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Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 9th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Jaya Returns To Samar’s House

Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 9th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Samar and Jaya return home. Jaya runs towards them emotionally. Whole family follows and emotionally greets them in. Rama stops them. Prabha says she has made arrangements already and will bring graha pravesh thali. Rama says she is afraid. Dadaji asks what.. Rama says when she entered this house, her mother-in-law gave her responsibility of this family and ordered to keep family united, now she is tired and wants to retire from her responsibility. Jaya calls her maa instead of mummyji and says she will keep family united and hugging her apologizes family on her mother Satya’s behalf and promises Satya will not trouble them. Rama brings graha pravesh thali and rice bowl and gets Jaya in. Electric power returns. Chachaji says their house is glowing again with Jaya’s

entry. Samar applies sindhoor on Jaya’s forehead.

Jaya prepares halwa with Rama’s help and asks where are Vijay and Jyoti. Rama says they have gone out of station. Jaya asks what about Sarika. Rama says she has gone to Gwalior. Jaya says good, Sarika can rest well during her pregnancy. Once Prabha leaves, Samar walks in and gets romantic. Jaya says someone will come. He says he does not care. She says maa is coming. He says he does not care. They both get engrasped in each other’s eyes when Rama, Prabha, and Vicky enter. Jaya notices them and alerts Samar, he does not believe at first, but then noticing them gets shy. Rama and Rama walk away laughing while Vicky continues taunting Samar.

Shanaya meets Samar and his family and says she is returning back to US. Dhruv enters and asks Vicky why did he call him. Vicky says Samar wants to talk. Samar tells Dhruv that he can consider him anything, but should not break their friendship as he does not want to lose such a good friend. Dhruv says same here. Samar takes Shanaya aside and Jaya takes Dhruv aside and they both ask them to forget all the past and differences and start a new life. Shanaya walks back and says she is going to airport now. Vicky says Dhruv will drop her to airport. Dhruv says why not. Shanaya confronts Dhruv that he always left her, first in US and then here. Dhruv says he wanted to get out of her breakup. Their nok jhok starts and they both befriend again. Vicky feels proud of himself for reuniting two young couples.

Satya is at home when an old man Rameshchand brings his daughter requesting to fight his daughter’s divorce case. Satya asks daughter if her husband apologizes her for his mistakes and pleads to return back to him, will she return. Daughter says yes. Satya says she cannot take her case as she disappointed her, she is like any other selfish daughter who forgets parent’s sacrifice and go behind a newly found love.

Samar takes Jaya to his room. Jaya emotionally says in truth sense, Samar’s wife has returned and not Satya’s daughter. He wipes her tears and asks her to smile. She smiles. He emotionally hugs her and says he missed her so much, her presence is his strength and he does not want them to separate again. Satya watches them standing near door and feels jealous showing her frowning fevicol washed face. Rama gets phone call and drops phone in shock.

Precap: Samar reaches police station and requests inspector to free Sarika. Inspector says his sister tried to kill her husband, so he cannot leave her. Jaya reaches Satya and asks if she is behind Sarika going to jail.
Satya smirks and agrees.

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