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SwaSan ff- no feelings Shot 5 (is this love?)

Shot 5

She comes out of her  loose pajama covering her just bellow her knees. Her loose shirt slagging off from her shoulder. She is still influence of sleep, her messy hairs, sleepy eyes and trembling steps is moving towards him.

He is at terrace sitting on chair and enjoying the first shine of sun. He takes a sips of tea and reading newspaper and in the next moment it is thrown at somewhere on terrace. Before he could say anything she sits on his laps and hugs him; keeping her head on his chest and hands around his neck.

Swara, what are you…

She kisses on his right cheek. “Good Morning Sanku😘.” She again closes her eyes and hugs him. “Let me sleep.

How cutely she is sleeping in his arms. Completely fit in his arms. Her breaths against his chest, her fist holding his shirt. This seems to perfect, A perfect life, but wait he said he don’t have feelings!!! So what’s this?

“Wake wake up… It’s a brand new day.”

Alarm sounds brings him to the reality. He rubs his eyes twice and finds himself in his room. He irritatingly closes the alarm.

Stupid dreams, nothing related to reality.” He ruffles his hairs. Second time he dreamed about Swara. Yesterday it was day dreaming in slipper shop and seriously he got jealous. “No, nothing for Swara… Eeeh… I dreamed because…

He himself stops because there he is unable to make any false excuse. Atleast he can’t lie to his heart. “Because…?” His heart asks…

You are no one to whom I reply.

Seriously 😒. I pump blood in your body.” He has valid point.

So what?

Now she will also live here…

No one is coming here you get that…” He shouts… Then he finds Kalki is at door staring him. She is in uniform.

Are you OK handsome?” She comes inside and checks his forehead.

I’m fine.” She sits beside him.

I don’t think normal people talks to himself.” Kalki is giggling inside😁😁😁. He is looking stupid. She heard everything.

That… I was practising for…

For…” She asks.

For I am… I…” He gets up… “I saw a movie so repeating it’s dailouge…

She smiles… “Handsome you yso bad in lie. Tell me truth…

He turn towards her. “Why you came here?

Today is my first Pre-Board exam so I need some wishes.

He moves towards Almera and opens the drawer and gives her a packet. “Gift from my side.” It is a pen. “I know you will rock in exam.

She hugs him. “You are so Sweet Handsome. You remembered about my exam.

I care for my partner and don’t take tension. Attempt that question first that you know… And tick all the attempted questions and…

Relax… I’m not giving exam first time. Handsome how was your first pre board exam…

His first Pre Board exam; that he never gave. Court allowed him to give Board exams on his request. He studied inside his cell with limited resources… He didn’t provide any teacher. Like others prisoner he worked on day time and then studied at night. Nikhil and Sanskaar generally solved their problem with each other.

Hey.” She waves her hand. “Where?¿

Nothing… It was good but your will be best.

Kalki… Come…” Swara comes to call Kalki then she looks towards Sanskaar. The first thing came in her mind. ‘He loves you Di.’


And he is thinks about his morning dream. Did she actually kissed him? He can feel it on his cheek. He touches his cheek… If cheek kiss made his condition like lost puppy then what would happen if she actually kiss on his lips… He looks towards her Rosy lips. Red; it would be great to feels those petals, sweet and smooth. He would definitely won’t stop till he get satisfied.

Ahem Ahem…” Kalki brings them in reality. “If staring session end then we can leave handsome.”

Kalki…” Swara shows her eyes and they leave.

What was that?” Again his heart enquires to him.

What?😒.” Be simply replies.

Her lips…

I don’t want to kiss her.” He arranges his bed. “And this would never going to happen?

So you want it?

No.” He looks towards time. “I need to go…”

Shall I command to your mind?” It seems his heart is more excited than him. It is his own feelings which he wants to suppress.

What command?” Be takes his clothes from Almera.

About kiss. I’m mean lip kiss dream.” Too Frank😁, don’t care about Sanskaar’s anger.

Swara bought new footwear👡👡.” He tries to threaten him.

It seems you are seeking chance to meet her, to be near her…

😒😒😒 You know what? Just go to hell.” He closes the bathroom door.

Swara and Kalki are going towards school. But Swara is hell irretated because since 15 minutes Kalki is giggling 😁😁😁😁.

What? Am I looking funny?

Di😁😁😁. You know what?” She again laughs…

Has le ya phir bol le.😒.

Di Handsome was dreaming about you.” She remembers morning incident and then again laughs.

How do you know?” Kalki tells her that how he was ranting in dreams even he was talking to himself.

Di I think you kissed him in dream.” Swara keeps hand on her mouth. “Cheek kiss…

What rubbish😠😠😠? Why would I kiss him?

But Di it was his dream!!!😆😆😆. He touched his left cheek.

Kalki you should not do this. This is very bad… He is our tenant it doesn’t mean you will interfere in his privacy.

But Di he is my friend.” She becomes sad😢.

This is not your age to talk about these things. First study and then becomes successful in your life… After that these things come.” She explains her.

But di you completed these phases. Di don’t you like handsome?


That Bucky😬…

Kalki you go…” She shouts and then take a sigh. “Do well in your exams.” Swara leaves.

I promise to throw that jerk away from your life Di. Because now handsome will fill love in your life.” She is determined towards her goal.

Dance class

Kavita is coming from her dance class and while coming down from stairs; her concentration is on Sanskaar and her leg slips.

Aahhh😫😫😫. My leg.” She cries and Sanskaar comes towards her.

Mam are you okay…

I think I can’t walk.” She thinks perhaps Sanskaar might lift her in his arms and that’s brings goosebumps inside her stomach. He holds her feet and twitches it and pain vanishes.

Now fine?

You are a doctor too.” He is not. He learned it during his punishment days. Many times they had to work in field to break stones and he also got injured many times. So it wasn’t feasible to call doctor so he knows this.

Kavita and Sanskaar leaves for cafe.

Sanskaar can you help me?

What kind of help?” He thinks what kind of help she wants.

Actually today Lucky… He invited me in club.” She explains him how he invited her with the help of Swara and now she can’t even deny.

What can I do?

Be near to me. I don’t like to be close to Laksh. Please help me…” She requests to him.

Okay mam.

Thanks😇 and please wear black.

Sahil’s home

I know this would going to happen?” Sanskaar tells Sahil about his dream. He thinks perhaps he might have some solution but instead of helping him he is scolding him.

I’m not getting you…” Stupid boy still confused.

That girl Swara… She has created her magic on you.” He points towards his heart. “Control on your heart before you might fall for her.

He is already fallen, without even his knowledge. If he ever feel for any girl then she is Swara. His Swara and he likes to be with her. Sahil understand the dream he saw is his heart’s desire to live a peaceful life with Swara in his arms.

I felt myself complete in the dream… There was peace and she was in my arms.” A shine comes in his face. “She completely fit in my arms like a kid.” Be points at his heart. “She kept her head there and that sleepy smile on her face…

He jerks him. “Come to reality… Swara is not truth she is just illusion. Kavita only focus on Kavita. Did you forget your goal. Sanskaar Swara is distracting you… Your goal is your life…

You are right Sahil… Kavita is my goal. From now onwards now Swara. Let her live her life the way she wants… I don’t care.” Sahil hugs him.

Good boy.😇

Sanskaar gets a call. “Yes partner…

Handsome, Di again went to meet that Bucky. Please come… I don’t want Di to be near to him…” She cries.

Don’t cry. I’m coming…” He disconnects the calls.

Where are you going?” Sahil asks…

That Monkey is troubling my Swara…” He takes keys of car and leaves… Without even realizing what he said.

‘My Swara…’

He loves her… God please don’t let this true. I know at the end Sanskaar will get hurt.” Sahil pray to God. He had seen him crying lots of time and now he can’t see his friend broken because after knowing his reality Swara will never accept him.

Laksh Room

Laksh is comfortably sitting on the bed and ordering Swara to do this and that…

Swara please bring some juice… I am weak.

Ok Laksh…” She brings juice for him.

Ice Swara… Don’t you know I want ice?” She again goes down nd brings ice. Lucky smiles seeing her working for him. “No Sanskaar can snatch my slave from me.”

Lucky I’m leaving now…

Wait Swara… Please find my shoes. Today we are going to meet Kavita…” He request bit smirks inside. Swara brings shoes for him. Meanwhile Sanskaar storms into his home from terrace. “Swara kindly polish my shoes…👞

Sanskaar snatch the shoes and throws them out of window and drags Swara out of his room. Swara saw bringing volcano in his eyes… She knows he will scold her to meet Lucky but it was her Dadi who forced her to meet him. She denied but her dad and Ma also forced her.

Sanskaar… You shouldn’t throw his shoes…” He stops and then jumps to his terrace and she too.

If he won’t stop his cheap trick I won’t mind throwing him too…

He is not that much bad as you think… You think him wrong. He don’t even know about my feelings.” Sanskaar can’t believe; is she blind to see his nature? How could he even say her to polish his shoes.

I’ll take it as a joke.

It’s true. I never confesses to him.” She tries to defend but he knows Lucky more than her. He cups her face.

Why are you so innocent?” He hugs her and she gets hiccups with his sudden act. “This world is not the way you think.


These hiccups?” He cares her hairs and rubs her back with his palm. “I’ll protect you.

She doesn’t protest. She doesn’t dislike it. She closes her eyes and waits her hiccups to becomes normal and they stay like this till his phone rings. They move apart.

Yes Mam…

Are you coming?” Kavita asks.

Yes mam…

Okay pick me at sharp 9 PM.” Then she disconnects the call.

Wanna join me for shopping?

What? I but how…

We are friends!!! I guess. Or if Lucky would be at my place then…” He taunts.

I’m coming😐.” He smiles…

At night

Am I looking handsome?” Sanskaar checks himself. Then he ruffles his hairs and again changes his hair style. “And now?

Offo handsome… No need to make any hairstyle just be normal. You can burn many women in your simple looks😘.” Praises him.


No no…” She pulls his cheeks. “You are looking cute.

Aahh my cheeks… Don’t pull them and I’m not cute😒.

Aww😙😙😙. Di calls you cute not me. She said Sanskaar is cute.” She winks😉.

Sachii…” He unknowingly blushes. “Aur Kya kaha Swara ne? (What else she said about me?)” He asks like a cute kid. He is curious to know what Swara think about him.

Then Swara comes… “Sanskaar I’m ready…” He just lost in her her black dress, till her knees with high heels to reach somewhere near to his height.

Perfect…” She defines it’s ture meaning in every sense. She is a complete mixture of innocence, charm and beauty. Not even a percent less not even a percent more, just perfect.

Di how’s Handsome looking? I helped him to get ready.

Cute…” And Sanskaar smiles😊. He likes this word cute no, no… Now he started liking this word cute…

He holds her hand and they move down and Laksh is waiting for Swara. He doesn’t like the way SwaSan holding each other hand. He shows Dadi this… Parvati goes towards them and pulls Swara’s hand from his grip.

Don’t touch my daughter.” She pulls her towards Laksh and makes Lucky to hold Swara’s hand. “Khatu Shyam ji save you both form evil eyes.” She says looking towards Sanskaar.

If Dadi would not be there then he will never let Lucky to even touch Swara’s shadow. But he keeps calm and Swara is looking at him. She likes the way he respects her Dadi after her taunts. He didn’t create any scene here because it might not liked by Dadi. They go outside.

Lucky you go. I’ll come with Sanskaar…”

But Swara…

If she don’t want then why are you forcing her.” Sanskaar says directly.

Lucky holds her hand and pulls her and she doesn’t like it as it hurts at her elbow and shoulder joint. “You will come with me.

Why?” Sanskaar ask and takes Swara’s hand from his hand.

Because I want… And Swara will never disobey me.” He smirks.

Sanskaar leaves Swara’s hand and moves towards the car. Lucky pulls Swara’s hand. “Come Swara…

Swara simply denies him. “Laksh, it’s Kavita’s place in your car and I don’t want to come between you both.” She removes his hand. “It’s better for me to go with Sanskaar. In your request I’m coming and that’s a duty of a friend.

She goes towards Sanskaar’s car and sits with him. Sanskaar smirks and leaves.

You have to pay for it Swara and i make sure you will cry? You insulted me… My Slave. When slave forgets their place then owner needs to show them where they belong.


What Lucky will do?

Do you really think Sanskaar is in love?

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