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Pyar ko ho jaane do again with Rohit and preeti (Episode 16)

pyar ko ho jaane do again with Rohit and preeti.

Episode 16:

So at last we know that preeti is daughter of Ishaan and preet. Thats why ishaan saves her from every danger.

In morning

Preeti comes to badi mummy.

Preeti: Dadi your hands are full on magic. last night i sleep very well bcz of massage.

Badi mummy: (shocking) Dadi?

Rohit: Preeti she is mine Nani and also yours….not dadi.

Preeti: i m sorry..

Badi mummy: (shaking her voice with full of pain. she remembers Ishaan) no beta you call me Dadi. you are like my kavya.ok

Preeti: (smiles) ok.

Ishaan and preet soul are present here. Ishaan eyes are full of tears.

in office…

Ayesha , Trisha , bade papa and sid were present there then preeti abd Rohit comes.

Sid: Rohit?

Preeti: yes he help you in this deal. He wants to join your business.

Trisha: great.

Badepapa: (emotional) good beta. i want you to do this.

Their meeting starts and sid tells preeti that He called some engineers in India. They design our tanks.

Preeti: great…when they come?

Sid: Today…evening…our cars pick them.

Preeti: when they come our project finally starts.

Ayesha: ok meeting ends?

Preeti: you want to go to Herry then go.

Ayesha: ohh preeti thanks. bye guys.

everyone smiles.

Preeti goes to washroom. Here she calls dad.

Preeti: yes dad they come in evening.

Dad: well done…i prepare my guards.

Preeti: ok bye.

In hooda house…

Ritik search his shirt but he did not find it.

Kavya: what you search?

Ritik: did you see my green shirt?

Kavya: yes… i get it.

kavya gets the shirt and give it to Ritik then the carpet slip from place and Kavya fell with Ritik on floor. They look each other eyes. Romatic Eyelock. “Hamsafer” song plays in background. Ritik gets up. He does not touch her. She cried to lift her from floor.

Kavya: “muh kya dekh re ho mera mjhe uthao”

Ritik: “me na bola tha me tmhe kbi hath ni lgao ga bina tmhari permission kay”.

Kavya: “jao papar la k ao tmhe permission do…ary ik larki zameen par giri h r tm muh dekh re ho mera”.

Ritik: i m sorry…i lift you.

He lifts her then kavya leaves.

In evening…

engineers comes in hooda house. Badi mummy serves tea. Sid introduced preeti to them. Then they discuss something and leave.

At night…

Rohit gets up. He wakes up preeti.

Rohit: preeti….preeti plz wakeup.

Preeti: what is it Rohit?

Rohit: I m very hungry. plz cook something for me.

Preeti: This time…2am.

Rohit: plz..plz..plz..

Preeti: ok..ok.. i ‘ll go.

preeti thinks that “mjhe tw khuc banana ni ata…kya kro ab. chalo khuc milkshake hi bna deti ho”. She goes to kitchen. She founds some flour.

Preeti: “shayad is sa khuc bn jaye”

Rohit is in room thinks that “Roz tw preeti juice par guzara krti hai kahin mere lia b juice na bna le…mjhe ni lgta usy khuc bnana ata hoga…bekar me bhej dia usy…chalo me dekhta ho”.
he goes to kitchen and sees that she pour water on flour. her face and hands become dirty. He laughs. Preeti sees him.

Rohit: “mjhe bta deti k tmhe khuc bnana ni ata”

preeti: (so innocent) “tmhe bhook lagi thi na tw me….”

Rohit: you are so innocent. i love you. “isi innocense ne mera pait bhar dia”

He kisses her on cheeks and met flour from her face kavya comes.

Kavya: what you both doing here. and preeti your face and hands…

Rohit: nothing yarr i feel hungry and sent her for cooking but see.

Kavya: you both go from there i cook something. preeti… you wash your hands here.

Rohit goes and preeti washed her face and hands. Then kavya sees her that she is facing troble in washing then kavya helps her in washing. She washes her face and hands with full of love. Preet sees the love of both sisters and becomes happy.

After that in fajar time preeti goes for prayers. She goes to her dad room. here grandpaa and Dad present there. She comes to them. They are standing like triangle. preeti goes in flashback.

One bus was arriving to hooda house suddenly 10 jeeps came and they stop bus. jeep men throws the petrol to bus. one girl get out of car and burn the bus. This bus is of engineers who came to handle the project. That girl is preeti. who killed at least 20 engineers.

Then grandpaa appreciates her work.

Grandpa: good job beti. i want this spirit. And you also ….Atif.

preeti: ” Sawaar uska …likin ghora mera, pen uska …likin paper mera. wo apni ungli dengy me pora hath pakar longi. R phir apny badly ki agg me sab khuc jala k rakh kar dongi”.

Atif: R isky lia sab sa zyada kya zaroori hai?

Preet: (evily) muhabat.

Atif: good.

Trio laughs.

Ishaan sees all of them. He realize that Atif and baba again come to destroy hooda family. They use his daughter preeti. How can He saves his family and daughter from this trap?

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