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Twinj: Finding Solace In You (Episode:04)

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Finding Solace In You-
“What are we going to do?” Azeen asked in a broken voice while clutching her father’s blanket to her chest.
“What we usually do. I’ll continue Abbu’s job at Kunj Fateen’s house and you’ll continue with your college.” Twinkle replied her and rolled over to her side. Both the girls were laying in their father’s bed. Somehow it made them feel being with him.
Azeen stared at her with an expression that said ‘are you in your right mind?’ She shrugged at her helplessly in return.
“That guy literally humiliated you Twinkie. How can you even think of working for him?” She spoke in bewilderment. They never hid stuff from each other. Twinkle had already told her about what had happened at the house.
“We don’t have any other options. No other job will offer me such a salary that can fulfill our requirements.” She genuinely answered her sister. She looked back at her with teary eyes. “Then I’ll work as well so we both can make it through. And you wouldn’t have to work for him.”
She smiled at her sister. How much they had grown up, she only came to realise it now. “Abbu had always asked me to look after you. Plus you know I’ve learnt to be strong enough to watch out for myself. So relax and concentrate on your college and studies instead. I promise the day I feel unsafe, I’ll quit.” She told her promisingly. Azeen nodded her head and hugged her tightly.
After a while watching her sister doze off, Twinkle’s mind replayed of what happened earlier. Seeing Faris after five months was rather shock than a surprise to her. She was scared of his warning but couldn’t let him know that. She didn’t want him to know he still had his effect on her. She knew she was much stronger now and she had to protect herself and Azeen from him. Not in a million years could she let him touch her ever let alone have her. How her father’s news reached his ears was no surprise. Faris always had his ways. And as if on cue, he surprised her with his sudden appearance out of the blue.
His sick demands made her stomach twist. He knew they were on their own without the protection of any man. He wanted to marry Azeen. But that would only ever happen through her dead body. With Faris’s visit today, Twinkle knew they weren’t safe anymore. But how to find a way past his sneaky mind, wasn’t an easy task to carry. She realised he was planning on something vile because when Faris was up to something, nothing ever stopped him. She had known him more than good for her conscience. He was a sick man.
With a sigh, she looked at her sister’s sleeping form. She seemed so peaceful. Smiling on seeing her like that, she made herself pacts on not losing it to him this time. He certainly could not deter her courage and strength this time. She’ll even fight him if she had to.
Looking one last look in the mirror, Kunj was satisfied with his appearance. He had an important board meeting today and he wanted to look his best. Not that he ever ceased looking presentable 24/7. He had paired a pale violet cotton shirt with a royal blue Armani suit. Matching it with a blue tie having white strips running through it. Yes, he looked expensive but that’s exactly what he was.
Fetching his MacBook, he made his way down to his dinning room. With Irfan gone, he no more fancied early breakfasts in the kitchen. And now, even his daughter wasn’t there. It had been four days since his funeral and Twinkle hadn’t come to work. He wasn’t sure what were her plans but he waited for her to make a move. That was the only explanation on why he still hadn’t appointed anyone on Irfan’s position.
Calculating the time by his wrist watch, he still could have his breakfast before leaving for work. He strode into the dinning room and signalled at the maid to bring him his breakfast. Oh how he missed Irfan’s cooking. He had grown up with that man. His daughter had the same tactics with cooking. He was impatiently waiting for her to take a decision. Sure she had to come in person to quit the job if she wanted. But he wanted her to come somehow so he can lay off his propositions to her. Yes, he had plans for her. And how dangerous he was playing, only he knew of it.
“Assalam Aleyikum!” She croaked in her small voice while dragging in the breakfast trolley. He was beyond escalated in surprise on seeing her. She was wearing a pale green cotton sundress paired with a black long sleeved cardigan. And her usual headscarf, wrapped securely around her head. He remembered her calling it a ‘hijaab’.
“You’re here.” It was more of a statement than a question. She didn’t bother gazing up at him and continued placing his breakfast before him on the dinning table. “Yes, I decided to continue my father’s job in place of him. If that’s acceptable of course?” She questioned him a bit nervously. He knew she needed the job, that was their only survival.
“What if I refuse to accept?” He questioned her back raising a brow with amusement. On hearing this, she straightened up and gazed at him for the first time since she came in. “I-” She spluttered at her words flickering her gaze over his face blankly. He crocked a devilish smile, he knew he was playing her very well.
Blood ran down Twinkle’s face on hearing him say that. He couldn’t be so crude to snatch away her only means to survival. Her entire existence dependend on it now. How could she be able to look after herself and Azeen without this job. Yes, she was a major in economics. But with her Muslim appearance she couldn’t find a job anywhere suitable and neither abbu allowed her.
Irfan had forbidden her to work and she knew very well as to why. He was only protecting his daughter. But he wasn’t there anymore and she had no other option but to work. And working as a cook with a satisfying salary was much better than working at an office surrounded by many non-mehrams.
“This was your father’s job not yours. You were filling in his position just for a while. He’s gone now. And I didn’t appoint you to work for me.” His words interrupted her train of thoughts. He didn’t feel good with using Irfan’s name like that for his own selfish contrivance. But to catch a fish that he wanted, he had to lay in a bait for it.
“I need this job. I’m punctual and good at it. I’m responsible. I’ll put my best into it Mr. Fateen but please-” She swallowed down a large lump and felt her throat growing dry. He casually stared back at her. Tapping his fingers on the dinning table, he pretended to concentrate. As if in deep thought, he suddenly figured out a way.
He knew he had laid his bait and the fish was already caught in it. But he was playing it slow and tactful. Her situation was frail and he could do her make whatever he wanted. Turning to face her, he spoke in a serious tone. “I’ve a proposition for you.”
She narrowed her eyes at him for a minute before finally asking, “What kind of proposition?”
“You’re well aware of your situation right now. And let’s be honest here, you aren’t in the best possible placements. I know how much you need this job but I’ll offer you a proposition instead.” On hearing his curt words, she knew he was a selfish beast. He certainly wasn’t going to offer her a proposition out of sympathy. In return, he’d ask for something. Something she wasn’t sure if she’d be able to give him. On recalling his last proposition of offering her money, she felt sick to the stomach suddenly. Her stomach lurched with panic and uneasiness.
“I’ll provide you and your sister with a house to live in. I’ll fulfill your each and every need and requirement. I’ll support you financially and in every other sense that you may wish to point. Protection, support, everything.” He spoke and waited for her response. For a minute she seemed to blank out of responses but finally managed to speak. “And what do you want me to do in return?” She nervously asked him. Now she was talking, he mockingly thought.
He got up from his seat and Twinkle stepped back instantly. Stepping forward to close in the space between them, he stared down at her fragile height. He knew too well that by invading her private space, he punctured her confidence.
“Marry me.” It wasn’t a question or a statement but a demanding order. Her morals and religious beliefs would never let him cross over the walls to get her. But binding her in a matrimonial bond was an open leash for him. That would literally make her his in every practical and legal sense. And he’ll be free to do whatever he wills, with or without her consent.
Kunj wasn’t made for emotional attachments and certainly not for a relationship as such as marriage. So, this relationship would mean nothing more than a paper agreement. And being a businessman, he was used to making such vile deals.
“Why?” Twinkle finally spoke out her mind. She wanted to know why would Kunj Fateen want to marry her. There had to be something more to it. Something she couldn’t even imagine in her wildest dreams. Men always were enslaved to their needs and wants. To attain their desires, they could cross any boundary. Twinkle out of all people knew that very well by now.
“Because I want you.” He answered her plainly. No, his wanting wasn’t like that of a man wanting a woman. His wanting was of an artist wanting an inspiration. Specially an artist on drought would probably do anything to get what he wants.
Her lungs seemed to freeze in the air she inhaled. With his words striking the membranes of her void mind, she blinked at him. How could he want her? She certainly wasn’t a woman that valued herself for a high worth. So flooding up with such degrading thoughts was very normal.
“I’m getting late. My proposition stands firm. The choice is yours. Either accept my proposal, marry me and stay with me. Or else you possesses a free will to leave. I’m not willing to give you this job. And I don’t have all the time in the world to wait for hearing your choices… You’ve till tonight, ring me up to tell me your final decision before midnight.” He finished and bent down. Grabbing her hand, he placed his business card in it. Her hand felt so small in his. He wondered how she managed carrying such tiring jobs. The contact of her bare skin against his stringed a chord with him. Before she could chain a protest, he let go of her hand and it fell on her side.
Strolling silently out of the dinning room, he smirked at himself in triumph. There was no way she could refuse his proposal. She was a woman in need now. And when they’re pierced with incommodence, they’ll do anything to escape it. Even sell off themselves.
Putting down her hand bag, she ran a frustrated hand over her face and sighed. Kunj Fateen’s proposal ran through her mind. No way in hell was she going to accept it. Even if it meant losing her job. But that job wasn’t even her’s in the first place.
She hadn’t told Azeen about her encounter with Faris. She didn’t want to scare her off. But she couldn’t keep this secret from her. She couldn’t lie to her on being questioned about the job. Plus, she had to find another job as soon as possible. Her mind was all over the place.
Taking a hot shower till the water ran cold, helped her calm down her nerves. Offering her salah, she desperately asked Allah to help her through these troubles.
She set the table for dinner. Azeen came in tired. Both the sisters took their seats but didn’t miss to notice Irfan’s empty seat.
“So, what happened about the job?” Azeen asked finally breaking out the silence. At her words Twinkle bit back an urge of emotionally breaking down in front of her sister.
“He refused.” Was her stern and short reply.
“But why? He can’t do that.” Azeen dropped her spoon with the chattering sound and stared wide eyed at her sister. Twinkle looked down at her plate blankly. Inwardly debating on whether or not tell her sister about the full scenario.
“He can do that Zeen. It’s his authority.” She plainly shrugged at her.
“His authority? Abbu has worked years for him. That’s a crude thing to say he refuses to let you keep the job because it’s his authority.” She angrily informed her elder sister.
As if it loosened up the last strings of self restrain within her, Twinkle dropped her spoon with a thud. “Then what am I supposed to do? Marry him? Marry a brute once agai-” She didn’t get to finish her sentence when the door bell cut in.
“We’re not finished here.” Azeen warned her before getting up to get the door.
Only a few moments later that felt like a decade to Twinkle, she came running back with a flushed face and bulging eyes. “Twinkie h-he’s here-” She looked at her sister terrified, without being able to finish off her sentence.
On seeing her sister’s terrified form, panic pumped through Twinkle’s veins. “Who is here?” Without waiting for her to respond she ran off in the direction of their entrance door. She didn’t want to unlock and see who was standing behind it. Instead she pulled out the side curtain abit to see through the glass windows.
No sooner had she pulled out the curtain that he hit the glass window with a rock. It crashed to splinters right in her face. Causing a huge gushing cut right above her jawline from a broken piece of glass. In tangent, she jumped back. Blood started oozing out of her cut.
“I warned Twinkle didn’t I? I warned you I’ll come for her. And you know when I want something, I get it. No one ever stands in my way. You thought you could out run me huh? You thought you could escape me that easily? No darling! You’re very much wrong on that.” He started yelling words at her from the other side of the door. She flinched with terror at his deadly threats.
“You made a mistake of disobeying me and now your sister will pay for it. Poor little Twinkle. What are you going to do now? How do you escape me now? With that old rotten rat gone, who is going to save you both from me now?” He gave out a scornful growl. His voice made her shiver in her stance. A chill ran down her spine.
“G-go away.” She yelled out at him in weak protest.
“Oh no Twinkle, I won’t go away. Either Azeen comes willingly with me or I’ll kill you both right here and right now.” She could hear the edge of seriousness in his voice. She had stirred up his wrath. She knew his temper too well.
He kicked hard the door. But it didn’t open up. “Open up this damn door or I won’t stop from breaking it down.” He yelled her a drastic warning. He started kicking the door hysterically.
Getting up, Twinkle made a dash towards the dinning room. She saw Azeen shakily dialing the phone. “What are you doing?” She asked her in vain terror.
“Calling the cops. He’s crazy, he’ll kill us.” Azeen yelled back at her.
Twinkle snatched the phone from her. “We can’t call the cops.” She eyed her sister in seriousness. As if reading her soul through her eyes, Azeen at once understood what she meant by that.
“What are we going to do now? Faris will kill us for sure. He’s a mad man.” Azeen started shaking with fear.
Mind never works in situations as such but at the time only one person’s face flashed up in Twinkle’s mind. Searching for her hand bag, she pulled out her phone and a business card. She dialled a number she never imagined of ever doing. He was the last person she wanted to talk to but also the only one who would help her in such a break in.
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