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‘Tears from your eyes, are ‘The blood from my heart’ part-34

HALOOO ALL…. This is Moonlight_luver back… hope I am on time.. can’t talk more off to the story… please kick off the mistakes while reading…happy reading friends..

Recap : Raja reveals Anika’s past… Jhanvi was kidnapped..

——— Ahead——-*

@unknown place…

Jhanvi was tied up with a heavy rope against the chair.. her hands were still bleeding.. she opened her eyes all tiredly but the opening couldn’t change the place.. it was dark just like in closed eyes…Suddenly she felt a pair of hands massaging over her shoulders from back… she jerked off with scariness..

“Whooah ho..ho HO…. Chill Jhanvi… don’t worry.. I won’t do anything to you.. but you have to do me a favor.. . “ Came the voice from Sanjay…

“what do you want?? And…and why on earth did you bring me here? ANSWER ME!!! “ she said echoing her voice all around.. she tried hard to pull her hands out of the rope but went in vain.. Sanjay slapped her hard printing his hands over cheek…

“SILENT….. aavaz neeche… if you want to go back, if you want your kids to be alive, if you want what was his name yeeaah!! Omkara, Rudhr.. wait.. one girl was there na? Little cutie.. Prinku!!.. “ he neared her more with a horrifying face…

“ No.. please.. don’t do anything to them.. They are my lives.. please don’t.. “her worries knew no bound..

“Alright then..just call ur frnd.. what was her name?? umm… let me think. Let me think… yeah! Radhika…. Right? Just call her and make her come over here.. did you get me?? “ he stressed the last words..

“W..Why ? why u want her? What will you get? “ tears were making its way down..

“ just eat the food.. don’t try to protect the ghee.. Do what said.. “ he pressed the arms of the chair and shook it..

“NO!! I’ll never.. if you want to kill me, then that would be better than this.. “ she ruffled her tooth..

“Oh c’mon Jhanvi! I’ll never kill you! It would be better if I kill your kids!! Those cutie pies.. How’s that? “


Radhika was walking here and there stressing herself.. Anika was sleeping over the bed covering herself with the warm blanket..Suddenly Radhika’s phone rang displaying an unknown number.. she soon picked the phone not waiting to ring the next thinking it may disturb her princess’s sleep..

“Hello!!!.. “

“Hello… Hello Radhu… Radhu.. are… are you there?? Mai Jhanvi hoo… Radhu.. “

“Jhanvi!! J..Jhanvi..  where are you?? And..

“Radhu.. I can’t handle this more…please..please come to the old mill next to the bridge.. please Radhu.. I need you.. Radhu please…..come fast Radhu…Naaaahhiiiii….AAAAAaaaaarrhhhgghhhaaaa…. “

“Jhanviiiiiii!!!! Jhaanvi.. are you ok? Jhanvi answer me… Jhanvi… say something… “  she realized that the phone got cut..


“ NOoooo STOP IT!! Pleeaaaseeee….. “ Jhanvi screamed on the top of her voice trying to pull her legs up from the hot fired sharp can..but by pulling the blood was oozing more … and her hands were covering with hot wax.. it was not less than any living nightmare.. her face was becoming red and eyes all veined up…

“Ok.. enough.. stop it.. kaam ho gaya.. “ Sanjay ordered his men and soon they obeyed.. he neared her hands and pulled out the bark of hot wax from her skin… the pain was intolerable for her..she begged him to leave but instead he enjoyed her yelling..

“kyaa Jhanvi!! If you have obeyed me in the first say, all these wouldn’t have happened..its OK…..koi nehi..umm.. is it hurting?” he asked in a husky tone..

“you bl***y rascal.. whatever be in your mind.. how many plotting you may do, nothing will happen.. One day, One day you’ll pay for all these…One day, you’ll face the wrath of all the sins you’ve done..ONE DAY!!…


“ Oh God!!  Why Raja isn’t picking up the phone? How will I inform him about the situation? Think Radhu..Think!! No.. what am I doing? My friend out there is dying just bcoz of me and I’m hiding behind my husband! No.. this isn’t right.. I must go there… she needs me.. but I promised Raja not to leave the house… ufffh.. kya karoo? Keep the promise or help one life? Second one suits Radhu.. you must leave right now.. will talk to Raja later.. Better leave … “ Radhika molded her mind and decided to leave with the car out..

She walked out but stopped and returned back and placed her chand bracelet inside her palm.. she kissed her forehead and caressed her hair without disturbing her slumber..

“Amma will be back soon…always keep this with you baby.. “ she kept the bracelet and left soon.. but little did she know that she (Anika) wasn’t asleep..the villagers had slept coz the next rising shows a Sunday in calendar and in the red days they will have double efforts to do.. first to the temple and then the others.. Radhika paid keen attention while starting the car but it went vain for Rejini.. she saw her all sweating but before she could stop, Radhika left leaving only dusts…

“ where’s Radhika going?? And why..why Anu entered into dickey? I’ve to inform Raja… she tried calling but there was no respond at all..she called out Gayathri and made her call Raghav but it was out of coverage..but where becoming restless and truly wished chance to follow her but she had already covered a lot and who’ll get a lift in the midnight?

The clock stroke 12..

Radhika was riding much fastly as she could.. finally she entered the road of city and tried making her speed increase towards the old mill…

“I’m sorry Raja.. without ur permission, I’m doing these…hope you’ll forgive me.. “ she talked herself and reached near the bridge.. she slowed down lowering the light…her each steps were placed carefully not to make any type of noise .. Suddenly she felt someone holding her dress from back… her eyes widened and turned back raising her hands to slap but…

“nehhhh  Ammmaaaaa…… “ there came the scream form the Anika.. Radhika was extremely shocked witnessing Anika over there…

“Anu…. You here? “ She sat on knee holding her shoulder.. “ come you be here? You were sleeping na? why did you come?” her voice showed care more than anger…

“Amma, I thought to come along with you..” she answered in the cutest way..

“but if I, I didn’t take you along then you should have understood that it’s not safe.. “ Radhika said caressing her face..

“ufff ho… leave that, now I’m here na, but.. but why are we here? Which is this place? “ Anika asked rounding her head..

“Anu, we are………….. “ and that was it..Radhika was fainted due to the hit on her head with an iron rod..there were few men standing with weapons and rope..

“Ammmmmaaaaaaa…!!.!..!…..?><>?>><><><><>><!!!!!!! “ Anika fell down and shook Radhika whose head were leaking tons of of the men called Sanjay thinking what to do about the girl..

“Arrey, I told just to bring Radhika.. I don’t care whether her daughter live or not..umm.. do one thing, threw her in a dark room, when there is no food and water, she’ll die herself… “ Sanjay ordered them and placed the phone aside..

“hhhrrrm…Radhika…Radhika…Radhika… when you slapped me, I understood that you’re hands are so hot.. haa.. now let me check whether your body is!!!!!… “ he made his hands run through the hair and unbuttoned his shirt…

they took Anika banded and threw her inside a dark room where the only source of light was from a hole of broken wooden piece..she was made unconscious and forced to stay there without food and water… ( guys I had mentioned before how she survived in that room in previous parts… ) Radhika was brought to Sanjay meanwhile Jhanvi was gaining her consciousness but the tie on her was stopping her from moving…


“ Haaa Gayathri bol.. “ finally Raja picked the phone..

“Raja…Raja, thank God you picked up, how many times I called you… “ Gayathri said in with excitement of getting connected…

“Actually, phone was silent so I…. leave it, we’re trying our best.. but Jhanvi is nowhere to be found..and..”

Raja, listen to me, Radhika isn’t here… she…she left in midnight and Rejini is saying that Anu too got on the car.. they, they had left after your departure… she hasn’t reached yet..I’m getting worried for her Raja.. and she isn’t responding to the call… I don’t know what to do.. we are trying since she has left, but you.. you didn’t pick… R..Raja what’ll we do? “ Gayathri said in one go and exhaled the air after saying…the phone fell from Raja’s hands the moment when the line hit his ears..

“What happened Anne? “ Raghav was scared not to come the news of which he would be afraid…


7 days passed.. there was no news either of Radhika or of Anika… Raja didn’t come to home after the disappearing of both.. he was in a complete desire in searching her..he never rested nor slept.. Even though he went to the old mill being doubted, he couldn’t find nothing.. all was old dusty things..

“ Radhu.. where are you ? please come back yaar!.. you know I can’t live without you..why are you punishing me like this? You’re fine na? Anu… where are you my girl? Radhu!!! Come back to me!!!.. “ Raja was completely exhausted after the search and  fell on his knee in mid of the road.. his eyes had become red and hair along with dress completely ruffled.. the moment he received a call, he rushed his hands into pocket and picked it without delaying a sec..

His face went all dried expressionlessly…his throat were searching words to answer to the line he heard… his legs became frozen and lips peached.. the phone slipped from his hand resulting into pieces..


Raja skidded the car making the rusty dust to fly.. he opened the car in a hurry and fell down all shivering..these were far enough for his wounds to get more wider…blood oozed from his head and all but the crowded people before him was the scariest thing more than that…the loud cries were rising from them… Raja was loosing his shoulders and courage to look up..he slowly walked towards them.. the people noticed him coming and cried loud being unable to bear his condition..they held his shoulder and stopped to go further.. but her sided the hands and moved… A red saree… may be he saw.. He prayed not to see the sight of which he is afraid of..  Finally he moved the last person Ramu from his front and saw a dead Radhika!!!!!!!

Her dress were making him die.. There was no blouse but a meter piece of cloth covered over her..her hands were hurt and hairs messed up.. Her lips were tore..eyes were open frozenly..her appearance was no less than any horror dream..Raja moved with shocked eyes and hit his kneel on the ground…he raised his hands slowly and touched her face gently…

“R…R…Ra.R….Rad..Radh….Radhh..Ra..Radhikaaa.!!!!  “

Rejini cried shouldering on Ramu seeing the unconditional love of Raja..the villagers closed their eyes with constrain..

“Ra..Radhikaa.. walk up…get up Radhu… get up…No Radhu, you can’t leave me like this.. Radhu… g..get up.. GET UUUUPPP!!!!!!!… Radhu….Radhuuu NOO!!! Please… nooooo…. Radhuuuuuu…… “ he pulled her from ground, covering her back with cloth and hugged her tight ever…he kissed her neck crook but the moan didn’t come..

“Radhuuu I love you….. love you Radhu.. love you so much.. I really love you Radhu… please don’t go…pllhhh…eeehh..sssss….Nooooooo…….!!! “ he hugged her tighter than ‘TIGHT’ and couldn’t let her go an inch.. Ramu came forward him and held Raja’s shoulder who has lost the most precious thing in the world..every faces were reflecting the terrible condition of Raja’s..

“Raja, she..she’s gone.. “

“NOOOO!!!! She hasn’t gone anywhere…. “ Raja replied to his stupidity which truly was the fact.. “ Radhu is here.. with me… no… she can’t leave me.. she had promised me …she can’t leave cant…no…no.. “ Raja’s condition was getting worse…The villagers pulled him back from the body still facing his resistance..the finest saints and physicians took her body away and prepared for the rituals.. just then he saw Anu standing quite far away and tears flowing from her eyes uncontrollably.. he went near her running through the ground and pulled her into a daddy hug.. but Anika wasn’t responding… she was staring at the people who were taking her Amma’s body away from her..Raja broke the hug and started kissing her face..

“Anu.. my girl..are you ok? Anu… “

“ where are they taking Amma to? “ Anika asked hiding her sniff with eyes fixed still there..Raja looked down being unable to answer her question… how could he say that her bff her Amma will never return? Anika slowly walk towards Radhika… the people couldn’t see this little girl’s sorrow!! She sat next to Radhika and held her hand but still said nothing … Tears were flowing without any hindrance.. Raja didn’t look Radhika neither looked Anika…he couldn’t help but cry.. the scenario was a bereave for him.. suddenly he felt a rough hand holding his shoulder… it was Jhanvi!… She sat down dropping tears..


Jhanvi somehow escaped from the place in the 6th day.. she was exhausted and hungry.. but  she compressed it with great puissance.. she walked few steps and reached somewhat of a jungle… there she was frightened and bushed.. she took each steps carefully.. she could walk hardly 2 steps in ten minutes.. she understood that jungles were only attractive in films..suddenly she heard a noise.. she stopped her trudge and stood calm.. something was moving behind the trees.. there was glass noises.. may be of broken bangles? She thought!.. there came a blood filled Hand..

“Oh my goodness! Radhikaaa….. “ Jhanvi exclaimed being unable to digest the scene… Radhika moved forward with the support of the tree, then Jhanvi noticed that her hands were armful… she was carrying an unconscious Anika!!!…. Radhika was horrible to see, her face were swollen and ruffled!..  she was about to fall when Jhnavi held her…

“Radhu.. what happened to you?? Thum.. aise.. Radhu? “ Jhanvi held her shoulder but she was facing down… she couldn’t breathe properly.. her rhythmic beating of heart were audible…. She placed Anika over Jhanvi’s hands.. hanvi couldn’t understand what was happening..

“J..Jhanvi.. Tak..Take Anu..s..she is.. is… sick.. goo…Jhanvi..g..go “ she said struggling to make sound..

“ have you lost it? Come along Radhu.. thum.. “

“ No r..they r b..behind me…th..they can catch us… go… go with A..Anu..Sh..she has!! “ Radhika was loosing her sight..

“No Radhu.. we can survive.. don’t loose hope… just a little more I know this jungle will over…come Radhu..we’ll go to Oberoi Mansion.. there,’ll be safe.. and…Anu! She needs you… and..and Raja, he can’t even think of living without you.. please Radhu… I’ll help you… come… “ she said helping her to stand properly but fails.. they heard some people’s sound searching.. they understood it was them…

“J..Jhanvi.. go..r..rush…I..I can’t live..I lost my every..everything…I..I lost virg..virginity!!!!.. I..I can’t let..let A..Anu die…please Jh…jhanvi.. Save her..I’ begging u….pleeease!!.. “ she cried folding her hands…

“Radhu, we can walk the time we’re spending here.. “Jhanvi was trying hard to hear a ‘yes ‘

“No Jhanvi…th..they… they will catch… I can’t walk..can’t..” she caressed Anika’s head… “Anu.. you…you’ll…Amma will never..l.let anything h…ha…happen to you..Ok? I’ll always..always…always.. be with you..your Amma’s girl right? An…Anika, always remember…never loose hope…. She smiled… like your Amma…be day.. your life will…will change…change totally… but that time…’ll have to decide..decide what you need… and I..I know.. my girl.wi..will become the.. the greatest doctor of all…right? And..and for th..that, you’ll go!! “ she kissed her forehead and eyes dropping few drops of tears over her face…all these were becoming more arduous for Jhanvi to handle..

“J..Jhanvi…  Ra..Raja ko sambhalna..and..and I..I want one thing..thing to happen.. R..Raja sh…should a ma…marry Gayathri!!!.. “

“ KYA?? Pagal ho gaya hai thu… he can’t even think of marrying someone else..what are you saying? Raja… “

“Will marry!!.. he..has to.. I..I don’t want Anu.. live wi..without a mo…mother…Gayathri is.. a..a very nice woman… she…she is our..our best friend… “

“Exactly Radhu she is our best friend…Even Gayathri won’t agree to this..don’t do this Radhu.. wh..what will Raja do?? “ Jhanvi didn’t know through which all words she could stop Radhika..Radhu kept Jhanvi’s hand above hers..

“Ple..please is last wi..wish…I..I want this to happen…” she closed her eyes tight suffering from the pain and ended in crying..Jhanvi couldn’t control but cry out.. both rested their head each other and recollected their special moments..

“I’m sorry Radhu…yeh sab meri wajah se… “

“do..don’t be..s…silly..  Jhanvi… she looked into her eyes… “WAS I A GOOD FRIEND? “ she asked lowering her sight..Jhanvi hugged her tight opening her heart out..

“you were the best friend I ever had… “ she sniffed finishing the line..they heard the noise getting closer and parted..

“ Jhanvi…go..s.. save my kid…she..she needs h..her Appa…and remember last wish..R..Raja sh..should mo..move on..he sh..should…f..for my ha..happiness.. and say ..s.say to him th..that, I love him..I always love him.. she smiled.. he..he never said.. but I.. know he ..loves me..I really love him…now go..Jhanvi goo… “ she kissed Anika looking her affectionately and cried.. “ I love you my princess… one day your destined prince will give you the love on my behalf.. go…run.. “ she pushed Jhanvi away and fell a step back..Jhanvi was helpless, she couldn’t do anything but follow Radhu’s orders..she looked Anika and then to Radhu…

“Jhanvi goo…. “ she said with a weak breath..Jhanvi noticed the shadows of the men nearing.. she hugged Anika and ran from there..for her fortune the men didn’t see her..Jhanvi looked back running and saw those men slapping and hunting Radhika…Jhanvi closed her eyes and covered her mouth crying..

((((( PRESENT )))))

Shivaay’s eyes were filled with tears…he never expected that all these would happen.. he wasn’t strong at that time to console the crying Raja… Shivaay, finally, gained strength and moved forward.. he sat on his knees and held Raja’s shoulder…

“I’m..I’m sorry Uncle…I..I shouldn’t have asked you.. I’m sorry..I..I know I mustn’t ask you this..but..but is that the same people behind Anika? “ Shivaay showed a hesitation asking this..

“Yes!! “ came the reply the next moment..

“When Jhanvi told how she escaped and how Radhu’s condition was, I couldn’t control myself… I had become a wild animal then.. I went to his Mansion fighting with all the security..I..I couldn’t control… I was hell angry and was not in my senses…I hit HIM…again and again and again but what he gave was..was just laugh…he..he was laughing…My anger grew over the limit…he was bleeding but was laughing…he fell on the ground with red tooth still laughing… “

Tears were flowing along with Raja’s anger..

“ He took a document copy from his pocket and threw upon me…it showed…it showed.. it showed that all the..all the belongings of Radhika was now his’ had Radhu’s fingerprint…I..I already had transferred all my money, estates and properties to Radhu… even..even if these were gone, it never bother me..but what he asked was..he…he asked… “

“ what did he ask Uncle? Say it… “ Shivaay conduced him to say

“ He asked Anika!!!!…. “ Shivaay was all shocked with wide eyes…

“WHAT!!???!!?!…. “

“ the document showed that even Radhika’s daughter belong to him now…I..I wasn’t ready to accept that..I resisted..highly resisted but win he did… No lawyer could find any loophole in it… I didn’t know what to do… I was breaking.. I couldn’t live without Anu… They killed my wife, but I won’t let the thing happen with Anu..In that frustration, I cut his hand…and then my and Gayathri’s marriage happened without any luxuries, unexpectedly in temple.. Anika was very angry with me and never talked me before… for few months, there wasn’t much problems … but one day a boy called and blackmailed me with the same document matter… I was scared and worried, even though he’s a boy, the documents in his hands were invaluable… Later, I got to know that he was Sanjay’s son, CHARLIE!!!… But he was strange….. but he decided to play with me… he challenged me to win two conditions…first, of winning a deal.. to win a land in TN.. it was 200 acres.. he challenged me win that deal.. Second to win in an auction of a big Mansion.. he was the age of Anu but his words were more sharper than his father’s…. He was having hatred to me for cutting his father’s hand.. I agreed the deal, as I can’t let Anu go from me..but it was quite complicated… the owner of the land were nowhere to be found but people confused us saying that he’s there, he’s there…The villagers were finding something fishy in me…so we, the villagers shifted to Delhi… here, this is  Gayathri’s uncle land… No one would come here..We shifted so as to make the villagers feel forgotten…They don’t know anything..about the deal not even about HIM… from the very day onwards, I started to forget living.. I never get a chance to talk to my princess.. but she never hated me… she was always sad.. always disheartened.. and why won’t be she, her mother is gone and this is behavior is expectable… there was no one for her.. Moreover we shifted, which gave her tons of shock… I wanted my girl charm back.. for that, I and Gayathri decided to move with the relation we had…

After Gauri’s arrival, Anika was back to life again..she gat her smile back.. Everything back.. but she never loved Gayathri’s presence..  Anika grew and my tensions too… Charlie started to attack Anu.. may be HIS anger grew into lust for Anika…HE wanted her… HE had a lustfulness on her.. and this was making me freak.. I was getting more and more overawe… Now HE has turned into a wild animal bewilder than HIS father… The only way to escape from this was to win the deal first..but…but I was a fool!! I should have guessed before that, he would do something tricky.. Few days before I send Rohit to TN to meet few person regarding the land who came after years… No one knew where they were! Rohit took the information which I told and I received the biggest tragedy.. the land was already named in Malhothra’s but that wasn’t officially declared.. that rascal fella was playing with my emotions.. he was behind the officer’s disappearance… I was betrayed.. Now the only way is to win in that auction.. but that Mansion is more than 1500 crores… we don’t have enough money to afford… We spend all our wealth in finding that deal… we have nothing now…just nothing… HE was playing  a dreadful play! He want Anika… and he’ll do anything to get her… all these accidents these attacks are HIS plottings…  I never let Anu go far from me.. not even to city.. she had to wipe her dream of being a doctor.. coz I’m afraid will something happens when she goes to city…

 The day when she went to OM, your home, I never wanted but it was quite necessary of her meeting with Jhanvi.. but when Anu married you, more than anger, I was scared thinking what will be HIS reaction… but when I thought that she will be safe with you, I had to let her be with you… I know you Shivaay! I’ve seen you in childhood! And I know that Oberoi’s have taught their kids to respect women.. That was my only relief… But when he learned about your presence on Anika, HE was all a mad.. HE made me to bring Anika back.. I was forced to do Shivaay! Bcoz I wanted my child to be safe.. but when you came here all the way from Mumbai, I was worried thinking of HIS order.. HE releases his anger by hurting Anu.. whenever you near Anu, HE hurts her…HE is a lunatic.. I..I can’t say anything against him.. bcoz at anytime HE can take away my Anu… I’ve become HIS toy who works in HIS order.. now it’s 3 days more… after that, he will take my Anu away… and what she’ll have to suffer there, I can’t even think… I’ve never told this to Anu.. I don’t want her to learn this… She’s so pure..she can’t bear these bitter truth… if she gets to know then she herself will surrender coz she doesn’t want anyone to suffer bcoz of her.. she doesn’t want anyone to take tensions naming her… but now.. the time too late… we’re too late… I’m sorry Shivaay, I should have told you these before but I never had the courage… by passing each second, my fear was increasing which stopped me from saying this to you… it’s all over… Everything is over!!!! “

“ NOTHING IS OVER TILL SHIVAAY SINGH OBEROI SAYS IT’S OVER!!!!! “ saying so Shivaay stood up holding Raja up… Shivaay held Raja’s hand in his

“ I’m so proud to say that your my family.. you’ve strived a lot in protecting Anika.. all these years, you buried all the feelings inside you..Even though I roared before you, you never let this secret to be’ve done a lot for Anika… you all have done…”  he neared Gayathri.. “ I know that Anika doesn’t loves you… but same time, she doesn’t even hates you… how can she?  No one could hate such a sacrificing woman… you hid your love to her just for her sake.. you all did a lot for her… but now.. it’s my turn.!!! I’ll show to that animal what I have for HIM… Anika has suffered a lot I her life.. not more…I promise you aunty, I’ll keep Anika as the happiest woman in the world… that’s my word to you… “ Shivaay said leaving a tear down.. Gayathri caressed his face smilingly..

“but Shivaay!, “ Raja interrupted..

“ Don’t you worry Uncle… Shivaay ka hothe hue Anika ko kuch nehi hoga.. She’s only mine.. JUST MINE!!!!… I’ve the only right on her!… May be you’re forgetting that your SIL is Shivaay Singh Oberoi!!!! Time has arrived to shift on SSO mode…!!


Precap : Shivika moments… Shivaay breaks down in front of Anika… how will Shivaay wear a smile over his sorrows near Anika?????


How was the part dears??? Quite old right? I know.. I know…. You all will have the angriness to kill me for typing such a pathetic past.. SORRY!!! Forgive yaar buddies.. just a fictional story.. please do adjust..WELL, did I keep my word? I posted this on 10.00 of Sunday… Raji, the eve of Sunday! Nandu, hope your doubts got cleared! Prabha, how was this part? Do tell buddies!

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