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Rj’s love story (Part-1) Shivika ff

Hello,guys after my first ever story I am here with my second story…So,just read it…Nothing to say…

7:00 am
Wish Orphanage home

In a small room but yet elegant with many paper flowers and birds…One side of the wall there is a photo of of two person with a child in middle and whole room is full of magazines and leaflets and every magazines front page has an only name SO…In the middle of the small room there are a small bad and someone is sleeping there peacefully with duvet on her whole body from head to toe…The alarm clock started buzzing but the person stopped it with her hand and again make herself comfortable into the duvet but she won’t comfortable for long time because a woman in her mid 50s entered the room and came near her bed and started shaking her slowly

“Anika..anu my dear woke up…See it’s already late,” The lady spoke with a little smile in her face and shaking the person slowly…

But,the person didn’t pay any heed to her…Seeing that she has no mood to wake up like this a idea strike in the women’s mind…

She spoke faking a worrying tone,” Holy Jesus…Anu it’s already 10:00 am and your interview at 10:30 am..How will you reach there…Anu becoming a Rj will remain a dream now..”

The person under the duvet now put off the duvet and shouted,” What are you saying…Mother???”

The face of the person is shown now…The sunlight also helping to look at the beautiful sparkle of her face…Her hairs are blowing over her face…She shoo away the hairs shaking her head…Her beautiful angelic face is now clearly shown…The beautiful chocolate brown orbs can be meaning of live for any person…Her milky white face will want to see any person if he had to live his life by looking at it….Her beautiful hard-touched long nose is little screwed because of annoyance …Her beautiful pinkish lips which has now had a worriness making her more cute…Looking at her now anybody can give her life…She can make anyone to fall for her at first sight…Yes you are right this is our beautiful Anika and Mother’s anu and love of our future lover…

Anika literally shouting and jumping and making everything right in her bed,” Mother why didn’t you wake up??? Now,What will I do??? Arre yaar where is the damn clothes??? Mai ab kya karunga??? Ah😭😭😭…meri to aj lut pari??? Mya ab kya karu?? Ai meri whity tolya kaha hai…(What will I do now???Ah😭😭😭Today I am finished???What will I do now???And where is my white towel??) Like this,she is nonstop blabbering without paying any heed that Mother is trying to say her that she lied…At last,Mother shouted

Mother,” Anuuuuuuu first listen to me carefully…I lied…Now,it’s only 7:15 am…I lied for waking you up…Now,calm down beta..”

” Mother…you made me heart attack…Uff thanks to my ganpati pappa that I didn’t get late but why you called me so soon???” She spoke with much relief in her voice…

“Oh na..I know you from your childhood…You take at least two hours for get ready…So,if I don’t make you get up soon then you forget your microphone to your kanji akhe vala bagad billa….”

“Mother uss shree shree kanji akhe vala bagad billa ka naam bhi meri samna mat lina…Uss haram khota(I think spelling is alright) na us din meri champa ko upar pouchane vala ta but my gangpati pappa na meri champa ki jan bacha lia…(Mother don’t take the name of that shree shree blue eyed mad cat’s name before me…That moron{I don’t know what the English of it…just dadi’s language so wrote😣😣} was going to kill my champa but thank god my gangpati pappa save her or it..)

Mother,” Okay…now get ready for your interview…You tried very much for it and now you have to get it..”

Anika with a grin,” No worries…my mother I am Anika..Anika Sen….I am best after mummy papa you always tell me that na I can do everything…Akher I am to be girlfriend of my SO….” Last line she spoke dreamily…

Mother Merry us totally fed up with her blind love…(yeah Anika never met him…Not only Anika but the whole world is unknown of the fact that who is this SO….Who is now the best businessman of India not only to India…He is best businessman of Asia and now his ambition to make India rise more and more but about this multi billionaire everyone is unknown…Who is he??? What is his name??? Who is his family means his whole past and present everything is unknown…He is known to be mystery man…He is heart of many girls but because of her money,status nothing else but our Anika loves him for his generous nature,beautiful heart…He is the soul of their orphanage not only their…Most of the orphanage of India is taken care by him…)

And our Anika is in love with him(Guys,understand who it is??? You will know everything in next chapter)

Mother,” Anika ai kasi pagalpan hai…Tu na usa janti or na kabhi dekhi hai par phir bhi tu usse itna pyaar karti hai..Tuje lagta hai o insan kabhi bhi teri jindagi pa ayagi(Anika what kind of madness it is…You don’t know him or ever seen him but you love him…Do you feel that he will come to your life ever???”)

Anika become nonchalant by listening this but spoke with a smile,” I know mother he will never come to me or ever love me…He will never think to make me his soulmate,his life and his love but I can’t…I can’t love anyone in my dreams also without him…”

Mother,” Then in your whole life you will be single like this…You will be alone…”

Anika looking at the sky through her window,” If that so then my answer is yes…I will remain like this and will live my life with my orphanage,rjing job and of course with my designs…I can live my life…”

Mother becoming sad,” Your wish…Now,get ready soon or your job will go to him your enemy at first sight…”

Anika,” Yeah…I have to go and you are absolutely right…If my SO is my love then that Shivaay is my enemy and that too in first sight…Now I am going…I have to ready…”

Mother smiling,” Yeah go..”


So,here completed the first part…A little small but given the whole intro of Anika….Next one will be Shivaay or SO…I don’t know….Everything is fair in my story…I will start the main plot soon but I think it will be a short…What you all say??? I should make it big or a small one…Tell me through comments and giving a target because of my own reasons…I am so busy nowdays so if I give a target then I will concentrate in my studies…

So Target: Um…30 votes and 10 comments…I think it will complete in one day or two day

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