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Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 9th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Ratan Misleads Diya With Mortgage Drama

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 9th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Diya picks Ratan’s pic fallen on the ground. Ratan comes and helps her take it. Ratan asks her why she is so restless. Sun Saathiya song plays….Ratan picks her fallen dupatta and covers both of their heads under it. Song plays….Ratan says you didn’t reply to my question. Diya says you are all my answers. He removes dupatta from his head and makes Diya wear it. He sets her mang tika and dances with her. It turns out to be Diya’s imagination. Isha smiles and tells her that she got best husband and tells that he sent Sajjan Singh to London, so that he can get best treatment and become fine. Diya says Ratan have done so much and haven’t told me anything. Isha says he is like that, whenever he wants to do something good then he does it secretly, but takes out anger openly. She says

it seems like your marriage is getting successful and says it is all love and nothing else, and says everything will be fine slowly. Diya asks really? Isha asks her to know by playing rose game. Diya gets tensed as loves me not comes, but she says he loves me.

Yash talks to Diya and tells that he is happy about Ratan’s report. Mohana asks him not to feel guilty as he couldn’t go, and says you are busy and that’s why you couldn’t help them. Yash says yes, but I should have helped them. Mohana gets angry.

Ratan thinks I can’t love Diya and thinks how to stop her. Bhuvan is hiding from him, but gets caught. He tells that his plan backfired. Ratan asks what happened? Bhuvan says I can’t tell you, but can’t help you. Ratan emotionally blackmails him and says I thought you are like my father, but I think I have expected more from you. Bhuvan gets emotional and says I am like your father and is with you. Ratan says I know and tells that they have to do something so that Diya hates him.

Bhuvan thinks now CT will not know and gets an idea. Jeweller comes to Ratan and says they are his family jeweler and knows their likes and dislikes. Ratan says he don’t want to buy anything, but want to mortgage his family’s ring with him as he needs money. Jeweler’s assistant takes the video. Ratan mortgages the ring for 60 lakhs rs. They leave after hearing Ratan meeting someone in park to give money. Bhuvan says it is fun. Ratan says if he will tell Diya. Bhuvan says he will tell Diya and says it would have been more good if you had mortgage engagement ring. He says now Diya will believe that you are addicted to drugs. Ratan gets emotional and thinks when she leaves me then I will be left with this ring and the memories. Sakshi comes there with Mohak after shopping. She tells that she is very excited to get them married in Italy. Yash says I got room booked for you. Mohana says she is happy thinking about her room. Mohak says it is allotted to Diya and Ratan, as he is Daata hukum. Yash tells Mohana that he will talk to them and get the room. Mohana says she don’t want. Jeweler tells Diya about Ratan mortgaging the ring. Diya is shocked.

Diya comes to the park and finds Ratan having a white powder. She questions him and breaks friendship with him. Ratan cries.

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