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Pyar ko ho jaane do again with Rohit and preeti (Episode 15)

pyar ko ho jaane do again with Rohit and preeti.

Episode 15:

Lorry hits preeti and she flies in air and then fells down on earth. she becomes unconcious. Everybody run towards her.

Rohit: (shouts) preeti.

He lifts her and trying to wakeup but she does not open her eyes.

Ritik: bro take her in house i call doctor. i think she is fine.

Rohit takes her to house. Everybody get tense to see her like this. kavya weeps for her. Rohit continously trying her to wakeup.

Rohit: Mama see she does not open her eyes.

Neeti: relaxe she ‘ll be fine.

Rohit: (weeps for her)

Ritik calls doctor. Preeti ‘s father and grandpa is highly tensed. Rohit tears fell down on her face and she is about to move her hands. Everybody relaxe to see her that she is fine.
doc comes and checks her. He gives some medicines and injections. She sleeps under the essence of medicine. Rohit gets some relaxation. Ritik calls kavya in room. she goes.

Ritik: what did you say to preeti in garden😠. don ‘t lie. I listened every word.

Kavya: (confused and guilt in her voice) I am sorry. I was in anger and I scolded her.

Ritik: Kavya…i can ‘t bear ever that you talk to her like this. She is now the member of our family. so please behave yourself.

He goes from there. She feels guilty and weeps.

Preeti wakes up. Rohit is in room and Ritik comes. Ayesha and Herry also comes.

Ayesha: (tensed) preeti are you ok?

Preeti:(low voice) yes i m.

Herry: when she heard she continously weeping ….please Ayesha see she is fine now.

Ritik: but its strange that you have nothing any kind of scratch. infact the accident was terrible.

Ayesha: Really!

Preeti goes in flashback in time of accident.


She collected the papers and then she heard the voice of Kavya. she about to turned then lorry hits her. (In very slow motion) She flied in air in arms of a man looking exectely like Rohit. He saved her from danger and lied her on earth. He touched her eyes then she becomes unconcious.

Flashback ends…

Preeti: (pointing towards Rohit) You saved my life right.

Rohit: (confused) me…

Preeti: yes you…” tum super man ki tarha fly karty hoe aye r mjhe bhi hawa me fly karwa k tum ne mujhe hit hony sa bachaya thank you.”

Ritik: (😧😇 shocked) bro listen. we have to rest her. come on guys lets go.

Ayesha and Herry are also in shocked to hear her conversation.

Herry: what she saying?

ayesha: i don ‘t know.

Ritik to Rohit: “bro i think preeti kay dimag me chott lag gai hai isi lia esi batein kar rahi hai. i think we check her to brain specialist”.

Rohit sees him confusely.

Kavya comes to preeti and says sorry to her. Preeti smiles and says its ok. i understands your feelings. When you see Ritik as your husband i can understand. But Ritik is good guy. Try to understand him. not as husband initially but as your friend. Kavya smiles and Agreed.

Kavya goes to Ritik and offers him frienship. He accepts. She gives him a friendship band. both tie on their hands.

Rohit sitting in loan. He thinks about preeti. “What she saying? I save her. how can I?”

Preeti comes.Rohit tunts her why she is in loan. She have to rest but she refused. than badi mummy comes. Offers her for masaage of oil on her head. She accepts. Rohit goes to chemist for medicine. Preeti sits on floar and Badi mummy starts maasage.

Badi mummy: once my daughter in law preet …every day I massage her hair. She is very good. you are looking as she is.

Preeti sleeps on badi mummy ‘s legs. Rohit comes and sees her sleeping.

Badi mummy: ohh…she sleeps. Rohit beta take her to room.

Rohit: yes you go. i ‘ll take her.

Badi mummy moves silently that the sleep of preeti gets no disturbance. She left and Rohit lifts her slowly and moves from there. Here Ishaan and preeti are present.

Preeti: thank you… you save our daughter from terrible accident.

Ishaan smiles.

Ishaan: “Hamari beti hai …us per ik kharooch bhi ni ane donga”.

what she is ishreet ‘s daughter. but they died in bomb blast. so when she born? To know please stay to read next article.

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