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You & Me (Chap-17) Kanchi fs by ArpitaKrish

YOU & ME (CHAP-17):

RECAP- Riya sat with Kabir in Mandap instead of Sanchi. Everyone came to know about her before marriage can take place. Sanchi left for mumbai before Kabir can stop her. Lets move to next chapter.
Everyone including Malhotra’s, Mishra’s,Kabir, Pragya, Isha and Kusum were shown outside the OT. They were looking tensed.
Just then Doctor came out of OT.
“How is Sanchi?” Sunil asked.
“Operation has been successful. She can came in sense anytime” Doctor replied and went.
Everyone became happy.
After sometimes, Everyone were with Sanchi except Kabir and trying to cheer her up. She was shown sitting on bed with the support of wall.
Just then Kabir entered.
Everyone went outside making excuse, Only Kanchi were left.
Both became teary eyes.
Flashback shown,
1 month back, Everything became normal. Kabir became rude but he still miss Sanchi. Even whole family were missing Sanchi. One fine day Kabir had to go mumbai for some meeting. He reached to same hospital where Sanchi’s treatment was going on. He coincidently met Sanchi and came to know about her. He regreted. Sanchi also came to know that he did not marry Riya. Sanchi decided to come back after Kabir insisted. In Delhi, both families came to know about her. Kabir tried a lot and he came to know that she can be treated.
Flashback ends.
Kabir wiped his tears. “See I already said that noone can apart us”
“Yes and it could be possible because of you” they hugged.
After 2 days, Sanchi discharged.
“I want to say something” Kabir said in presence of everyone.
“Yes Kabir say” Sunil said.
“I want to marry Sanchi” Kabir blurted.
“Really?” Sanchi exclaimed.
“Yes, will you like to be my complete wife from half?” Kabir proposed.
“YES” Sanchi replied.
“wait….. what is this full and half?” Veer became confused.
“Actually……. (Sanchi told them about their secret marriage)”
“and you asked me to marry to a marraid man. Not fair” Riya complained.
“Sorry” Sanchi felt bad.
“Hey I was just joking. Kabir suits you only” Riya smiled and hugged.
“Wait…..Wait….” PraSha also joined.
To be continued……………….
It is 2nd last chapter. Next I will post Epilogue.

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