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Saam Daam Dand Bhed 9th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Judge Pronounces Vijay Guilty in Prabhath’s Murder Case

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 9th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ananth’s voice artist Anil Verma points at Bulbul in court. Ananth smirks and reminisces Anil calling him and asking what to as Bulbul has caught him. Ananth warns to keep his mouth shut, else lose his family. Anil says Bulbul dragged him here forcefully to give evidence against Ananth, else she will ruin his life. Bulbul says he is lying. Judge asks to keep silence and asks Ananth to stand up, asks Anil if he knows Ananth. Anil says yes, Ananth is a famous Bollywood film actor. Juge asks Keshav he told his evidence will change case’s route, what happened now, he gives 3 days’ time for both parties to present their evidences and adjourns court for the day. Constables take Vijay towards van when he stops at Ananth and says he did not tell about his and Mandira’s relationship

to Ananth for his good, but Ananth did wrong by trapping him in Prabath’s murder case. Ananth taunts him that truth is on his side and Vijay is helpless now, he leaves. Family walks to Vijay. Vijay tells Angad that he considered him as his right hand, but he betrayed him. Angad says even he is hurt hearing the man whom he considered more than his father murdered his father. Gayatri tries to speak. Vijay asks not to speak to criminal and sends them away. Vasu cries hugging him.

Bulbul with Keshav meets Vijay next and apologizes for not getting proper evidence. Vijay says she did her best and says there is something wrong, how can Ananth get gun with which Prabath was murdered and how his photo was morphed, they should find out how did he do that. Bulbul goes to photo studio and asks photographer if he morphed someone’s photo with gun. He says he does not do illegal job and sends her away. She then goes to forensic lab and asks technician to give copy of report. He says it is already sent to court and she has to take permission from court now. Bulbul returns to Vijay and informs what happened. Keshav seeing their love says he also wants to marry seeing their love. His drama continues.

Next day, judge looks at forensic report and says it is proved Vijay killed his brother Prabhath. Vijay says he is being trapped wrongly in this case and needs a chance to prove it. Judge says he cannot and starts judgment when clock ticks 5 p.m. Judge says today’s hearing is over and since tomorrow is holiday, hearing will be day after tomorrow. Vijay and Bulbul breath a sigh of relief for sometime. Out of court, Vijay meets Bulbul and asks hot smile as he wants to go away seeing her smiling face. Constables get him into jeep. He signals her to sleep and leaves. Bulbul hears lawyers discussing that MLA will get death sentence. Words echo in her mind.

Precap: Bulbul seeks Mandira’s help to save Vijay. Mandira says she will but.. Bulbul says she knows she would not do anything without return, she will do anything to save her smile.

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