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Ladies Special 9th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Viraaj Meets Prarthana Again and Proposes Her

Ladies Special 9th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jyoti confronts Meghna and asks if she needs her in her business or not. Meghna asks what kind of question her, she needs her friend. Jyoti says forget about friend, if she needs her in her business or not. Meghna says of course she needs her as she is very important for her business. Meghna asks why did not she tell candidate that she is also important and reminds her that while starting this business, she promised that they will not treat their employees like a commodity and will treat them as humans. Meghna says she knows, but right now she wants to meet candidate first. Jyoti insists her to inform right now and says she has changed a lot and even Mandar bhaiya knows that. Meghna continues requesting her to calm down, they will speak later, else candidate will leave. Candidate walks in and

calls her. Meghna asks Jyoti again to calm down, else candidate will think she is too lean to her employees, stops and says team. Jyoti asks to complete her sentence about employee and fact is they were team before and now just employer and employee. She says okay madam and walks away. Meghna hires candidate as company’s HR head. Candidates thanks her and promises to work hard.

Bindu continues Prarthana busy in her baseless talks. Prarthana says let her go. Bindu says will she leave her alone and will not wait till Amar comes. Prarthana asks her to call Amar and find out when he is coming. Bindu thinks she called Viraaj, but he is not picking call. Prarthana goes aside. Bindu hides her purse. Prarthana returns and searches her purse. On the other side, Puneeth drives car to drop Amar and seeing 2 gifts asks why 2 gift, it decreases value of special one. Amar gives his reasoning and reminiscing Bindu’s request to help Puneeth tells that he needs an assistant who can drive him to hospital. Puneeth says he needs driver then, I am fit to be driver. Amar says he needs a reliable person who can drive him and assist him in his job as his left hand is paralytic. Puneeth asks if Bindu asks him to help out of courtesy. Amar says yes, but he is giving him job on his competency, he can get do 6 month administrative course and get permanent job in hospital. Puneeth agrees.

Mandar confronts Meghna and asks why did she break Jyoti’s heart and hired a new candidate. Meghna says she needs to expand her business and needs people. Mandar asks what about old ones, she considered everyone as family, now she wants new members and forgo old ones; she could have got Jyoti a 6 month administrative course and let her learn business tactics slowly. Meghna shouts she does not have so much time and he need not interfere in her business, she knows what she is doing and knows to hold both new ones. Mandar thinks soon she will go so far away leaving her dear ones far behind.

Prathana continues searching her purse. Bindu says Meghna knows where purse is. Meghna walks in and Bindu asks her to tell where she kept Prarthana’s purse. Meghna says it is in that room. Prarthana walks into room and searches purse. Viraaj walks in. She shouts what is he doing here. He asks her to listen once why he lied. Prarthana shouts she does not want to listen anything and calls Meghna and Bindu. Viraaj says they sent him here and goes into flashback where he explains his story to Meghna, Mandar and Puneeth and says he loves her, so he is returning even after repeated humiliation. Out of flashback, he kneels down showing diamond ring and proposes her for marriage.

Precap: Viraaj walks out sadly. Bindu, Meghna, Mandar ask what happened. Meghna finds Jyoti’s house locked and neighbor gives her box which Jyoti left for her.

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