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Pyaar Ho Toh Aise (Kanchi) LAST EPISODE


Kanchi’s Last Week In Dubai
Kabir and Sanchi are sleeping in each other’s arms when Kabir slowly opens his eyes and sees Sanchi. He smiles and slowly caresses her hair when Sanchi also wakes up.
Kabir: Good Morning Beautiful
Sanchi: Hmm, morning
Sanchi looks up at Kabir and they both share a quick kiss
Kabir: Friday
Sanchi: Going back home
Kabir: What do you wanna do today
Sanchi: Let’s do … nothing
Kabir: I think I like that

Isha: Guys!!!
Pragya: Sanchi and Kabir are coming back in two days … yay
Isha: Is something wrong
Veer: No, idiot. That means hitler is coming back from his vacation
Isha: Guys, we aren’t interns anymore
Veer: True… so how are things between you and Kunal
Isha: Good, we just went for a long drive yesterday
Pragya: And there’s this duffer, who thinks eating golgappas at night is romantic.
Veer: Hey I said sorry naa
Pragya walks away
Isha: You should make it up to her
Veer: You girls are so demanding
He also walks away and then Isha walks nodding away as well.

Kapoor Mansion
Kusum: Kabir and Sanchi are coming in two days
Kunal: It feels like I haven’t seen them in forever
Suraj: It’s only been two weeks
Kusum: THREE
Suraj: Oh, it has been a while
Kunal: Dad where have you been
Suraj: Dreaming about retirement
Kunal: Wow
Suraj: Thanks my son

So back to Kanchi, they are walking around in Dubai, hand in hand
Sanchi: I can’t believe Bhai and Bhabhi have left India
Kabir: You can always visit them when you want
Sanchi: But it won’t be the same,
Kabir: I understand but at least you aren’t banished from meeting them
Sanchi smiles
Sanchi: Hmm, you know why this trip has been the best in my life
Kabir wraps his arm around Sanchi
Kabir: Why my dear lovely wife
Sanchi: Because I am with the most handsome man in the world who is also the best husband
Kabir: Why thank you!! And being here with you in Dubai has made this the best trip for me as well. Ab chalo
Sanchi: Wish we could stay here longer
Kabir: And what about work and our families
Sanchi: If only
Kabir: If only what
Sanchi: If only we weren’t bound by work
Kabir: Stop this melodrama and chalo
Kabir turns Sanchi around and they head back to the hotel

About 5 Months Later
Kanchi returned from Dubai a while back and are now constantly indulged in their work. Let’s see what is happening

SDCH, Lunch Time
Sanchi: Okay and what about Mr. Saxena and his surgery when has that been scheduled
Intern: Three weeks from today
Sanchi looks up from her desk
Sanchi: Do you think I am a calendar? When is it
Intern: April 25, 2018
Sanchi goes back to her stacks of files on her desk and is indulged in her computer
Sanchi: Okay we will be having a test before these back to back surgeries and we will have the top 5 interns with us, write that down
Intern: Ma’am may I leave now??
Sanchi: Excuse me
Intern: My shift is over and it’s your lunch break
Sanchi: Go and send someone to replace you in here
Next Intern Comes In
Sanchi: You go and give this Dr. Kabir and tell him he is proctoring so he’s making copies.
Intern takes the files and goes next door to Kabir
Kabir, same situation as Sanchi,
Kabir: Come in
Intern: Sir, Dr. Sanchi has sent these for you and she said that you will be proctoring so you will be making copies
Kabir: Tell her that’s fine and give this to her, it’s a copy of the surgery schedules
Intern: Okay Sir
Sanchi: Come in
Intern: He says that will be okay and he sent this to you
Sanchi: Hmm, okay if I am correct you are here to review for the test or
Intern: I need to lecture from yesterday because I was on duty
Sanchi: Hmm okay, there were more that weren’t there
Intern: Yes they will be getting notes from me
Sanchi: Tell all interns that I will be going over the lecture Monday morning 9AM sharp so if anyone needs further explanations or need to get notes they better be there
Intern: Okay Ma’am
Sanchi: You can go and attend to these patients, and I want a detailed report on the first 10 patients
Intern: Okay Ma’am
Sanchi continues typing after the intern leaves and then she herself gets up. She goes into a waiting room
Sanchi: Good Afternoon,
She shakes hands with the patient
Sanchi: I will be performing surgery on you today and blah blah blah
Sorry I don’t know a lot of medical terms yet

A few minutes later
Kabir talking to intern
Kabir: Ask Dr. Sanchi about the ….
Intern: Sir Dr. Sanchi already left for her surgery
Kabir: Oh god, umm it’s fine. You can go
Once intern leaves, Kabir checks his phone
Kabir: That must have been her message

Sanchi: Kabir you better not wait for me to finish my surgery, go home on time!!! See you tomorrow
Off Chat
Kabir: Uff this girl

So as you can tell, Kanchi is WAYYY too busy nowadays but on Sundays it’s always totally relaxed for them. Nothing to worry about at all. Let’s see how things are between Kunal Isha and Veer Pragya

Isha: Oh my god I am so sorry I am late
Kunal: Don’t worry about it sweetheart
Isha: No really I am so sorry
Kunal: Shh, Isha it’s fine. I know how busy it can get
Isha hugged Kunal
Isha: You are the best
Kunal: I know
Isha: Now where are we going
Kunal: To the outskirts of Delhi …
Isha: I am already asleep
Kunal laughed and they drove off

On the other hand Veer and Pragya
Veer puts his arm around Pragya
Pragya: Veer!!
Veer: Kya? Ab toh yeh tumhari apt hai
Pragya: Shh, watch the movie
Veer removed his arm and looked at the TV frowning
Pragya then wrapped her arms around him and kissed him on the cheek
Veer turned around and kissed her too ….

Sanchi slowly walks into the Kapoor Mansion and then slowly goes to her room. She goes into the closet, showers and lays down next to Kabir. Kabir then slowly wraps his arms around Sanchi
Kabir: How was the surgery
Sanchi: Success
Kabir: Good Night
Sanchi: Good Night

Next Morning
Kabir wakes up and doesn’t see Sanchi, he gets up and looks in the bathroom and closet…. then heads downstairs and he sees everyone eating breakfast
Kusum: Morning Kabir
Kabir: Morning Maa
Kunal: Hey Bhai, I wanted to ask you something regarding the
Kabir: Later
Kunal: So how was your week
Kabir: Busy as usual
Sanchi: Kunal??
Kunal: Yes
Sanchi: Where were
Kunal: Bhabhi ….
Sanchi: Gotcha
Kunal: Oh Sunny told me to tell you to call him
Sanchi: Thanks

In the afternoon
Kabir was sitting in his room reading when Sanchi came in and sat next to him
Sanchi: I don’t want to work tomorrow
Kabir: Me too
Sanchi: You know Veer is proposing tonight
Kabir: Really??
Sanchi: Finally
Kabir: Well they will be getting some time off
Sanchi: Lucky duckies
Kabir: What??
Sanchi: Nothing …. Kabir ….
Kabir: Hmm??
Sanchi: Stop being so boring
Kabir: What should we do
Sanchi: I don’t know
Kabir: Let’s go on a drive
Sanchi: Please ….

After a long drive …. evening. Sanchi and Kabir are sitting in their car
Sanchi sighed in relaxation
Kabir: Perfect day
Sanchi: Hmm
Kabir leaned over and kissed Sanchi and Sanchi kissed him back…. soon they started making out … after they drove back home

Veer proposed to Pragya and soon they got married in a lavish way. After 1 YEAR

Night at SDCH
Senior Kapoor’s are on a world tour and Kunal is at Isha’s house

Kabir goes into Sanchi’s office but doesn’t see her and then gets a text from her…

Sanchi: I came home early today… a little surprise for you
Off phone
Kabir smiled and went home … and went to their room and saw Sanchi working on the bed. Fyi Sanchi is wearing glasses.
Sanchi gets up and walks to Kabir.
Sanchi: Thank god you are here. This case has just been in my head all day. Can you take a look at it while I bring dinner
Sanchi walks out smiling
Kabir: Oh god i was expecting something else
Kabir opens the file and sees Sanchi’s name at patient’s name and then looks down and sees a pregnancy test that says …… positive!!!! Then sees the letter and sees a sonogram
Sanchi comes in, puts his dinner on the table and hugs him from behind. Kabir immediately brings Sanchi in front of him…
Kabir: I am the happiest person right now. Thank you so much!!!! I love you Sanchi
Sanchi: I love you too Kabir
They both kiss each other. Then Kabir and Sanchi eat dinner and change and now are laying in each other’s arms
Sanchi: Kabir, my appointment with Isha is tomorrow
Kabir: Hmm, our first appointment
Sanchi: Kabir did you not see the entire file
Kabir: No why??
Sanchi: I’m on my third month
Kabir: So…
Sanchi: Umm
Kabir: Wait you hid this from me for two months!!
Sanchi: Kabir I just
Kabir: Sanchi what the hell?!?! Why did you hide this from me??
Sanchi: I knew you would stress yourself and I just
Kabir: Sanchi this wasn’t right
Sanchi: I’m sorry I just
Kabir: I am not mad because you hid the fact that you are pregnant but the fact that you didn’t even take care of yourself. You continued working countless hours and stayed up late not caring for your or our child’s health
Sanchi lowered her eyes in guilt
Sanchi: Kabir I’m sorry but…
Kabir: Uff you know I can’t be mad at you but next time… tell me before anything serious happens
Sanchi: Hmm
Kabir: So you do agree that there will be a next time
Sanchi: Who knows??
Kabir: Okay when is the appointment
Sanchi: 2PM, Pragya will cover our lecture
Kabir: Okay

Next Day
Kabir: Sanchi…
Sanchi: Okay guys Dr. Kabir and I have to go somewhere
Pragya: So I will be teaching. Bye Future Parents
Intern: Huh??
Sanchi: Ignore Pragya
Pragya winked while Kanchi walked out

Isha’s Office
Isha: As usual right on time
Sanchi: So …
Isha: Well Sanchi I did tell you to go to a dietitian and nutritionist and I know you workout but
Sanchi: Yeah I know I have to try to
Kabir: Don’t worry Dr I will be taking good care of Sanchi
Isha: Good here are the doctors contact info and just talk to your trainer about your work out
Sanchi: Hmm
Isha: Come with me and we will set you up for the sonogram
After the appointment
Sanchi: Well that went well
Kabir: Except for the dietician and nutritionist part
Sanchi: I am trying to find some time to go
Kabir: Sanchi you are way too busy. You need to clear your schedule
Sanchi: I can’t do that
Kabir: I already did it. You shouldn’t be stressing a lot just like Isha said
Sanchi: What did you do to my schedule
Kabir: Removed some surgeries, less lectures, more time with patients and more relaxing
Sanchi: Kabir, I come here to work not relax…
Kabir: Sanchi
Sanchi: Kabir come on I’m only on my second month and you are treating it like I’m on my seventh
Kabir: Sanchi I know you won’t be taking care of yourself on your own so I have to force it
Sanchi: What else are you forcing onto me
Kabir: I will tell you once we go home and from now on we both will be leaving together no later than 10PM unless I have a surgery.
They go out to a restaurant for lunch
Sanchi: How should we tell Mom and Dad
Kabir: Let’s do what Sunny did
Sanchi: He called oh got it
Kabir: Okay I will be done by 7 and you
Sanchi: I will try to get done by then
Kabir: Hmm

On Sunday
Kabir: Good Morning Dadi
Kusum: Kabir, are you mad. I am not your Dadi
Kabir: But kisi ki Dadi toh hongi naa
Kusum: That depends on you and Sanchi
Kabir walks out and calls Kusum and Suraj and Kunal into the family room and hands them the latest sonogram
Suraj: Yeh kya hai
Sanchi looked at Kabir and Kabir sighed
Kabir: That is your grandchild
Sanchi: And Kunal’s niece or nephew
Kunal: Oh my god!!! Congrats Bhaiya Bhabhi
Sanchi: Thank you
Kusum walks up to Sanchi and immediately hugs her
Kusum: You have no idea how happy I am. Thank you
Suraj went to Kabir and hugged him
So the Kapoor family called the Mishra family over and told them and they celebrated with snacks and drinks.

5 Months Later

Sanchi is sitting the couch in her room when Kabir comes in
Sanchi: You are back!!
Kabir: Sanchi how many times have I told you, don’t wait for me when you know I have a surgery
Sanchi: But Kabir, you know I can’t sleep anyways with this monster
Kabir: Hey!!!
He lightly rubbed his hand on her large belly
Kabir: Don’t call my child a monster
Sanchi: My child??
Kabir: Our child
Sanchi: Nevermind this go and freshen up
Kabir went to the restroom to freshen up and Sanchi slowly waddled her way to the bed
When Kabir came they both laid down
Sanchi: Another sleepless night
Kabir: I’m sorry you have to go through this
Sanchi: It’s not your fault, and it’s not a problem at all because I don’t work anyways
Kabir: See this is why I told you to take your leave
Sanchi: Okay okay, you were right… as usual
Kabir: Good Night
Sanchi: Good Night

2 Months Later (Last Month)
Kusum was sitting in the family room watching t.v. when Sanchi came in moaning
Kusum: Kya hua Sanchi
Sanchi: Don’t know why but today it’s paining a lot today
Kusum: Aww, come here and sit with me
Sanchi sat down with Kusum and watched some t.v. to distract herself from the pain, the men were at work so it’s just them two.

After a few minutes
Sanchi: Maa…
Kusum: Hmm
Kusum: Kya!!!
Kusum went to a her phone
Kusum: Chalo Sanchi…. Breath in and out come come
Harish came in and helped Sanchi into the car and another servant quickly brought their hospital bag.
Sanchi: Ahh, it’s hurts
Kusum: Don’t worry Sanchi we will get to the hospital right now
Kusum calls Kabir….

On Call
Kabir: Hello??
Kusum: Kabir, have a wheel chair or stretcher ready at the main door
Kabir: Maa is everything okay, what’s wrong
Kusum: Sanchi’s water broke
Sanchi: Ahh, Harish please drive faster
Kabir cut the call and ran out the door
Off Call
Kabir: Miss Fernandez!!!
NF: Yes Sir
Kabir: I need a stretcher right now!!! Sanchi is coming in labour
Veer and Pragya heard from the side
Pragya: KABIR!!!
Veer: We will tell Isha

They bring the car to the front and Sanchi is heavily breathing in and out and waddles slowly onto the stretcher. She holds Kabir’s hand.
Sanchi: Oh my god!!!!!!!!
Kabir: Don’t worry Sanchi, everything will be alright
Sanchi: Ahhh!!! It hurts way too much!!!!

9 Hours Of Screaming And Crying Later …
Baby: Wahhh Wahhh Wahhh
Sanchi relaxes and so does Kabir
Isha: It’s a girl!!!!
The nurses wrapped their daughter and bring her to Kabir and Sanchi
Sanchi: Kabir!!! Our daughter!!!
Kabir: Our little …
Both: Khushi
Isha: Khushi Kapoor, lovely
Kabir takes his daughter out
Kabir: Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present to you…. Khushi Kapoor!!!
Kusum: Oh my god she’s so beautiful
Jaya: Look at her, so relaxed in Kabir’s arms
Suraj: Congrats my son
Kunal: Have fun changing her diapers
Then Sanchi comes out, on the stretcher as they are taking her to her room

4 Years Later
Sanchi is sitting on a swing in the backyard and Khushi is sitting with her.
Khushi: Mumma when will the babies come
Sanchi: Soon bacha soon
Khushi: When
Sanchi: When it feels like it
Khushi: I can’t wait to be an older sister
Sanchi: Really?? What will you do as an older sister
Khushi: I will be bossy and rude and make them do everything
Kabir comes from behind,
Kabir: Naughty girl!!!
Khushi: Papa!!! Just kidding, I will be a good sister and help them and have fun with them
Kabir: Good girl, chalo ab soone ka time hai. Dadi is waiting for you
Khushi: Okay…
Khushi kisses Sanchi and Kabir and goes to her room
Kabir comes around and sits with Sanchi
Kabir: So how are the twins
Sanchi: Moving around since Papa is here
Kabir lightly rubs her tummy and Sanchi closes her eyes in relief
Kabir: They were moving that much
Sanchi: Yes
Kabir: Don’t worry tonight we are going to the hospital and tomorrow they will be out
Sanchi: Hmm
Kabir: Chalo ab

The Next Morning
Isha: Congrats Bhabhi!!! A boy and girl
Sanchi: Isha, don’t call me Bhabhi
Isha: OK Sanchi
Kabir comes in
Isha: Boy and Girl
Kabir’s face lightens up
Sanchi: Kabir can you please
Kabir: Their names are Armaan and Naina
Isha: So cute, Khushi then Armaan and Naina
Then everyone else including Khushi come in and see Sanchi and the babies
Kusum: Thank you beta!!!!
Suraj: We all thought Kabir was going to be single for the rest of his life
Kabir: Hey!!!
Kunal: Well Kabir Bhai
Kabir: Well kya you also will be changing diapers in a few months
Kusum: Huh??
Kunal: Woh Maa…. Isha’s been expecting for a month
Kusum: You guys!!!!!
She hugs Kunal and Isha
Kusum: Why are you working Isha
Isha: I will take my leave at 5 months
Sanchi: Unless you have twins
Isha: Trust me I hope not
All laugh on that

10 Years Later ….
Naina: Mumma!!!
Sanchi: Wait Naina, I am doing Khushi’s hair
Naina: Mom!!!
Kabir: Let me do it baby girl
Naina: I am not a baby I am 10!!!
Kabir: Oh right
Armaan: Dad Dad!!! Look I am ready!!!
Kabir: Armaan you are NOT superman, go put your underwear on the correct way
Naina laughed
Kabir: Don’t move
Sanchi: Khushi is ready!! Ahh Armaan
Sanchi quickly helps Armaan
Kabir: Okay!! Khushi?? Armaan and Naina go for breakfast!!!
Khushi is in Kanchi’s closet looking at Sanchi’s makeup
Sanchi: Khushi!!!
Khushi: Mom!!!
Kabir: What are you doing in here
Khushi: Umm …
Kabir: Umm kya
Khushi: I was just going
Sanchi: Khushi, you know at school you can’t wear makeup to school
Khushi: I know…
Kabir: Come on Princess, you are so beautiful why do you want makeup
Khushi: Because I want to be like Mumma
Sanchi: Don’t worry sweetheart, one day I will sit you down and teach you everything about makeup
Kabir: But for now, go eat breakfast and then Chachu will drop you all
Khushi: Love you Mom Dad
Sanchi: Love you
Once Khushi leaves…
Sanchi: We are good !!!
Kabir: Yes we are
They both look deep into each other’s eyes and kiss
Sanchi: Kabir, we have to
Kabir kisses her again
Just then Kunal walks in…
Kunal: Bhai woh … Bhai??
Kabir closes the closet door
Kabir: What??
Kunal: Isha was asking for a ride
Sanchi: I will drive her today
Kunal: Thanks Bhabhi!!!!, Wait… bhai…
Kabir: Hmm
Kunal: Sanchi??
Sanchi: Hmm
Kunal: Are you planning for a fourth child??
Kabir: Kunal ke bache!!!!
Kunal immediately walked out
Sanchi: Great!! Now I have to go get ready
Kabir: Not so fast
Sanchi kissed him and went to the vanity …

Kabir: And that is how Armaan almost ruined Khushi’s prom night
Child 1: Mamu was so naughty
Sanchi: Look, I remember Armaan always would put his underwear on the outside and pretend to be superman
Child 6: Hahahaha, look at Dad
Armaan walks in
Armaan: Maa!!! Don’t show that
Sanchi: Why not?? It’s just you
Armaan: Look at what I did??
Naina walks in…
Naina: Chalo bacho, picture wala uncle ready hai
Armaan: Really?? Picture wala uncle
Naina: Then what do I call him
Armaan: I don’t know maybe a photographer…. Sometimes I feel like you got all the stupidity
Khushi comes in
Khushi: Look who’s speaking, Mr. Superman
Armaan: That was 20 years ago
Khushi: 25 Einstein
Naina: How dare you call me stupid
And they all start arguing when
Kabir: HEY
Sanchi: Tum sabhi ke khod ke bache hai but tum sabhi nahi soodre
All: Sorry
Kabir: Some things just never change

A few minutes later, once Khushi and Naina leave and Armaan is with his wife and children. Sanchi and Kabir go to the swing in the backyard
Kabir: Thank you Sanchi
Sanchi: Arre senti shenti maat ho, readers ko bhi pata hai ki khaani khatam!!!
Kabir: Don’t ruin the mood
Sanchi: Shh, just swing and let the camera do the magic
The scene shifts to Kabir and Sanchi swinging and the scene slowly blacks out

Author’s Note:
My next story is ….
Not telling…. You will see later on
Sorry I didn’t tell Veer, Pragya and Isha, Kunal’s stories. I just wanted this to be more about Kanchi and less about them.


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