler identifies stone and asks how did he get it. Handicap man says his father gave him and tells his father’s name.. Jeweler offers 100 rs. Handicap man reminiscing Sai’s advice walks away saying he does not want to sell it now. Jeweler follows him. Previous jeweler walks in and offers him 150 rs. New jeweler offers him 200 rs. They both fight increasing their bid and push Handicap man in the tussle. Sai holds man. Jewelers apologize Sai and offers Handicap man 1000 rs as final offer. Handicap man asks what is special in this tone. Jeweler says it is a very precious and unique stone hidden in a common material to hide its true identity. Handicap man asks Sai if he can send this stone. Sai nods yes. Handicap man sells stone and gets 1000 rs. Handicap man’s brother and SIL enter and seeing 1000 rs brother tries to snatch money saying saying he has 50% share in it. Handicap man asks why should he, his father gifted him this stone. SIL says she asked her husband to change will as her BIL is a Handicap man and does not need so much well. Handicap man is amused to hear that. Sai says his father divided property equally among 2 sons, but bahu changed will and Handicap man got precious stone which his father had bought with his whole life’s earing, it is more than twice worth than whole property left. Brother and SIL stand shocked. Handicap man thanks Sai for showing him a right path.

Govinda and Chihu feed sweets to each other laughing. A few villagers walk outside Kulkarni’s house discussing Kulkarni asked them to stand outside till he returns. They hear someone laughing inside and think Kulkarni does not leave his family so freely. Chihu and Govinda run around playing and Srikanth watches them smiling. They are amused to see that and discuss how can Kulkarni be so leniant to his family. Kulkarni returns home and fumes seeing people peeping into his house. He walks in and is shocked to see Chihu running around house and Srikanth watching them. He yells at Chihu and then scolds Srikanth that he misused his leniance and betrayed him. Srikanth says he is misunderstanding. Kulkarni continues yelling at him and then alleging Pihu orders that she will lead a true widow’s life from hereon with isolation, spiceless food, etc..

Precap: Chihu sees Govinda having high fever and pleads Rukmini to convince Kulkarni dada to treat him. Rukmini says Kulkarni has gone out. Chihu pleads to do something. Chihu prays god. Sai hears her.

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