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Roses have thorns – Roses have thorns and love has pain (Chapter 1)

Published : 9th April, 2018.




A small girl of 10 years  is sitting on a swing at a lonely park. There is no one around her no one to push the swing no one to play with her. She is an orphan. She stays in the nearby orphanage. She is shy usually stays quiet and doesn’t get along with other kids in the orphanage. She always in the same way sit alone in the park but that day something different happen a boy of same age came there. He saw the girl then came behind her and started pushing the swing. She for a moment was shocked but then started to enjoy. They were enjoying playing around the park. After sometime they both being tired sat down on the bench. The boy said “ I am Rihaan” and asked her name, she replied “ I am Kaira”.

Rihaan asked  “ Where are your friends ?”

Kaira replied sadly “ I dont have any frnd”.

Hearing this Rihaan stood up and extending his hand for a handshake said “ Friends ??”.

Kaira shook hand and said “Friends”.

At that time the caretaker of orphanage Miss Jones came and took Kaira with her. Greeting bye and promising Rihaan of meeting again tomorrow she went with the caretaker. Kaira was narrating the whole incident to her joyously. The lady was very fond of the girl but was always sad seeing her alone and making no friends but today she made a friend and was delightfully listening her.

On the other hand Rihaan went to his lavish home where his mother was waiting for him. He too happily narrated the incident to his mother. She was very tensed when the whole way to their new home Rihaan was sad but now she felt relieved seeing his son’s happiness.


Next day Rihaan went to the park at the same time and was waiting for her. She came there and both started to play and talk.

They used to meet everyday in the park conversing about their day, sharing their secrets, sadness and happiness and sometime would also fight. Rihaan’s parents also liked her.Their friendship grew stronger with every passing day.They became best friends. They made new friends, Kabir, Veer and Alia. With Rihaan, Kaira changed for good, she was no more scared of meeting new people and making new friends. They five were inseparable.

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