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Krishna Chali London 9th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Shukla lays trap for Krishna

Krishna Chali London 9th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Krishna coming to the hospital while talking to Veer. She jokes. He says you are great, please appear here for my sake. She comes to him and says you wish has been granted. He goes and hugs her. She says behave yourself, this is our hospital, not home, save some romance, tonight we are going on our honeymoon to Europe. He says wow, when did this happen. She says mom has booked our tickets. He says who will save you from me there. She says who wants to get saved. He says I m loving it. Ajit comes and sees them together. He says sorry Sir. Veer says she is my wife, tell me what’s the matter. Ajit says some lawyer has come to meet her. Krishna says I will go and check. Sunaina burns some pics and documents. She thinks of Veer’s words. She thinks sorry, I will never let

you learn truth. She cries and goes.

Lawyer says its hospital transfer papers. Krishna asks are you okay. He says yes, I need to leave for the court. She says I will read it and sign it. He says you read the document carefully. She gets Shukla’s call and goes to talk. She asks are you fine. He says yes, I thought of telling you, go out on honeymoon. The lawyer adds some papers. Krishna says that’s what Veer told me. Shukla says fine, forget it, stay well, I have sent the lawyer, sign the document, now run the hospital well. She says yes, I m going to sign it here. She signs the papers. She says no matter how many issues we had, I regard you like my dad. Shukla gets lawyer’s call. He says fine and ends call. He smiles and says I will see how you go on your honeymoon. Veer packs his bags. He asks Sunaina for his London file. Sunaina says you are going on honeymoon and still thinking of that, I kept it somewhere. Veer asks why are you so scared, Krishna is my wife, she will know it. She says I know, you listen to me, that was your past, Krishna is your present and future. He says its my right to share everything with my wife. Veer and Krishna are leaving. Sunaina comes to them. She falls down. They get shocked.

They rush to Sunaina. Veer asks are you okay. They rush Sunaina to hospital. He says all her vitals are fine. Krishna says maybe she has much stress. Sunaina says I m feeling bad, you couldn’t go on honeymoon because of me. Krishna says its not imp than you. Sunaina thinks I can’t let you both go alone, Veer will discuss about London incident, I m pretending ill to keep you both away. Its morning, Sunaina says I thought I will go to Vrindavan when you go on honeymoon, but I fell ill. He asks who will take care of you if I go. Krishna says I m here to take care of her. She signs Veer to go and fulfill Sunaina’s mannat. He agrees. He jokes on his fate. She says you will be back in two days. He says yes, I wonder when I will meet you. He hugs her. He leaves. She hears the car horn and rushes. Veer comes back. She asks what happened, did you forget something. He takes her to the room. He romances Krishna. Rang de….plays….. Krishna imagines this.

Krishna sees the police at home. She gets arrested for Radhe’s murder. Sunaina gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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