Hii frnds. I am back with my new ff on swaragini. I know I took a bit more time to come back  but what can I do mera chotisii dimaag me koi idea nahi aaya .  that’s why I am late…. Sorry guys….. But now some how I managed to post a ff. Now enough of my bak bak let’s see the story…..



Swara gadodia :a bubbly and chirpy girl, love to do pranks, loves her family and friends a lot , believe in destiny and love, waiting for her prince charming

Sanskaar maheshwari: a calm and sadoo type, doesn’t make many friends ,always strict in studies, have no faith in love and destiny, only share his feelings with his family

Ragini gadodia : a simple and traditional girl, elder sister of swara, loves her family a lot ,running a music academy with her frnd laksh and have a secret crush on him

Laksh maheshwari : a handsome hunk, elder brother of sanskaar, loves him a lot, running a music academy with ragini and have a secret crush on her

Uttara maheshwari : sister of laksh and sanskaar, a joyful girl ,want to lead a care free life, laadli of her family

Shekhar gadodia : a strict father of swaragini and was always behind swara regarding studies

Sharmishtha gadodia : a sweet and cool mother of swaragini

Durgaprasad maheshwari :father of laksh, head of family

Annapurna maheshwari : mother of laksh ,a bit conservative

Ramprasad maheshwari : father of sanskaar and uttara a joyful man

Sujatha maheshwari : mother of sanskaar and uttara

Kavitha khanna: a showoff girl and swasan’s classmate, have a secret crush on sanskaar

Sahil kapoor : a spoiled brat, swasan’s classmate, have a secret crush on swara

Rajat malhotra : love interest of uttara but was not serious about their relationship

(Note :swasan are in same college)

Swara POV :

Love is a thing which makes our life happy. We can share all our happiness and sorrows with them. There will be always a person who will stand beside in our every need. But destiny will have other plans sometimes. Hope if make me meet my prince charming soon…..

Sanskaar POV :

Love all is a trash. It will make man weak. People just use others in the name of love. Destiny only plays with lives. Its better live our life in our own way without this love and all….

Two people with different views….. How they will get along…. And how they fall for each other……

Guys I am just posting this, if I get more comments then I will continue my story, need some suggestions. Please do comment.


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