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Kundali Bhagya 9th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Karan reaches Sherlin’s residence

Kundali Bhagya 9th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Prithvi asks Sherlin to remain quiet however she is very angry and demanding that he let go of Preeta because she will marry Rishab in any case. Karna is outside the door and drops his tool however they didnot hear anything because of the quarreling, Karan gets a call and immediately goes back to his car.

Prithvi asks Sherlin to remain quiet because he is sure that someone is spying on them and if it is true then they both will not be able to do anything, he ask Preeta what she wants to say, she ask him why he is talking so quietly, he says that he is very busy and will talk to her later, she starts to tease him but he informs that he has something important to do, he thinks that he should tell her everything that he saw but she will not believe him, Preeta starts to tease him, he says that

he will not talk to her, Preeta tells that she is going back to her house, however he starts to scold her saying that she must go anywhere and remain in their house because he will come back and drop her himself, She thinks that she will make him realize this when he is in front of her, she takes his photo and starts to say bad things to it.

He thinks that he must apologize to her because she only wanted to say that she is going home, he is about to call but then ends it, she calls him back saying that he wanted to apologize to her, he then ends it and is very happy to see that she is now relaxed.

Prithvi asks Sherlin to remain quiet because there is someone on the door, she is not convinced and says that he is only making excuses, she bursts in the door and goes outside however there is none there and seeing it Prithvi also gets worried however then he takes her inside after he feels that there is someone outside, they go inside an when he leaves he sees that it is Karan, he also asks Sherlin to come and see it for herself,. When they both see that it is Karan they think of a plan to hide and turning off the lights go to the hall.

Samer calls Shrishti however she does not listen to anything, he asks her what the matter is and why is she so angry, she says that she does not want tot talk to him and he must go back to his other friend who was with him all the day, she goes to the room and closes the door, he makes her open it and says that he is not able to understand what the matter is and why is she so angry with him, she asks that he go back to Tanvi with whom he was all the day, he tries to make her realize that there is nothing between them however she is not convinced and tries to leave he pulls her back saying that she must not get jealous of anything because there is no one who is as closer to him as she is, they both hug each other, Karina sees them together from behind the door.

Rishab asks Preeta when she talked with Karna she says that it was just moments ago and when she called him he was really angry and she felt that he was just trying to pick a fight with her, Rishab says that if this is the case then he is sure that Karan was going to do something that will cause problems for him, Preeta however is suspicious that he will be with some of his girlfriends, Rishab says that this cannot be the case because Karan is not like he was before because at that time he would come back with girls but now he doesn’t go to any party and is also not with any outside girl. Rishab decides to call him but Preeta prevents him because Karan asked her to not call him in any situation, he then gets sure that Karna is going to do something bad, he calls her but Karan does not answer his phone.

Sherlin is tensed asking what they will do because Karan is outside their own house, Prithvi asks her to be calm because he has to think, he wonders what Karan will do first and then remembers that he will try to make a recording of them both because he trying to get a clue of their relation. Sherlin asks how was he able to find them, maybe he’s following them from Luthra house, Sherlin asks him to not come closer to her because this will make Karan’s suspicion become a reality as he is curious of their relation. Sherlin stops Prithvi because Karan will not leave and will be waiting for them, he asks her to praise his intelligence because if it was not him then Karan would have come inside. She asks him to think, he says that he has a contact who will kill Karan and dispose off his remains, Sherlin gets scared asking that he must not do anything of the sort, however Prithvi says that nothing will happen and if they do not do it then he will surely find them.

Precap: Sherlin is shouting on top of her voice asking for help, Karan ask her to stop at which point the lights come on and the police arrest him for breaking in Sherlin’s house.

Update Credit to: Sona

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