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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 9th April 2019 Written Episode Update Tiwari as Vibhutis Laila

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 9th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vibhu imagining about Tiwari, Saxena walks in and says i can see majnus book effect on him.Malkan cooking and teeka having food at window, tiwari and Angoori at dinning, malkan goes serves them, Tiwari asks why do you keep us waiting so much,malkan says sorry and leaves. Angoori asks why are you so irritated, Tiwari tells about Morning incident

Vibhu walks in and starts flirting with tiwari, tiwari annoyed but Vibhu imagines him flirting back, Angoori scolds vibhu,tiwari calls teeka and malkan,and asks teeka to throw him away,teeka Malkan throw him out, vibhu keeps calling tiwari as Laila, master walks there too and all ask vibhu whats wrong why do he see laila in tiwari, vibhu starts imagining others as enemies in their love story, Saxena asks who is his laila.

Tiwari walks

out, vibhu imagines him asking to stop, Saxena says oh so he saw tiwari first and sees him as his laila.saxena gets vibhu home, vibhu says my Laila is missing me, Saxena says you are in the effect of book laila Majnu, recognise your true seld you are Vibhu Mishra, vibhu says you are my enemy, and slaps him.saxena sees Vibhuti and says its impossible to talk to him and get back and leaves.

Angoori says for an instance if he calls me laila i can understand but you are a man, saxena walks in, Tiwari says you have a company now,vibhu has turned mad, vibhu says he isn’t mad he is obsessed with laila majnu, and im here to tell you vibhu sees his laila in you, Angoori asks why is he doing it, Saxena tells about the novel.teeka asks what’s the solution to recover him, saxena says he is majnu beat him, hit him with stones, tiwari says boys you heard it right.

tilu says in what angke does he see Laila in tiwari. boys playing cards in garden, Tiwari scolds and says playing gambling, and asks them to get back to work.vibhu gets to tiwrais room through ladder,teeka asleep on gate, teeka wakes up by the voice and scolds him and stops, vibhu denies and says no one will stop me from meeting my laila, teeka says tell me in what angle does Tiwari look like laila,vibhu bribes teeka with alcohol.

vibhu gets in and sees Tiwari asleep, he puts payal on tiwaris ankle and leaves, tiwari wakes up and gets confused from where is ghungroo sound coming.

pre cap: vibhu imagines Tiwari dancing for him.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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