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Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 9th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Rani decides to make Raghav back to his old avatar

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 9th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rukmani telling Rivaaj that Rani asked them to go for shopping. Rivaaj tells that Bhanu and Pappu are coming home for election campaign work and tells that they will go for shopping a bit late. Rukmani says ok. Tashi asks Rukmani to write down the expenses. She tells while Rukmani writes. Premlatha thinks her brother will handle Raghav’s madness now. Premnath brings juices glasses and gives to everyone. Rani looks at them. Premnath gives juice glass to Raghav as well. Rani tells that even she wants juice. Premnath says I will give you later. Rani says lets play the game and tells that everyone shall stand and say cheers. She says whoever drinks first will win. They all get up. Premnath asks Raghav not to cheat.

Raghav drinks fast and says he is done. Premnath

signs Premlatha. Premnath says it was a wonderful game. Rani recalls and a fb is shown, Rani signs Raghav to throw the juice. Raghav throws it in the pot which is in Rani’s hand and tells taht he drank everything. Shivraj comes there. Tashi and Rukmani calculate the expenses. Before Tashi can calculate on calculator, Raghav tells that the amount is 105000 Rs. Tashi calculates and says he is right. Shivraj appreciates him and tells that he wants old Raghav back. Rani thinks what does he mean and asks Tashi to come to room. She asks Tashi about Raghav. Tashi tells that even she was small and heard from elders. She says Raghav was very bright in childhood and then something happened and his mental state gets worst. Rani asks about his medical report. Tashi says Papa has locked his report in the store room locker, and tells that some files were missing some he kept in the locker, and the keys are with Maa. Premlatha checks the saree and says she will look like neta ji’s wife.

Raghav comes and says mummy is looking sweet like round sweet. Rivaaj and Tashi laugh. Shivraj politely scold Raghav. Raghav says sorry. Rivaaj selects a dull saree for Rukmani. Rukmani dislikes the color. Rivaaj says it is his choice. Raghav asks Shivraj if he can give saree to Rani as she is his….then says best friend. Rivaaj tells Rukmani that Rani’s saree is better than hers. Rani asks Rukmani to take that saree. Rukmani says its ok. Rani looks at the keychain tied on to her saree. She asks Premlatha to buy more sarees and spills something on her saree. Premlatha gets angry and says her saree is very costly. Premlatha goes to change her saree. Rani comes behind her and apologizes to her. She helps her to select the saree and asks her to try red color saree. Premlatha takes blue saree. Rani tries to take the keys which Premlatha kep on the table, and manages to get it. She asks her to wear whatever she likes, and says every color suits you. She thinks which among these is the storeroom key? Premlatha asks her to go.

Rani comes to the storeroom and thinks which is the key? She thinks the key must be new as it is not used much, and tries to open the locker with the new looking key. Locker opens. Before Rani could see the files, Rivaaj comes there. Rani takes the keys, but couldn’t close the locker. Rivaaj steps on her dupatta. Rani thinks if Rivaaj sees dupatta and the locker then….Rivaaj is about to see locker, but Tashi comes there and asks Rivaaj what is he doing here? Rivaaj says he felt bad with whatever happened with Rani and that’s why came here. He asks if Rani looks troubled. Tashi thinks she can share with him, and is about to tell him. Rani gets worried thinking she will might. Tashi thinks why he is so eager to know about Rani. She lies that Rani is missing her family and that’s why she is spending time with her. She tells him that Papa is calling him. They leave. Rani comes out and checks the files. He sees Raghav’s certificate and the affidavit of property. She takes the pic of the affidavit and says she will bring him back to his old avatar.

Precap: Rukmani coughs and tells that she is feeling very thirsty. Premlatha tells that they are also fasting, but not feeling the thirst. Rukmani says her throat is drying. Rivaaj tells Rani that he made her have churan in the night, and tells that he will not let her complete her fast. Rukmani asks Rani not to ask her to drink water.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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