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The back bone of Life by Ooshi

The topics on which i wrote till now were my thoughts so i thought to write on Love this time because it’s a vast emotion and also an important emotion in my life.
But then i decided to write on the most important relation of our lives. And this change is just for my readers.
So my today’s topic is Maa/Mother.
This is the most selfless relation which we all had in life.And what is Maa we can’t define. There are so much qualities which a mother have.
Mother is the one who gives birth to us,who gives her all time,effort,love and care to us. And didn’t became careless to us no matter how much responsibilities she have.If she says us to do something then the thing doesn’t belongs to her but to ourselves.When we doesn’t understand her it doesn’t mean that she is selfish but it means that what she thinks better for ourselves she will do that at any cost. She is the best gift we are blessed by.If there’s someone who loves us the most than his/herself then it will be our parents and specially Maa. If someone has his/her mother he/she can’t be alone. He/She has the one in whom’s grave they can get peace.They have the one to put out their heart.
You can’t realise what is life/loneliness till then you have Maa.
Always respect and obey your Maa because some people aren’t that lucky to have their Maa for much time.
Whatever Maa does although you can/can’t understand her but she has her own reasons to do something for you.
– [ ] Always trust her.
– [ ] Don’t say no to her or misbehave with her.
God created her to be honoured and Himself honoured her by making her Maa.
I am talking about Maa so would like you to hear song of Rahim Shah named Jhoola about Maa.
– [ ] Take care of your mother because she took great care of you in childhood.
– [ ] Help her in every work at your best because she deserves this.
– [ ] Don’t prefer your desires above her’s because she has much right on you than yourself,whatever you are is just because of her and you don’t know what she has done for you. If your desire is against her wish then leave your desire and leave your matter to God. He will do the best for you.
Her scolding and beating is better than not having her.She is the one who understand your pain without even telling so please take care of the things i said because she deserves this.Please
God also emphasises upon Mother’s respect.
Realise her importance before it’s too late.
Readers i didn’t ff original category and placing it in ff’s category just obeying some of my reader’s suggestions who also commented

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